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U.S.M.C. Baby Girl

U.S.M.C. Baby Girl
by Crystal Baxter 2007

I’m a Marine’s baby girl and I’ll always be
Giving up precious time so we can all be free
He doesn’t work 9-5 or get to buy nice things
But still I’m the baby girl of a United States Marine
Even before that day I was born
My daddy has worn that elite uniform
Khaki and green with dog tags to wear
No matter what, I know my daddy will always be there
When he returns from work I nestle in his arms
Protecting me from the surrounding world and any type of harm
He might look scary and sometimes even mean
But here’s my little secret, he’s a softy for his baby girl even as a Marine
I wear my pink as my daddy wears his blues
Daddy and I snuggle on the couch and we love to snooze
Ribbons in my hair and medals on his chest
You can keep your famous dads, my daddy is the best
He’s fought in many wars and stepped on foreign lands
My daddy has held deadly weapons and now he holds my hands
Telling me many stories upon his lap I’ve sat
I love it when people call me U.S.M.C. brat
My daddy goes away so yours can stay at home
Sometimes there are weeks when mommy and I sleep alone
But my daddy always comes back and we tell him the things he missed
Then he hugs mommy and I and gives me a giant kiss
I am the Cadence to which my daddy’s heart beats
With the rank on his collar and the boots on his feet
Just taking one look at my big, brown eyes
My daddy knows why he is Semper Fi
You may call him leatherneck, jar head, devil dog and many other things
But I call him daddy ’cause that’s what he’ll always be to me

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Sad Marine Away From Home

Sad Marine Away From Home
by Jazmin Paredes

I am a sad marine.
Away from home, in Afghanistan.
Just trying to go back home,
With only a couple months to go.
Boom! I shoot myself
As I lie dead on the floor
My best friend soon tells the captain, I’m dead.
You can’t imagine what I’ve seen in the past months.
Some horrible things just every one getting bomb, exploding every were.
Now I’m up here looking down, and taking care of my family.
I should have listened to my dad.
He always knew right from the start,
That things this bad would happen.
I just want to tell my family, I’m in a better place.
So please don’t cry anymore.
To all I want to say bye, bye.

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Heroes in Heaven

Heroes in Heaven
by Janet A. Norwood

Heaven?s full of heroes
who sacrificed their lives
in service to our Country
so that Liberty survives.

Uniforms of blue or gray,
khaki or olive green;
skin of every color;
young and old and in between.

They fought in many places ?
spanning history and time.
Flags wave in their honor still;
in tribute, church bells chime.

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The Embers Glowed Softly

The Embers Glowed Softly
provided by LCDR Jeff Giles

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.
My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.

Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight.
The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.

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Veterans Day Story

Somebody Had To Do It
Written by Lynn Johnston, Spring, TX 11/99

Just five insignificant words: Somebody had to do it. We use these words in various ways, such as when someone tells they take tour groups to Paris or sample Godiva chocolates for a living. “It’s a job,” they say, “and somebody’s got to do it!” I remember my husband saying those words recently, after volunteering to lick the praline pot at a cooking school in New Orleans. “Somebody’s got to do it,” he announced, cracking a huge smile.

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Story of Rat Revenge in Guadalcanal

“‘Rats!’ said McBane”
By: Charles L. Fontenay

Guadalcanal, at the time I was there, was a tropical paradise of sticky heat, coconuts, and mud, land crabs and Japanese bombers that drove us to the fox holes every night or so…and rats. Our contingent of military novices was housed in tents at Lunga Beach, and the rats looked in our tents as the nightly equivalent of Disney Land.

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