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Fitzgerald crew’s ‘heroic efforts’ saved their ship from sinking, admiral says

A top Navy admiral acknowledged Sunday that the destroyer Fitzgerald was in danger of sinking after a catastrophic collision off the coast of Japan Saturday and was saved by the “heroic efforts” of her crew that “had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat.”

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During a combat operation in Afghanistan, Master Sgt. Torian’s unit came under heavy machine gun and underslung grenade-launcher fire. Maneuvering across open terrain, Torian exposed himself to enemy fire in order to establish better satellite communications and observe the enemy’s maneuvers. He then effectively coordinated multiple rotary-wing close air support missions with rockets, guns, and a hellfire missile. Two weeks later, he was killed in action. “What I admire most about Aaron was his relentless, competitive spirit; unrivaled work capacity and zest for life, family and friends,” said Charlie Goodyear, a long-time friend. “All these things made him an incredible Marine, friend, husband, and father to his family.”

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Marines with Bravo Company, 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion practiced handling and firing the M320 grenade launcher module at Camp Lejeune, N.C., June 6.

2nd CEB is one of the first Marine Corps units to be issued the M320, which has already been in use by the U.S. Army.

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Marine Corps Systems Command’s Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad Team has partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory to create a boot insert prototype to help improve the performance of Marines.

The Mobility and Biomechanics Insert for Load Evaluation, or MoBILE, technology is hand-made by the bioengineering staff members at Lincoln Labs with the Marine in mind. MoBILE helps detect changes in mobility and agility, which will help MCSC make informed decisions on material composition and format of athletic and protective gear.

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Corpsmen Never Forget

Every time I hear news on the television that one of our servicemen was killed overseas it brings to mind my time when I served as a corpsman with 2nd Bn 5th Marines in 66 and 67 in Vietnam. Our Battalion had lots of Marines killed and wounded and I personally was involved with providing medical care to many of them either in Hotel Company or while at the Bn Aid Station. The Marines depended on their corpsmen to perform their duty when the time came. Far too often, many of the wounded had horrific wounds from mines or other high intensity explosions and our best was not good enough to save their lives.

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Nick Names

In the early 60’s at P.I. the battalion nick names were:

1st batt.—“Dodge City”
2nd batt.—“The Twilight Zone”
3rd batt.—“Disneyland” (the new brick buildings)

I have no idea when these nick names started or if they have been changed over the years only other Marines can answer that so all you alumni from P.I and S.D. from the “Old School” to today send in the nick names they were using when you were in boot and list either P.I. or S.D.

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Most Riky Tik

I was sitting outside my hooch, at Marble Mountain, late 1968 or early 69. I had a clear view down towards the showers and out- houses ( the polite name ). A Marine was going to the showers, wearing only a towel, and stopped off at the out-house to do his business. What he was doing was fairly clear since the door and upper half of the walls were just screens. I could not hear what happened, but from his actions I can guess. He lifted the lid, turned and ran through the door, fell and did a high crawl at high speed. He had gotten about twenty feet from the door when green smoke billowed out of the out-house causing myself, and others with me, to nearly die laughing. Tough humor for tough times.

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Bob Hope At Freedom Hill

I was with 7th Comm. Battalion on hill 10, just outside Dogpatch, Christmas 1967. We all made plans to see Bob Hope at Freedom Hill. We were looking forward to all the “Eye Candy” he would bring to our part of the world. We made the trip along with about twenty thousand other swinging D-cks. We were so far up the side of that mountain all we could see was Mr. Hope’s red baseball cap.

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Marine Corps Shooting Team Hosts 2017 Championships

The Marine Corps Championships, hosted by the Marine Corps Shooting Team, was held at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, May 3-12, 2017.

Although this particular competition was primarily designed to recruit Marines to come to the shooting team, one of the most important aspects of the competition is for competitors to become ambassadors in marksmanship knowledge and skills for their fellow Marines.

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Health And Comfort From The Red Cross

Sgt. Grit,

My Youngest Son gave me a Birthday card that was as Nice a card as this eighty six year old has ever received. Pinned to the card was a Large pin back button that said, “I’ve Survived D-mn Near Everything”. I mounted that pin on the back of my desk. I looked at it today, thinking back to when I was sent to the Pacific during World War II. I landed on Guam after the island was secured and remember this seventeen year old that had never left the state of Colorado and was now on a tropical island where the enemy was still being hunted down, captured or killed.

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