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Iraqis who fought view U.S. exit with mixed feelings

Sunni fighter Abu Mujahid lost a leg battling U.S. Marines in the Iraqi city of Falluja, scene of some of the fiercest battles of the Iraq war.

Small pieces of shrapnel still pit his skull and scars decorate his body after a missile strike in 2004 by a U.S. warplane on the city in the western province of Anbar — Iraq's Sunni heartland and once a stomping ground for al Qaeda. Full article

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Military funeral picketing tests free speech

YORK, Pa. — Albert Snyder tears up, then turns angry as he recalls burying his Marine Corps son while members of the anti-gay fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church picketed nearby.

“I can remember being presented the flag at the graveyard. I can remember saluting the coffin,” Snyder says of the unusually balmy day in March 2006 when the family memorialized Matthew, a lance corporal killed in Iraq.   Full Article

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A Message from One of our Facebook Friends

Sgt. Grit,

My Dad Bob Maher graduated from high school in 1953 and immediately joined the United States Marines. My Dad spoke for years of his service to the Corp and the country and he spoke a lot about Paris Island and that it was one of the most important and proud times of his life. About a year ago when he was able to still carry on a conversation he talked about the Marine Corp, knew the Marine Corp Birthday knew who Chesty Puller was and more even though with his late stages of Parkinson’s' it was hard for him to remember me. I keep him enrolled in the Marine Corps League and the American Legion detachment in Waltham Mass. His room at Marist Hill Nursing Home Waltham Mass has plenty of memories of the Marine Corp. My Dad went on to become a Deputy Fire Chief on the Waltham Mass Fire Dept. but overall the Marine Corp clearly stood by as one of his most important accomplishments and endeavors. If you know of any other retired Marines who would have ideas for me here is the link to my Facebook Profile – my dad can no longer talk but I read a lot of Marine and Military magazines and tell him stories hoping he it gets into him. Got Bless all Military and especially all retired and active U.S. Marines

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On War: Bodies misidentified, misplaced at Arlington

WASHINGTON – (AP) An Army investigation has found that potentially hundreds of remains at Arlington National Cemetery have been misidentified or misplaced, in a scandal marring the reputation of the nation’s pre-eminent burial ground for its honored dead since the Civil War.  Photos and article

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