Da Nang PX

I remember it well also it was at the foot off Hill-327. I spent many sundays trucking Marines to the PX and Beer Garden there. Had more than a few there myself and even met one of my drill instructors there. The thing that I remember the most about the beer garden is that it was huge and always full of service personel from all branches and we all had to check our weapons in at the door. Also a great place to appropriate a new jeep or 5 ton from the Army to give the mechanics something to paint MC green and put new TAC marks on.


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  1. Yes there was a Big PX at Freedom Hill. I didn’t know about any Beer Garden. Did visit the USO and I ,as any good Marine would do, did appropriate a couple useful items. Parris Island Marine, Vietnam Hill 34,1967/68

    1. Appropriation is the best nation to be from when your deployed. When I was in Somalia before Blackhawk down happened, we would get our MRE’s and a little extra when the supply guys were not looking. We never got caught and enjoyed the large tins of food that were meant for the chow hall but found our stomachs first. SEMPER FI to all who earned the title.

  2. Beer Garden at Da Nang? Shit I was lucky to see DaNang four times. January 25, 1967 when I arrived, when I left for R&R and when I came back from R&R and when I left the Vietnam February 14, 1968. Chet Lehmann Lima 3/5

  3. Remember the PX very well, it was on the backside of ammo dump. Moved heavy explosives at night from Navy ship yard to there, also had movie theatre, as good as any in the states, saw the movie Doctor Zhivago . Remember hearing about the battle of Hill 327, before I joined, all the Marines lost to put a PX there. Hard to understand

  4. Was a Bn radio chief in 1968 down the road at 1st Recon Bn. One of my radio operators came to me with a sad story of how he misplaced his PRC -25 while consuming excessive amounts of local beer (ba-mu-ba/33 beer). I gave him two options; one go tell t”the man” his tale of woe, or wander down to Freedom Hill and “find” one. Needless to say he chose option two.

  5. No PX, No R&R, No Beer Gardens, No USO. Danang was a blip in the night leaving Vietnam in the early morning hours on a Pan Am flight for El Toro, late November 1966. LCpl Allen 1/5, Hill 54

  6. We also acquired vehicles and other “stuff” from the Army. Some bigwigs were coming to visit one time so someone decided we should hide the extras even though they were painted and numbered. Of course the numbers didn’t match anything in our books. We hid them by taking them for a tour, just driving around “some place else”. Gordon 2/12/3MarDiv

  7. Made it to the PX once. Don’t remember the beer garden but do remember the USO or was it the Red Cross place to the side of the PX with nice looking round eyes passing out coffee, soft drinks and snacks. Heard rumors that there was a Division sanctioned massage parlor there also. I’m sure that because Marines have such high moral standards massages were all that were performed.there. With all the Army units new in country it was a good shopping place for other things. I rode a gun truck to the PX filled with other battalion people . Left with a new barrel for my Ma Duce. Always wondered what the dogface thought when he found an almost smooth bore barrel on this brand new Duce.

  8. Went to Freedom hill PX don’t remember a beer garden I remember the round eyes doughnut dolly’s had a buddy in MP valley just up the road they had a EM club there also a good mess hall on the hill 1st Mar Div 1970


  10. Interesting to hear about the Red Cross’s antics from Brendan McCarron, as I worked with a guy that was a World War ll army combat vet on Okinawa. He hated the Red Cross because of the very same thing- charging for cigarettes.

  11. I remember the DaNang PX. I got there a few times when I was assigned to guard the new 3rd MAF headquarters being built on the DaNang River, at an old French fort, across from the city. There was a ferry landing there and when we were off duty we got to take into town. I was standing in line in the PX one day, it looked like lines at a grocery store in the “World”, and I looked over at the line next to mine and there was Martha Raye! She was about seventh in line. I was floored! she could have asked to go to the front of any line in the place and the troops would have accommodated her gladly! She was so real that she just waited her turn like everyone else. I liked her before that but when I saw that I idolized her. I didn’t say anything to her. I wanted to leave her space. No one else was talking to her either. I’ve always regretted that I didn’t say something to her. What a great lady!! She really supported her troops!! As a post script the NCO in charge of our detail at the old French fort was Mike Beardsley. Some of you may remember the movie “Yours, Mine and Ours” with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. That was about his family. Back at Pendleton before the war he and his family used to come on TV in commercials for bread and we used to razz him. I think it was “Silver Cup”.

  12. I made the trip to freedom hill px, also don’t remember any beer guarden. don’t know why i only wnt to the px once as for the first 3 months i was with our Bn rear in Da Nang. the rest of my tour i was supporting 5th marines in An Hoa. i was assigned to a separate motor t Bn. Sgt (E-5) An Hoa C company 1st motor t Bn

  13. I was with asp1, I was later transferred to the air strip (Da Nang) where I became a shi- burner…. I was in country Aug 65 / Oct 66.. Never new of the PX….. I guess I lived a sheltered life… 2nd tour 1969 An Hoa, still don’t remember beer garden or PX…. I seek enlightenment….. L/cpl H. Young 0311/2311. 64/69

    1. I spent most of 69 at An Hoa in Fire Direction Control. Did make 1 trip to Danang riding security for our captain who was going to be in Danang for a few days. He dropped me off with a recon unit and took off with the jeep. I managed to find that beer garden but was not too happy to have to check my M16 at the door. Also, a few guys laughed when I hit the deck when a jet passed overhead. I guess they never heard a Russian rocket heading toward them before.

  14. I was with the 7th Marine Regt. on Hill 55. Had to make several trips from Hill 55 to 1st MarDiv Hg at Danang and made stops on the return trip at the Freedom Hill PX for a case of beer and a bottle of Dewars scotch whiskey. Stops were short and I don’t recall a beer garden at that location. April 1968-May 1969.

  15. I was at FLC, sometime in 1969, not sure what month anymore, but ASP 1 blew up. It all but leveled Freedom Hill. It blew up for days. All areas around the dump were leveled. I remember we got an emergency call for a compound that needed fuel on the other side of the air strip, we tried to get it to them by going threw the strip, but everything was locked down. We did get some incredible pic’s of the dump blowing up. Didn’t take them to long to get the Hill up and running again.

  16. Was at the PX many times in 68/69 and do not remember a beer garden. Drove past to go to the Air Force area to buy beer by the truck load for the Phu lac 6 club. Thanks also to the Navy for their contributions of supplies (bulldozer) which looked better in USMC Green. Wonder if it is still buried at Phu lac 6?

    1. I certainly remember the Freedom Hill PX, the Bar Garden, and the Bank (of America??) where you could cash checks, money orders etc., yep believe it or not. As I recall we Marines under E-6 in rank could not purchase hard booze, however the other military branches, even a Pvt could (such bullshit). I also recall the day in 1969 when the Ammo dump close to Freedom Hill caught fire and that’s all she wrote. My unit (26th Marines, rear area) was located a ways from the Freedom Hill at Resurrection City. When the dump went boom it was within minutes or maybe even seconds, the concussion wave blast came rolling over the hilltops. The “mushroom” like cloud went up 100+ feet, we had no idea what happened or if this was doomsday for us all!! Luckily, within a few minutes word was passed. Not only was the PX gone, so was the R&R Processing center, and I believe part or all of 1st Force Recon (could be wrong about that), “Dog Patch” was leveled as well. Probably have forgot some others over time.

      1. We were at a platoon-sized compound near Hill 55 when we heard some booms. Went up on our bunkers and witnessed one of the greatest shows of my entire life: the III MAF ammo dump going up. Even though it was about 10 miles away, you could see bombs, artillery rounds, and WIlly Peter being thrown up in the air then going off. It took about five seconds for the sound to reach us out near Dodge City. Probably related, I have to be away from all fourth of July fire works these days.

  17. Went to that PX when in and around Danang frequently. Was looking for a particular camera (Minolta SRT-101) in the PX and carried the $126.00 I knew it cost with me at all times. Saw a couple of guys outside the PX looking at their new SRT-101 and hurried inside. A lieutenant was looking at one, so I asked for another. That was the last one. I waited and when the lieutenant put it down, I said I’ll take it. The lieutenant objected so I told him he put it down to look at another and that I knew what I wanted and bought it. The two guys outside also carried a Winchester 270 with scope. I had never met snipers before. I heard that Freedom Hill had been taken three times by Marines and given to the army twice. We kept it the last time.

  18. I remember going there several times, especially my last day. I drank the beer, but I avoided the hamburgers (my favorite) and hot dogs–too many insects in the buns. There was just no way to keep them out of the flour.

  19. no PX or beer garden in 65-66. no freedom hill either, just plain ol hill 327.. much charlie business there and ” Dog Patch “. good old dog patch. i fell in love there one time..we did a dark 0:30 trip up the hill 1 time to call a loved one back home. I love you (over). we did a px truck now & then and saw Mr. Hope C-mas show sittin on 327 in the monsoons. rifle butt planted in the mud to help keep from slidin down. left the nam in july 66 on a new 7o something something for the “RocK”. left there 4 days later on a C-130 in new khakis. 30 hrs. to El Toro, i pit stop. it’s still all there between the ears. i’d do it again. oorahh!!! mgm

  20. Funny how old memories come flooding back after reading other folks’ post’s about the “infamous PX”. How many of you remember or even knew that you could buy any American made car at the “PX”, and you or a family member could pick it up @a point of entry closet your home back in the world!! That’s right, saw it with my own eyes and even had a buddy from Gulf company purchase such. There was Ford, GMC, Chrysler, and maybe AMC (American Motor Co., ie Rambler, the Javelin etc.). Reason I say maybe AMC, at that time in Americas’ car manufacturer history (before imports), there were the Big Four. Civilian car salesman, no cars for you to set in but shiny brochures to drool over. You picked out everything you wanted and they built it. From what I was told by my Gulf company buddy, you could save a bundle of $$. Anyone else remember this???

  21. Joe Griggs and I must have been there about the same time. Just good ole Dog Patch. Looked like a town of packing crates. Saw Bob Hope out there at Christmas ’65. Sitting in the mud which got muddier when it dumped on us and ended the show. No PX just 327. Took a walk up 327 one day with a buddy and got a panoramic photo of metropolitan Dog Patch and the area..

  22. I remeber freedom hill, I bought my girlfriend a engagement ring there in 1968 taped it to my ankle for safe keeping until I got home on leave. ED

  23. I remember the PX from my first tour in 1965 and before October that year we used green back dollars before MPC was used. This was a problem as it was difficult to make change for a dollar so instead of loosing some money during your purchase you could take a stick of gum for each penny or a condom. My men and I elected to take condoms instead of the teeth destroying gum.

  24. Near Christmas in 1966 went to 327 to see Bob Hope while waiting so an old Boot Camp buddy Ted Umbehagan had been told he was dead! Great reunion with him watched Bob Hope show found out where Ted was outposted to, was with a Combined Action Company. Always managed to get his bunch steaks booze and one time real ICE CREAM! There were three PX’s in DaNang one down the road from 327 by 1st Div disbursing office the other one was on the other side of the airstrip rum by the Air Force

  25. I to visited Freedom Hill in 68 , also stood over nite at the DaNang Hilton before being transferred to my unit the next day. I do remember one thing , Marines where not allowed to buy any alcoholic beverages at Freedom Hill PX during my tour from 68 to 69.

  26. Only went to the Freedom Hill PX once as I was headed out for R&R. I also remember the MARS ham radio station that sent a message to my mother. And I remember the Navy CB recreation area. Their area was all covered with cemented-in flag stone with picnic tables and built-in BBQ pits. Once I hopped a six-by in to Da Nang to get booze. I wound up at the Air Force BX on the other side of the air base. Got an Air Force officer to by me a quart of Seagrams 7.

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