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Second Wife of GYSGT/E7 Asa B. Zumalt Jr

Being the second wife of GYSGT/G7 Asa B. Zumalt Jr. This man was a very very proud service man. He had 20 years and 12 years reserve in the Marine Corp. He passed away March 2012. He has a grandson serving in the Marines and his plans is for a career. I also have a second cousin in the Marines and lost both legs in Afganistan. He has never stopped since he got his new legs. Continue reading “Second Wife of GYSGT/E7 Asa B. Zumalt Jr”

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Living In The Past

Last week SSgt Jim Leonard asked if anyone had ever seen the type of dog tag he mentioned. Myself and several other guys in my outfit were issued them on a trial basis. Enclosed is a picture of it, alongside my regular tag I was issued in boot camp. Nobody ever took our picture for the new tag, and nobody I knew ever even wore it on the chain with their regular tag. Continue reading “Living In The Past”

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Foggy Rifle Range Memory

Calling Marines of 1958 PI boot camp era: can anyone remember and provide the rifle range details for this old Marine, obviously now in his mid-seventies who, much to my dismay, is having difficulty recalling the exact firing protocol for each position with our M1’s back in the day? Specifically, what the did we shoot in the four positions of offhand, kneeling, sitting and prone? This is all I remember (I think): 100 yds. offhand; either 200 and/or 300 yds. kneeling and sitting; and pretty sure we did prone at 500 yards. Which positions and associated distances were shot in slow fire and which in rapid fire? Referring to the USMC Manual of the day yielded zero results. Your help to answer these nagging questions will be very much appreciated. Semper Fi to all brother and sister Marines.

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