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Dirty Laundry

Sgt. Grit,

Remember in boot camp the scrub brush and the soapy water and the tables we scrubbed our clothes on. Some guys did this in Camp Geiger too! I went home after Camp Geiger on a bus from North Carolina with my sea bag and dirty laundry.

My mom went apesh-t when I emptied my sea bag on the Persian Living room carpet! She made me take it to the Chinese Laundry around the corner. Major cities had these Chinese hand laundry’s – that did predominately linens – table clothes – and shirts. The old Chinese gentleman spoke little English and gave you a receipt with Chinese characters on it for a stub. He weighed the sea bag – and bowed to me. Two days later I went to pick it up – and my mom paid back then like $20.00 (which was very expensive for those days – when a regular laundry would cost less than $5.00.) The Chinese guy went berserk yelling and screaming and pointing at me – the guy’s wife came out of the back to quiet him down – and calmly explained to me that my skivvies and utilities were so dirty I clogged the pipes when they cleaned the dirty clothes. My utilities were now sparkling – and my skivvies were bright white – rough socks were smooth to my skin. A rare treat for a Marine after boot camp.

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Everly Brothers and Boot Camp: San Diego or Parris Island

Can someone verify for me where the Everly Brothers went to boot camp? I was at MCRD San Diego Oct 61 to Jan 62. I know I saw them in formation with another platoon a couple times. However, I ran into a Marine recently who swore to me he was with them at Parris Island. My Platoon number was 385. A Marine wouldn’t lie. Did I dream it?

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Montford Point Marine Receives Congressional Gold Medal

Known more professionally for his work involving the eradication of fruit flies, Dr. Ernest James Harris, Jr. received the highest civilian award in the United States for his contributions as a Marine.

U.S. Marine Brig. Gen. Brian W. Cavanaugh, deputy commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, presented Dr. Harris with his Congressional Gold Medal at Washington Place in Honolulu, Nov. 12, 2016.

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Meet Lucca: The First American Dog Awarded a British Military Honor

A retired U.S. Marine dog was honored today with the PDSA Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, which is the highest British military decoration awarded for valor.

Lucca, a German shepherd, received the award after completing 400 missions in six years of active service with allied troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and losing a leg on the battlefield.

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Veterans Stand down

Sgt Grit continues to make generous product donations year round to other Marine Corps organizations, groups, and causes in order to assist them with raising funds to help and boost the morale of our Marine brothers and sisters. But, it is through the generosity of our customers that Sgt Grit has been able to give monetary donations to such organizations as Semper Fi Fund, Fisher House Foundation, and many more.  Last week we attended Oklahoma’s Veterans Stand Down at the Cox Convention Center hosted by the VA in collaboration with the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma to help raise awareness of our homeless Veterans and help provide services and show our thanks, love, and appreciation to our Veterans for what they have done for this country.  Local vendors were out in full force to contribute and offer numerous kinds of services for various Veteran’s needs. We were proud to once again be able to help and be a part of our local community. Veterans were able to come in and receive wellness checks, flu shots, haircuts, and behavioral health services, all the way to giving out Danner boots, clothing, gloves, and of course Sgt Grit swag all at no cost to the Veteran! Food was catered in by Swadley’s to make sure each Veteran left with a full belly.  Thank you for your service and Welcome Home Marines!

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Marine Corps Birthday flyover, memories by A. H. Johnston, former Cpl. USMC

In August 1961, I was sent to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and was there until August 1963. On the Marine Corps Birthday 1962, the Commanding General decided to make a speech, have a flyover and then a parade of all units including the 4th Marine Regiment; I was in Charles 1-4, an artillery unit and a unit from the Air Wing. The mistake someone made was letting an old hot shot pilot make the flyover. We were all standing at attention listening to the General. We heard a jet plane coming, but we couldn’t see where from. He came in from the ocean and flew between us and the General in the reviewing stand. He was so low it cut the reviewing stand off from our view for a short time. He turned skyward and disappeared. We then heard him coming again. He came in low again, but this time after passing us he went over the mess hall, broke the sound barrier and broke some windows in the mess hall. I didn’t see this but I also heard he flew through one of the hangers at the airstrip. I don’t know who the pilot was but the word was that he was only allowed to fly on special occasions. I don’t remember him flying again while I was there. My other three Marine Corps Birthdays were boring.

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Boot Camp Story by Bill Ashworth

I was in Boot Camp at Parris Island in 1955 we started out in the wooden barracks 1st bat. The Sr DI came in and said we were moving the 3rd Bat we moved in Quonset huts then we went to the rifle range we had the M1s while we were at the range one of our JR DIs cured me of smoking we were in Quonset huts after lights out like I said one of our JR DIs caught a guy smoking and the DI his name was Sgt Hatchel he told us to get out scrub buckets he marched us to the head and told us to light up I told him sir I don’t smoke and he told me tough sh,t one of the guys gave me a cig.  And we had to put the bucket over our heads and smoke the cig. And cured me from smoking.

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