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Iwo Jima 4" x 3" Decal

SKU# D1104

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Measures approximately 3" tall x 4" wide, intended for outside application.

Quick Overview

Iwo Jima 4" x 3" Decal
Iwo Jima 4" x 3" Decal
Additional Info
For Best Application:

Items Needed:

-Decal -Squeegee (you can also use a credit card, drivers license or something similar) -Window cleaner (Windex, or rubbing alcohol) -Spray bottle with warm water and a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap -Pin or needle

Step 1:

Clean the surface area where the decal is to be applied with the glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. It is best to apply decals using this method at temperatures between 45 – 80 degrees.

Step 2:

Lightly spray the glass surface where the decal will be mounted with the mixture of water and liquid dishwashing soap.

Step 3:

Carefully lift the paper off of the back of the decal and place it on the glass where you want it. The idea here is to have the glass wet enough that the decal will slide on the glass until you get it placed where you want it. Once it is in place, hold the top of the decal and starting from the top, using the squeegee or similar instrument, work toward the outside edges and squeegee all of the air bubbles out of the decal. Once it is in place and the air bubbles are all out, just leave it alone and let it dry. If you have a stubborn air bubble that won’t squeegee out, while it is still wet, put a couple of holes in it with the pin or needle listed above. Then squeegee it again until the air bubble disappears. If the decal has been placed on a vehicle, allow the decal to dry before driving it. After it is dry, wash the area around the decal with the window cleaner. Your decal is in place and will stay even if you take it through a car wash.
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