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War – A Little Sister

Bethany Sisk

I sit and try not to cry
It's my brother thats there to fight.
He protects me and my rights
thats why he fights.
You protest not to go to war
Thats what he fights for.
He wakes not knowing if he'll live
but his life he is willing to give.
Its our flag my brother stands for
Thats why he went to war.
For us to excerise our rights
Thats why my brother fights.
My brother is there to fight
Think of that next time your excercise your rights.

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Til the Day they Die

The below poem is not only representative of my thoughts as a Marine whose tour in uniform has ended, but the countless Marines who have viewed themselves in the same vain. As Marines we are branded by tradition, esprit de corps, pride and fraternity. Once we have earned the Title of Marine, be it in peace or war, we can no more purge ourselves of it then we could our natural birthright. It is a Title that remains with all Marines till the day we die? and some of us take it to our gravestones to tell the angles we have arrived, and the devils they are to beware.

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Silent Sleep

by Lloyd Klar (dec.)
A tribute to the 341st Bomb Group

Her great roaring engines are long silent,
Her guns are pitted with rust.
Olive drab paint is flaking and faded,
Turrets are covered with dust.
She sits and waits for her crewmen,
Those young men from another day.
Fifty long years have passed and gone,
Since they all went away.
Where have all those young men gone,
Those boys she knew so well?
They took her there and brought her back,
What stories they can tell.
Some are buried in foreign lands,
War records tell the place.
“Killed In Action” the official words,
Or just “KIA” to save space.
Others went down in a fiery crash,
Just where, no one can tell;
Over Burma jungles or China cliffs–
No markers where they fell.
Others came home, the war was over,
We dissipated like the dew.
Then separately we all went our ways,
Back to lives we knew.
But in every airman’s inner thoughts,
Quiet moments as day ends,
We hear again those engines roar
And voices of our friends.
Now we’re aging and almost grey;
Again friends are starting to fall.
They’re going now into that long last sleep
That comes one day to us all.
So here’s to our fellow comrades,
Those still here, or passed away,
We’ll remember you as you once were
In a distant place and day.
As we stand here now in silence,
We’ll think of you and smile.
Get ready for that final briefing;
We’ll join you in a while.

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The Other Half

“The Other Half”

I sit up at night, alone in my bed
Constant images run through my head
Happy times, sad timesthe memories are there
Happy tears, sad tearsthe tears that I fear.
I hold his sweatshirt, so close to my heart-
Breathe in; breathe outnot much, but a start.
I sleep with his picture in my bed at night
It’s the next best thing I have to hold tight.
The pillows lay sideways; I swear he’s there
They don’t squeeze back; this isn’t fair.
I toss and I turn, I sit up and lay down
I’m exhausted, I’m hurting, and I can’t sleep sound.
My eyes are swollenthey burn like hell
The makeup don’t workyou can still tell.
Finally asleep, still alone, but don’t know it
He’s in my dreamsI see him, I love it!
“He grabs my hand and turns me around,
We stop, we dancealthough there’s no sound.
He holds me close, and starts to sing
About love, about life, about everything
He lifts my chin and looks into my eyes,
He tells me he loves me, its no surprise.
He kisses my head, puts it to his heart
It’s then that I know, we’re not far apart.”
The alarm is sounding; wipe the sleep from my eyes
It’s another day gone, another sunrise.
I’ll continue my journey, until the very end
And wait for my lovemy very best friend.

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The Marine Corps Wife

Billy & Maggie Bagget

We enjoy your newsletters so much and I would like to pass along a poem that my husband gave me when we were stationed at Camp Lejeune in the ’50’s. He gave this to me just after an IG inspection.

The Marine CorpS Wife

No stripes on her arm, but she’s no boot
A squared away gal who’s really quite cute
She takes her order’s as a real “salt” should
And takes care of her job as a good Marine would.
She want be promoted, though she deserves to be
She’s happy with the life the Marine Corps gave me
For the years to come and throughout her life
She’ll proudly bear the title of “Marine Corps Wife.”

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Marine Corps Poetry

Marine Corps Poems

Anticipatory Grief For my Marine’s graduation Can You Imagine All I want for Christmas A Special Marine USMC Baby Girl My Marine Strength Marine Mom Tears For My Son Who… Loving a Marine My Angel All Seasons Happy Birthday in Heaven Brother Bootcamp True Love Waits My Baby, My Son, My Marine My Marine (K. Judge) A Mom’s Pride and Fear Tribute To My Dad Recalled Love You Forever Iraqi Soldier Marine Corps Wife Where Are You Son To My Marine Father’s Day Our Brother The Marine I See Yellow Ribbon Hero Angels In Uniform For A Special Marine Eric Returns… Lost But Not Forgotten You Think You Know Untitled The Other Half Training for the Corps Your Son War A Marine’s Mother Welcome Home Yesterday We Were Parents Just to Heal a Tortured Heart Disabled DI’s Poetry Marine Mom Poem A Love Stronger Than Life Gulf War Poem A Deeper Sadness For My Son Who Joined The Corps Poems from by a Marine Mother A Poem for My Marine Welcome home Monster Squad Marine Corps Fiance Poem They Raised The Flag Memories Not to Pollute Heroes in Heaven Heroes Now and Then In Memory of my friend Life of a Marine My Fallen Brothers Final Rest God Bless The Marines The Lone Rifleman Corporal Bishop A Marine Spirit of America A Marine… My Father No True Glory A Tribute “One Day” Comrades In Arms Tribute To My Dad This Is Who I Am What Do You Say United States Marines Vietnam 68 The Other Wall Sacrifice Sgt Toledo’s Poems Untitled Poem This Veteran…Thanks You! A Veteran’s Christmas Wish Veteran’s Day Assembly Marine Corps Poems USMC Poems POW/MIA TAPS Earn This Wounded Heroes Final Firefight Fraternity Reassigned Far Away Coast Ode To A Friend Who Went and Didn’t Come Back Your Son If I Go To War Heroes Carved In Stone Fading Warriors The Fallen Remember Them Memorial Day Parade Tarawa Atoll Wings of Hope The Marine Corps War Memorial The Royal Marines Through His Eyes With a Rifle in my Hand Disabled DI’s Poetry Tribute to a Marine For Our Vietnam Vets For Country I Went to The Wall Ode To A Marine LeanMean & Seventeen Lindbery Birthday Tribute Ode To A Marine Honor the Veteran A Marine, A Brother Who We Are Dedicated to the Marines Stone Faced Few Marines The Leader Witness to the Corps Such as Regiments… Our Fight For You Carrying A Gun Why What I Am PTWS My Marine Poem Comrades In Arms Only The Few Bootcamp Till The Day… This Is Who I Am Hero United States Marines Angels In Uniform Vietnam 68 Sgt Toledo’s Poems Untitiled U.S. Marine Grunt This Veteran…Thanks You! Happy 230th Birthday Marine Corps Poems USMC Poems 230 Years of Pride This Life Semper Fidelis Invictus The Corps Far Away Coast Band of Sisters Training for the Corps A Ballad for U.S. Marines War The Marines Cream of the Crop The Marine The Title Pride A United States Marine What Is A Marine A Warrior’s Return Marine Hymn of the ’40’s Line In The Sand Semper FidelisYesterday, Today, & Tomorrow United States Marine Corps Heroes God Bless The Marines September Morn The Embers Glowed Softly Christmas Blessings Our Country In Our Hearts & Minds Back Home Star Spangled Prayer Just Passing The Time USA Armed Forces Veterans I Am The Flag The American Dream Honor the Veteran A Soldier’s Heart American Soldier I’ll Fight Christmas in the Marines Tattoos Our Protector Go Tell The Spartans A Different Christmas Marine Version of “Hannukah Song” Marine Christmas Bear Flag Moment in Time The Battle and The War Veterans Hat Friend Iraq 2006 Christmas A Veteran’s Christmas Wish Happy 230th Birthday Marine Corps Poems I Remember That Day Final Inspection Heros At Last If I Go To War Sand Of Christmas Who Are They? A Marine Corps Christmas Poem The Tattoo Nowhere To Turn Marine Sniper Foreign Lands Greive the Warrior These Eyes Wish You Were Here Corps Ditty A Marine’s Day In Court Veteran’s Perspective Gone for way too Long Our Corps …Back to Top…

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Comrades in Arms

Murl D. Long

Tonight, we gather to honor the birthday of the Corps.
Our ranks are thinned, some in peace, some in war
Those assembled are your friends, having borne similar training as you
Those memories will never leave our mind, no matter what we do

Look around you and share your stories with them-laugh and smile
Knowing some are whoppers and grow all the while
Still, you embellish your experiences with great flair and style
Like crawling on your knees with the pack on your back, that last dusty mile

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A Marine… My Father

In Memory of
Sgt. Leeds, O.E.
Jan 16, 1929 to March 19, 2001

A Marine… My Father
by Laura Ann

Just a young man of twenty three,
you devoted your life to the U.S.M.C.
The Few, the proud… Semper Fidelis.
By heart you know “The Hymn’s” every chorus.
You taught us as children to sing every word,
and Proudly you welcome the song that you heard.

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Marines and the Bombings in Africa

An Account from Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Posted by Richard Gaines GySgt USMC Ret.
August 17, 1998 at 12:48:21:

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