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I Tied A Yellow Ribbon Today

I Tied A Yellow Ribbon Today

Here is a poem that I wrote the other night for my son now serving in the Marines over in the war in Iraq, I think that all parents can relate. Please print if you can.
Thank you
Theresa Walker-Keegan

I tied a yellow ribbon for you today.
You are so far away.
The days come and go without end,
I can’t wait for you to come home again.
When you were born on that December Day.
I prayed to God to never take you away.
A tear rolled down my cheek,
as I looked into your beautilful eyes.
Knowing that one day you might have to go
war, too save all our lives.
And now the future has come true,
As I sit here and write to you.
Iraq is where you are at,
out in the desert in the heat,
sweaty and wearing a big back pack.
You never complain or regret,
the sacrifices that you have made,
or the time you have spent.
Making sure that when I go to bed at night,
I can wake up and see freedom’s light.

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No True Glory

Semper Fi Sgt.Grit,

Last year I read the book “No True GloryA Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah” by retired Marine Corps General Bing West. What a truly stirring retelling of the latest of many epic battles executed by the Marine Corps. It was a story that needs to be told and retold. The last paragraph of this great piece of work deeply moved me; “In The Illiad a warrior in the front ranks turned to his companion and said, “let us win glory for ourselves, or yield it to others.” For Greek warriors, there was no true glory if they were not remembered afterward in poem or in song. There will be no true glory for our soldiers in Iraq until they are recognized not as victims, but as aggressive warriors. Stories of their bravery deserve to be recorded and read by the next generation. Unsung, the noblest deed will die.” A chill literally went down my spine when I read that and immediately after putting the book down I wrote the following poem summerizing the story:

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“Hero” by Erin Walker

This is a poem written by Erin Walker who is engaged to Sgt. Justin D. Cox. (His Unit are Combat Engineers based out of Folsom, Pa.). Justin is a Reservist who recently went active with the Marines, as he feels this is his calling to serve his Country. Shortly after returning back home from his 2nd tour in Iraq (10-04) Justin had seen the ultimate…the loss of brothers and one badly wounded from a daisy chained car bomb while out on patrol. (Justin had served 2 tours in Iraq and not yet reached the age of 21). His fianc?, Erin Walker, was going to college and was given an assignment from her English Literature class. Not to get political, her assignment was to take any opening line from poet Allen Ginsberg, and then finish the poem with any topic of her choice. The attached ending to his poem, "Howl" is her work. It is her desire to honor her friends and fianc?'s 'brothers' who have either given their all or were wounded in the War in Iraq.
Some added notes about Sgt. Cox and his family:

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Earn This

In memory of Cpl James L Moore

Our son was killed in a helicopter crash along with 30 others enroute to Rutbah, Iraq to provide security immediately prior to the elections in Iraq. He, and his brothers had survived the worst of the fighting during the takeover of Fallujah and was anxious to head back to the states as soon as the elections were over, for some much deserved leave time. We received the news of his death after watching details of the copter crash all day over the news networks. We will never forget the horror we felt as we heard someone at the door and opened it to three Marines in their dress blues. “We regret to inform you…” is all I remember as the pain sank in. Our community gave James a beautiful memorial service and our governor, an ex-marine himself, gave a moving talk during the eulogy. Oregon has lost a very valuable asset, CPL James L Moore gave allhe truly believed in what the US was doing in Iraq and was very proud of the job the Marine Corps was performing. Please post this poem that was a gift to us by a lyrics writer. He was inspired to write it after seeing this picture of James. The photo was a gift to the family from Jerome Sessini, a photographer embedded with James’ unit during the Battle of Fallujah. I think James would be proud for us to note that during that battle he was dubbed “Mighty Moore” by his brothers fighting alongside him as a tribute to the challenges he faced and helped bring them through. We would love to share the attached photo and poem with all that have supported us through this period of loss and pride.

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Poetic Tribute to “Chuck” Lindberg

A Birthday Tribute to a Great Marine!
By Bob Beskar 5-19-2004

I know a great man, and one proud Marine…
who’s also a hero, and quite often is seen.

This month he will turn, a mere 84…
And his name is “Chuck” Lindberg… a legend and more.

On a far away island, during W.W.II,
is where his fame started, and others did too.

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Patriotic Poem of America’s Heroes

America’s Hero’s and Times Quiescence

Poem by Herbert G. Renner, Jr.,
Master Chief, Hospital Corps, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Photos by Gerald F. Merna
First Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)
Former Members of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Korea
(Note: Except for George C. Merna’s memorial stone, all pictures were randomly taken at monuments depicted on May 25, 2002).

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