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I think our Marines and troops are doing an OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING job!!!!

Sgt Grit

A question for the public.

Myself and many other United States Marines very frequently ask themselves this question: Why are our fellow Americans opposing the acts that the military must take to endure their freedom and safety? Being in Kuwait, we have very few resources to read, and very little internet access to research what is happening back home. On many occasions, my fellow Marines look at the current events in their hometowns and the newspaper headlines read of protesting and anti-war campaigns. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I don't understand the reasoning of not supporting the people that provide that freedom to them. We look to our homes and to our families to provide us support in these times of upcoming war and use that support to drive us forward. I personally have very strong family ties and they provide great moral support, even when I am far away, and even when they do not agree with what the government sees fit for me to do. It shames many people that have the chance to look on the internet at hometown events and see anti-military campaigns and anti-war protests happening in their home towns. How can a person feel morally supported out here when the very town that he/she grew up in does not support them or what they stand for? Do these people not have families that they love and cherish? Would they not fight to secure their freedom? I would gladly stand beside my fellow Marines and fight to protect their lives and the lives of their families. After September 11th, all of America showed its patriotism and was united against terrorism. Time has gone by and that patriotism is slowly fading. When a new threat occurs and the United States military rises to access the situation, that same patriotic spirit is not there, but replaced by anti-war protests and discontent for the military. It seems that people forget what being an American is all about. You rally your troops to fight terrorism and then do not support them when they need it most. I cannot speak for all of the military, nor will I say that my personal opinion should be used to voice that of fellow Marines, but I am shamed and confused on what people value their freedom at. Being in the military, I could ramble on forever about people who protest war and have different opinions on how it should be handled, but I choose to end this with a question instead: Would or would you not support your family members in the military that would give their lives to provide safety and freedom to all yourself and all Americans, including those who oppose what they are fighting for?

Semper Fidelis
Writer LCpl McCoy, Jason L
Editor LCpl Jennings

Saddam Hussein can go into exile in France, claim French citizenship, and get appointed their ambassador.

Hats off to you young Devil Dogs. There are lots and lots of people supporting you here at home. Our prayers are with you. God's speed.

From a Marine-SOG Vietnam 68-69 Semper Fi!

I am not now, nor have ever been in the military. I do, however, have many friends and relatives who are. I wanted to tell each and ever person who wears a uniform that represents my country how much I appreciate them and how thankful I am for them. I will continue to fly our flag with pride and keep them in mind every time I look at it. Thank you for placing yourself out there so I can live my life in freedom and safety. I'm proud of my country, flag, President and the men and women who defend them all. You remain in our prayers.

God Bless you all.
Baltimore, MD

Powell Quote

When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush.

He answered by saying, "Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return."

Submitted by: many of you

Note: I am not sure if this is a quote from Powell, but the thought is right on.

Sgt Grit

About 2030 local time we viewed a report (on TV) from a correspondent with the Marines rolling up through Iraq to Bagdad. I gather that the Marines are by-passing towns where pockets of Iraqis might be holled-up and just hard-charging to their objective. Anyway--this reporter recounted how these Marines (he was with) had encountered "stiff" resistance in the past few days and had suppressed and overcome it and advanced. The reporter was asked (by the talking head in Washington) whether the Marines had captured many prisoners (?). Pregnant pause--the reporter then replied that "..uh, well, the job of these Marines is to, uh, overcome their enemies and achieve their objective...they don't capture enemy prisoners...they kill them." Thought you'd like that.


Sgt Grit and fellow Devil Dogs,

The sequel to the war has begun, the bombs are hitting their marks, the sand is blowing and the bad guys are giving up, & the good guys are advancing, that's all good.

However, I have noticed that the media is tagging along with the Marines, & solders of the coalition. I understand that news coverage is just a part of being there, I am also aware that even in WWII the cameras were there. But lets be real, in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam & the `91 Gulf war, the film crews were not right there, they were behind the front (except for the ones that snuck up to the front). I have seen news footage of hilatious firefights where the Marines were getting fired upon & trying to get sight alignment sight picture or at least point in the general direction of the enemy, and some nimrod from the media is sticking a mic in this warrior's face trying to get a good sound byte. I'm sorry, but F**K That! If the media was granted to be shadow to get "the good shot" then fine, but if you hinder me from doing my job (primary job of all Marines is to protect yourself & other Marines first), then that can of WHOOP ASS I opened for the bad guy will somehow end up on your face.

Another one of my pet peeves about the media that I have seen on CNN, is that I see these young hard chargers digging in and wearing desert brown camies so they blend in to the surroundings, meanwhile some prick from some unknown news station is wearing Bright BLUE helmet & flack vest that has the words "Media" or "Reporter" in reflective paint on the back so they wont get accidentally get shot. If they don't want to get shot get the Hell out of the way, and don't' wear any color that will give away my location to some sniper.

I'll admit, this is the first major campaign of my adult life that I have not participated in, but as soon as my re-up papers come back approved, I'm there!

God bless our men who proudly wear the Eagle Globe & Anchor, as well as the entire coalition.

Semper Fi
Corporal R.Palombit 88-92

To all who shall see these, greetings:

The conflict has started and now we are plagued by all sorts of experts, analysts, and correspondents. I will not add to the fray. I will not justify the conflict, nor will I condemn it. I will point out a fact that I do not want lost in the barrage of bullshit. The United States Marine Corps has deployed. Same as It has in the past. We have sent our best, brightest, and most loyal to face an unknown future. Will they live? Will they Die? Will they be wounded?

Our Corps has an obligation to persevere. It will Persevere.
Our Corps of the past has an obligation also. I have not worn the Uniform in almost thirty years, but that does not matter. I have an obligation. It is my duty to support those who carry my legacy, and the Corps legacy for the future. Whether the war is just or unjust is not a question that can be debated now because it is already in place. To the Persian Gulf Veterans, How did our support HELP you ? To the Viet Nam veterans like myself, how did the lack of support HURT you? Every day on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, ABC I see the protesters getting all of the air play. This cannot be the only voice. WE, The Marines of the past, MUST let our voices of support for our Fellow Marines be heard. Ask yourself this; who and what do we want our young Marines to hear. A quick note from a Viet Nam Veteran saying:" thank you". A card from a Korean vet Saying: " good job and come home soon". This is what is needed now. Sean Penn , Susan Sarandon and the rest need to stand down. WE, all Marines, Need to stand UP. The war and its outcome will be judged by history. The Corps will also be judged.... by its performance. I urge all to go get a card and send it to a Marine. NO, That is wrong,,,,,,,,,send it to any and all soldiers, sailors, Marines. Say thank you now and wish Gods speed home. It is your duty and your obligation. It should be your honor to send it.

Thank you for your time
SSGT D.J.Huntsinger,
68-74 USMC

Show your support, sign the petition:

WWP....Workers World Party is a communist lead organization. They dominate the anti-war movement. In Korea and Vietnam we were supposed to kill communists. Now we defend their right to take down our gov't. ARRRRGGGG!!!!!


Sgt. Grit
As a citizen that reads your news letter once in a while, I just want the troops to know, I am behind them. I know its not much however I assure you there are more than just myself. I used to dream of being a Marine but circumstances in my life, mainly having two children I am solely responsible for, made me abandon that dream. However I will promise I will stay home and fight here.

I will protest against the protesters, and remind them the only reason they have the right to voice their opinion is because men died so they speak their minds without being killed.

I will not hinder my life because of terrorists, and if they strike home I will be strong and pass my faith to others and we will dig ourselves out and go on. I will not take lightly a terrorist threat of killing woman and children here at home because our troops are off fighting. I know to many of our troops that the threat of killing their loved one because they are fighting just pissed them off. I will do what ever I can here at home to protect our Country. I want to remind our troops that their are many retired Military here at home and some citizens who are just as willing to fight even if we can't stand next to them. We are safer with our Troops ultimately taking out the threat. We will hold our own while they are gone.

I guess to keep it short, I just want to say We are behind you. I can only speak for myself when I say I will do what I can to protect life here at home. To our Troops, go make us safe for the long haul, God bless you for protecting us and may God be with you!

Robin Hill

Press Release - Headquarters Marine Corps

USMC Press Release - Support our Troops

Sgt. Grit
My name is Bill King and I am a Marine (77 to 83). I have been reading your e-mails for over a year and I have enjoyed doing that. Just wanted to express my thoughts on Saddams exploits and some of the comments that are coming from America's citizens. President Bush is correct in what he is trying to do and I back 110 %. What will it take to get some Americans to understand what it is that we as a nation are up against. As Winston Churchill once said "It is better to fight when we have a chance instead of waiting until that chance is gone and have to fight anyway ". I know that this is not word for word per his quote but that is what I got out of it. I would gladly fight for my country today just as mush as I would have when I was active. Not because I am some kind of person that enjoys war but because I believe in my country, I signed up for the Marines to do my part if necessary and my father fought for freedom as well. He was an Army puke but he volunteered just the same. Will it take more United States citizens dying (Hasn't enough died already)to shake up the lion to the fact that there is a faction knocking on our door that does not show any respect for freedom. Time seems to be the killer here. We always seem to forget after a couple of years. "Time heals all" BULLSHIT, time makes it easy to ignore. I realize that there is a lot of Americans out there that are willing to do their part and I stand by them. The ones that do not want to upset some body should review their history and see whom stood for FREEDOM.

Corporal William R. King
USMC 1977 to 1983 0331

"The power cowardliness prefers to conspire with is time, because neither time nor cowardliness finds that there is any reason to hurry."

--Soren Kierkegaard

Dear Sgt.Grit,

I'm Tobias Wichmann from Germany. I've seen a great Picture today, a Marine hoisted the Stars spangled banner and the Banner of the United States Marine Corps. It was a great Moment for me. Send Saddam to hell with his fu..... republican guardians. I salute all Marines who fight this Bastards. good Luck and Gung Ho!!!!!!

Semper Fi
Tobias Wichmann/Germany

Dear Sgt Grit,

Thank you for your interest. I would love to see 6th grade students participating in this "freedom project". Teach them while they are young, freedom is not free.

Anyway, I contacted the Public Affairs Office in Norfolk, Virginia. I spoke to a Navy Officer and explained my idea. The PAO explained that packages addressed to "any sailor/Marine" are not authorized to due security issues. She offered the names of several Chaplains who would have addresses of "friends" stationed aboard vessels in the Persian Gulf.

After emailing the ship, marking the message for the Chaplain I received a favorable response. In fact, the Chaplain is keeping a journal of the reaction of those aboard who receive these packages. The Chaplain has also emailed the school with photo's of ports visited recently.

The students have "adopted" the USS Constellation as their ship. They eagerly await hearing back from the servicemen on board!

I admit it was a little time consuming! But worth the effort! Prior to collecting the supplies, my husband (retired Marine MSGT) briefed the entire sixth grade about living aboard a ship, being deployed, being away from family. Obviously the students listened as evidenced by their enthusiasm to collect items.

I hope others who served would be willing to speak to classes. Where else will these children learn? Text books don't cover the "human" side of serving your country.

Thanks again,
Lisa K. King,
SGT USMC, 1982 - 1991

"If the public judges the movie people by some of the interviews that appear in print, they must wonder how they ever kept out of the asylum."

--Will Rogers

The current scenario unfolding in the UN is amazingly reminiscent of the former League of Nations. The latter was a bumbling attempt at world government, but failed miserably from its inception to its death. What is being witnessed with regard to the UN and the actions/inactions of Iraq today is not unlike the inefficacy and impotence exhibited by the League of Nations over the Corfu incident of 1923, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 and, later, the Italian aggression on Ethiopia. Hopefully, we are now witnessing the death throes of the UN with their unique blend of bureaucratic obstinacy, arrogance-without-basis and overall contentious behavior comprising a most unglamorous coup de grace. It is thus time to effect the radical, forceful, supremely destructive, irrevocable disassembly of the political entity known as Iraq in order to facilitate a US-led and engineered reconstruction of the same. This, from all appearances, will require a unilateral action on the part of the United States and would aptly seal the coffin on the UN. So be it. Semper Fidelis and, in the ensuing actions, may no quarter be granted!

3rd MAW, 1968-7972

Dear Sgt. Grit,

I attended a "Support the Troops" rally at Hudson's Bay HS in Vancouver, WA on Wed. the12th. Many people and several politicians were there. As well as several Boy Scout troops, the Lewis and Clark Young Marines, BrigGen. Ken Ross, US Army Reserve 104th Div., LtCol Mark White USMC, Marine for Life Hometown Link, and various recruiters.

It was so nice to see such a large turnout to support our military personnel. It was estimated at 500 people. Several of the speakers were Vietnam era vets and so forth. It also had great coverage by the local TV, Radio, and newspapers.

It was very moving. I hope that people all over this great country of ours, Get behind our military and give them the support they so richly deserve. I have 2 sons that are Marines. Sgt. Dan is inactive reserve and waiting for the phone to ring. Younger brother LCpl. Justin is enroute to Kores on a LPD Amphibious Transport Ship.

Proud Dad,
Dan Alger Sr.

"I have one yardstick by which I test every major problem -- and that yardstick is: Is it good for America?"

--Dwight D. Eisenhower

Sgt Grit,

I was wondering if anyone has taken action against MCI long distance phone services. Their new spokes person is none other than Mr. Anti-American Pro-Iraq Danny Glover. Him and Martin Sheen and the rest of the Hollywood Morons group are Bashing the USA with great gusto. I cancelled my service with MCI and told them that as long as they had Mr. Glover as their spokes person I wouldn't even consider using their services. If he hates America so much he must also hate our money and he won't be getting any of mine and neither will anyone else who marches against the United States.

Steve Bish USMC-68/71 Alpha 1/1 69/70

Semper Fi! Starting to smell like protest; smell familiar to you? Hope that at least no one is spitting on uniforms this time. Like the poor grunt starts the war!

Jim Prendergast
Sgt. USMC 1969-1972
9th Communications Battalion

Sgt. Grit - You are correct when you say it is over oil but I am surprised that you think it is your country wanting it. Currently we only import 15% of our oil from Iraq with many markets available around the world . . . so what is our motivation to go to war? We are one of the few countries taking the higher moral road; it is the French, Russians and Chinese that made it into an "oil thing". The reason that these three countries are willing to use their veto on the Security Council is due to the oil contracts they signed a few months ago, something you don't hear from the left wing press. They signed a purchase contract that equally divides the oil sold by Iraq, at a discount, provided the UN sanctions are lifted . . . and who better to do that than members of the Security Council. So you are right, it is over oil for some countries . . . you just lump us in the wrong camp. You can not be so naive to think there is no Al Q! ueda connection with Saddam. Maybe you want anthrax and nerve agents exchanging hands, but I sure don't. Personally I don't believe he will last the first week of the war before the military turns on him. ...

I am all for adding more inspectors into Iraq . . . .about 250,000 more will do it!

Bob Peavey,
Vietnam '68

"A brave man is a man who dares to look the Devil in the face and tell him he is a Devil."

--James A. Garfield

Sgt Grit,

Your info is correct. The library in our little town has numerous books in point-counterpoint format that document WMDs, chemical & biological & nuclear that Saddam admitted to having in the late 80s-early 90s. The atrocities to his own people are well documented also. Americans need only to peruse their library shelves to find proof of these things. We are not using our heads or our resources, but tend to believe what we hear through the TV and neighbors.

Sgt. Grit,

I just looked at your newsletter #40, and read that Sherly Hubbel asked to be removed from your e-mail list due to disagreements with the content. I was impressed that you published her request. What a great tribute to your character and sense of fair play.

Semper Fi
Cpl Paul Wayne Wilemon F 2/7,
Weapons Platoon, 66-67

Damn good thing for us that Sheryl A. Hubbell and her husband are "FORMER Marines".....

Dave Stutesman...Sgt/USMC 79-83

I think we as your readers are extremely pleased that these two so called Marines want to be removed from the mailing list. (Note that she referred to them as former Marines). I would gladly volunteer to personally remove them from many things not just the newsletter. We should wonder out loud how people like this think. We are supposed to respect their religious views (What the hell is a freethinker anyway?), while we are offending them when we express our religious views. What a bunch of BS. Not only are the newsletter and readers better off without the both of you, but we as Marines (both past and present) are glad to be rid of you. Satan is not a believer either so the three of you will have plenty of time to practice freethinking. Hopefully we will be able to send you several Iraqi soldiers to join your group.

Bill Hedrick Jr
Active Duty 1985 - 1998
Marine Forever

I don't think I will miss the likes of Sheryl A Hubbell and her spouse (both former USMC), Isn't it surprising that she speaks for both of them.

HDM cpl k c brown USMC NAM 66&67

In response to Ms. Sheryl Hubbel's letter - it is apparent that today's "freethinkers" respond to freethought with ignorance of sources of freethought and further close-mindedness. We "close-minded" people will continue to wallow in our ignorance by listening and reading all sources of an intelligence assessing that information with true free thinking, improvisation, adaptation, and eventually, overcoming tyranny.

Semper Fidelis.
Earl S. Sergeant of Marines.

Sgt Grit,
In response to Sheryl Hubbell's comments.
GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!


seen on a church signboard in Columbus,Ga



Top (MSgt) McClellan:
Sir: (in response to your comments in Newsletter # 40)

As a lawyer, I cannot encourage violation of any law. However, if you were to ever have an altercation with a protester, I'll be the first lawyer in line to represent your case pro bono.

This reminds me of an actual case where a veteran stood charged with assault and battery for punching a flag-burning protester. The TX judge listened to the protester's lawyer and then asked the veteran: "Sir, did you hit this person?"

The veteran replied "Yes, sir."

The judge answers: "Very well, I fine you the sum of One Dollar. Next case."

On the subject of protesters crossing the limits of free speech: if a protester so much as places another person in the apprehension of ANY unwanted bodily contact (to include spitting, feigned punches or lunges), it most likely constitutes assault. If a protester so much as touches your bodily person or anything attached to your person (to include spitting, punches or grabbing), it most likely constitutes a battery. And a person cannot hide behind free speech after they have engaged in "fighting words" meant to engage another in hostilities. Similar to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, fighting words are unacceptable and are not Constitutionally protected.

My advice is to not antagonize protesters, but not to take any sh!t off them, either. They don't deserve the blanket of freedom with which they've been provided, but this isn't Nazi Germany (and we are more principled people than they), so we will allow them to exist as the miserable, malcontent, dishonorable, little people that they are.

Semper Fi, brothers and sisters!
Sgt. Beckstead (active 88-93)
Former Sea Lawyer,
current California lawyer practicing in DC

Sgt. Grit, I have read your opinion on why we need to go to war with Iraq. Some ways I agree and some I don't. However, hear me when I say this! Because I don't like the idea of war DOES NOT mean I don't support our troops!! As a Marine and Viet Nam Veteran, I don't want them to come home to the kind of reception I and many others had.

This is my fear, Thank You and Simper Fi..

Roy Casto... Maryland

just want to say that most of the Americans in this country do support their troops- ya okay they are afraid of war and the loss of life- but they are behind them 100% its only those Hollywood people with more money than they know what to do with protesting- they do NOT speak for mainstream- I say boycott sherry crow, martin sheen and the rest of the idiots spouting off- they get the press cause their famous- big deal- alot less people going to their projects and they'll out with vanilla ice- BOYCOTT THOSE STARS=

PMM of MIKE 1/5-kathy greck-Marine corp mom

I raise Marines all by myself (single mom for 20 years)---3/4's of a true Marine is in the blood the other 1/4 is in the up-bringing---I pounded the honor system into my marine--We didn't have much money and my beliefs are all I could give my son--I guess you could compare my thoughts and actions to Clint Eastwood in one of his western films. I have found that you got to get mean and mean it is the only way to take the evil out---Evil pisses me off however I do respect it only because it is there. In the end it is up to us to wipe the crap out. Its been this way since the beginning of time and will be that way till the end. Amongst the Marines there is an ever so special breed of people that only the naked eye can see. The thing is there is only a few of us. Personally I think that Always Faithful is just the beginning of a beautiful thing. Believe it or not Sgt. Grit I am a hippie. I too believe in fighting evil. You might call me undercover. When you say "look out, here we come" I say "have a nice day". Funny thing is, it means the same thing. Even though I am a hippie let me tell you this I am 100% TRUE MARINE MOM--how do you like me now? May I add if any of those Iraqians harm my baby I will hook up with their sorry souls just before they enter the gate to hell. Hell will be a paradise compared to what I can do to their soul. If I would have to spend eternity as a ghost then so be it. You are so good for my soul--you get my blood pumping and my sword a swinging. Forgive me if I am to much. I have a feeling I'm not

---You Rock On Sgt Grit.
---Kelly McGrath, Marine Mon USA

I was a navy corpsman in Vietnam from 70-72 ..... to this day I don't really understand why I was sent there.... I don't know what is was all about.... I had a duty to do and fulfilled my mission. Those in this country who think that we have no reason to go to war now..... where were you on Sept 11th ? This was an attack on our main land.... my God what is wrong with you... have you already forgotten? This will not go away unless we as a nation put a stop to it now.... you just want to sit back and drink your tea and let it happen again? On 9/12 everyone in the country was ready to go kick ass...I have not seen our nation pull together like that in my life business as usual before 9/ soon we forget.

God be with our troops and guide them to Victory... because 1/2 this nation cant seem to guide anything but their lazy butts to the easy chair.


Got a chuckle over Art Glennon's comment about the earthquakes in France. I had no idea there were that many Americans buried on foreign soil. While it was a matter of logistics during World War I and II, it was probably next to impossible to ship the bodies home. I think now is time we brought these heroes home and gave them a "proper burial" in American soil.

Keith Jordan,
GySgt USMC (Retired)

Sgt. Grit,
My Father (capitalization intentional) served 30 years in the Navy and earned a Navy Cross. All four of my brothers and I served in the military (three of us in Vietnam). The only thing I have to say is that a great many good people have died and are willing to die so that EVERYONE in this country has the right to speak their mind. As someone much smarter than I once said, I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it! Semper Fi!!!

C.R. Barfield Cpl USMC 1963-1968

Dear Sgt. Grit:
Re your opening editorial - it's about oil. You're partly right. It is not about the U.S. actually taking over Iraqi oil, but it is about the U.S. establishing a totally pro-U.S. regime in the Middle East. Iraq will become a reliable source of oil, and an offsetting influence to OPEC, and more importantly, a superpower outpost right next to Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, all of which will greatly adjust their foreign policies when confronted with the possibility of becoming the next target of a US preemptive strike. It may indeed bring more stability to the Middle East, including the Israeli conflict. I dare say, we'll have troops in Iraq for decades, not as occupiers, or nation builders, but as forward based troops to project U.S. influence over all of the Middle East. Eliminating Iraqi WMD will be a bonus in the war against terrorism, but it is not the most important reason to replace Saddam. Nor, as you say, is it because he is a megalomaniac evil dictator. So are the dictators of Burma, North Korea, and half a dozen African countries. That being said, the above geopolitical objectives are still good and valid reasons to go to war. It just doesn't sell well with the American public, much less the international community. But then it isn't selling very well anyway. I just pray that the Corps, along with the doggies, swabbies, aircrappers, and limeys can do the job quickly, and within the context of war, safely.

Semper Fi

James Carter
USMCR 1958-66
U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Retired

Sgt Grit -
I know there some places that give military discount, but do you know where I can buy Pepto-Bismol discounted? I've become completely disgusted with the anti-war message being sent by some of our brother Americans lately. All these wretched protesters and poxus actors who can call their own press conference on a moments notice -- what are they smoking? I just watched CNN, and saw a clip of interviews with 'highly informed protesters'. One was asked about Saddam Hussein. He said, "I think he's an OK guy, and is doing an alright job running his country." This gentleman needs to be beaten about the head and face, severely. Do you think he'd choose to live in Iraq? I don't think so. I rather doubt he'd choose to live in a place where parents can be shot for what their children say in school. And these actors -- how dare they! Do they even think about what they're protesting? Have they talked to the refugees and immigrants from Iraq? These refugees and immigrants are among the ones shouting loudest for the downfall of Hussein! They (actors) have it so good, and they even hold themselves above the great mass of people that support them. They quibble about a 4 or 5 million dollar raise. They complain about only getting 12 million for a production. You know how much I made last year? I made 12 thousand. The next time one of these poxus actors and foul protesters 'exercises their right' to protest, I think I'll do the same, and protest the lack of rights I have. I'm not allowed to wear certain articles of clothing. I'm not allowed to travel to some places even within my own country. I'm not allowed to 'take off for a few days'. I'm not allowed to speak my mind on every issue I want. I would be in violation of the laws that govern the armed forces if I got a bad sunburn, for destruction of government property. I'm not even allowed to keep my bedroom they way I'd like it! When was the last time someone knocked on one of these protesters' doors at 4 in the morning, telling them they've got a 'Health and Welfare' inspection? When was the last time they were told they have to be neatly shaved every day, and their dress must be neat and conservative in appearance? The next time I see some pot-smoking, dim-eyed, loud-mouth puke wearing a pair of cammy trousers around town for fun because he got it for 5 bucks at the Army / Navy store, I think I'll ask him what he did to earn the right to wear that uniform item. Freedom, liberty -- they don't know what they're talking about. I wouldn't give up my lifestyle or change anything about it for the world -- if it wasn't for my sacrifices, if it wasn't for my privilege to serve my great country, I would never even know how beautiful my United States of America truly are. The next time someone complains about their 'liberties' or 'rights' being infringed, I think I'll show them just what it means to be 'infringed' -- with a back hand and a side kick. Freedom is never free! It must be bought through service to country and motherland.

Thankful to be capable of serving in the United States Marine Corps,

LCPL James Buhls 2001 - Present

In response to the letters about the teachers saying things to students about them being in the military, I would like to point out not all teachers feel that way. My students have written numerous times to thank people in the military for defending this great country. I know more who support you than those who do not. I also know there are good and bad people in every job capacity. Please do not blame all teacher for the foolish actions of a few that make the press.

Thank you

Vicki J Williams
5th grade teacher

I wore one of the shirts you have about First Iraq then France, then Germany again, then North Korea to a big home and garden show in Tulsa last weekend, and was not surprised by the response I got. Most of the older people nodded at me or came up to me to ask where they could get a shirt like mine. It didn't seem to phase the younger ones much. One young lady came up to me and said she didn't get it. "What did the French owe us." Do they not teach history in school now, or are they so concerned with political correctness, or that they [teachers] offend someone?

Dennis Sullivan
Sgt. U.S.M.C., A 1/4, E 2/7, 1964-68

Dear Mr. President:

I support the President on the movement in Iraq.

I was disappointed that the Marines and other of our Armed Forces were not allowed to fly the American Flag over successfully secured objectives. This is a joint effort but is led heavily by American men and money. The American flags could fly over Iraq until the entire military objective is secured and could then be replaced again by the Iraqi flag. It would be an insult to all forces, however, if the u.n. flag would ever fly over Iraq. We should disassociate ourselves from the u.n. and auction the u.n. building for private offices.

Thank you.
Don Hepburn
(Honorably Discharged Sgt., USMC '55-'59)

During one of the many wars that the French and the British fought (and the French usually lost), the French just happened to capture a British Major. An officer brought the Major to the French General for interrogation. The French General began ridiculing the Major for wearing "that stupid red tunic." The French General said, "Why do you wear that red uniform, it makes it easy for us to shoot you."

The British Major replied, "If I do get wounded, the blood will not show, and my soldiers will not get scared."

The French general said, "That is a very good idea," The French turned to his orderly and said, "From now on all French officers will wear brown pants."

Whatever your feelings, the following makes for a pretty good illustration. taken from comedian Dennis Miller. Personally, 5 & 10 make the best points. Bless our troops. May they all be swift, sure and just and may they all come home soon.

All the rhetoric on whether or not we should go to war against Iraq has got my little brain spinning like a top. I enjoy reading opinions from both sides, but I've detected a hint of confusion from some of you. Maybe this can help. As I was reading the paper recently, I was reminded of the best advice anyone ever gave me. He told me about the "KISS" method ("Keep It Simple, Stupid!"). So with this as a theme, I'd like to apply this theory for those who don't quite get it. My hope is that we can simplify things and recognize a few important facts. Here are ten things to consider when voicing an opinion on this important issue:

(1) Between President Bush and Saddam Hussein ...Hussein is the bad guy.

(2) If you have faith in the United Nations to do the right things, keep this in mind: the UN has Libya heading the Committee on Human Rights and Iraq heading the Global Disarmament Committee. Do your own math here.

(3) If you use a Google or Yahoo search and type in "French Military Victories," don't be surprised if your computer panics at its inability to respond to your inquiry.

(4) If your only anti-war slogan is "No War For Oil," hire a pit bull lawyer and sue your school district for having allowed you to slip through the cracks and robbing you of the minimum education that any non-troglodyte deserves.

(5) You can take this one to the bank: Saddam and bin Laden will NOT seek UN approval before they try to kill us.

(6) Despite common belief among some, Martin Sheen is NOT the President. He only plays one on TV.

(7) If you are anti-war and even an outright "America Basher," to bin Laden, you are still an "infidel" whom he wants dead.

(8) Be careful: if you believe in a "vast right-wing conspiracy," but not in the danger that Hussein poses, the only job you may be able to get is as an Ivy League college professor.

(9) Even multi-culturalists who try to browbeat us into believing that all cultures are equally deserving of respect have trouble explaining the past 500 years of Islam.

(10) Whether you are for or against military action, our young men and women overseas are fighting to defend our right to speak out on these issues. They deserve our unreserved support.


You may want to check out a grass roots effort coming out of the Northern California foothills. A Mom has started a website called It is working much the same way operation dear abby did. You can get the name of a service person to write to. She started the site after her son talked about some of his buddy's who never got mail from home. There is a place of the site for C.O.'s to submit names. This is such an easy way that we can support our troops!

Claudia M. Howard

Sgt G,

I've been asked most recently about what people can do for our troops. I've put together a couple of resources if you'd like to pass along for you to publish. - United Services Organization (USO) - Operation USO Care Package - Send an email to any service member by service to send an online "Thank You" note to the troops.

1-800-YumYum2 to send Girl Scout cookies to the troops.

If you have the complete name, and mailing address, you can send a "MarsGram" by using the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) system.

For Navy/Marine Corps -

For Army -

For Air Force -

Additional programs:

Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society -

Army Emergency Relief -

Air Force Aid Society -

I have this same info published at as well.

Frederick C. Montney III MSgt, USMC Retired

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, France is accusing the US of arrogance and Germany doesn't want to go to war."

Submitted by: P Chaney

John Manuel hit it right on the head in newsletter 40. They should send us F.O.G.'s (freakin' old guys) to war instead of our youth. Heck, let's just turn into a sport. We can do like golf and bring caddies to hump our rucksack's and judge the distance of our next shot since our eyes aren't what they used to be. I'd suggest bringing a couple of the peace marchers to caddy for us. We'll need more than one since they can't think for themselves.

Secondly, when I first qualified with my formerly beloved M-16 in boot camp, I walked away with the dreaded "toilet seat". Two years later I qualified expert. Here it is almost 25 years later and on that learning curve I could probably filet an anchovy at 1,000 yards and in 10 feet of water. We'd need to bring a few of the kids with us though. From what I've seen the Corps has gone hi-tech. My VCR still says 12:00 and it blinks every second just to mock me so it might be a good idea to bring some of our young Americans with us.

Several things that worry me though John, your constant references to the Army. What's up with that? No self respecting Marine that I've ever known willingly associated with the rear guard and occupation forces of the U.S. Army. The last gentleman that referred to me as a former soldier can now recite chapter and verse of every branch in the United States Armed Forces with the appropriate titles of Coast Guard, Sailor, Soldier, Air Force and Marine. (Ever notice how they always save the best for last?)

Lastly, for all of the readers of American Courage. Don't be so darned hard on the French. It's painfully obvious after our last sojourn into the desert that the Iraqi's were fully trained by the French Army. In fact, I have obtained a copy of the secret Iraqi/French training manual.

1. Dig foxhole.
2. Dig foxhole deeper.
3. Kneel down and kiss a** goodbye.
4. In the event that you find yourself alive after the bullets start flying, waive white flag and yell:
"I love :_ " <-----insert country's name here.

Semper Fi,
J.D. Farmer
(not as lean, twice as mean and always a Marine)
USMC inactive reserve, MCB Homebase
USMC FMF 78-82

Dear friends and family:

On this past weeks when our wonderful media was showing many around the world protesting the "US War" against Iraq, I can't help but think how our country and the world has such a short memory. I feel very strongly about dispelling some of the rumors and false propaganda by those who disagree with this war or are using this forum just because they do not like President Bush. As a veteran of The Persian Gulf War and 25 years of service to our country I feel I have earned the right to speak out, as well a maintain the privilege for the protesters to speak out. What I am writing is based on my first hand observations from my service to our great country and not from some news program or what someone with an anti-administration agenda is using to discredit or change our country. For those of you who remember, this is exactly the same as we saw during the Viet Nam War.

So many times I have heard that this war is President Bush's way to get more oil. People have forgotten that in August 1990, Iraq, without provocation or warning, invaded Kuwait to obtain their oil, with further plans to continue south through Saudi Arabia. It is Saddam Hussein who wants to control the world's oil supply, not President Bush. They probably would have succeeded if the US led coalition hadn't intervened. Many have also forgotten that Saddam Hussein, who so many mistakenly trust more than our own President, gave the order to torch all the oil wells in Kuwait and dump millions of gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf. This created one of the world's worst environmental disasters in history. I witnessed this first hand, and have ever increasing respiratory problems from breathing in oil smoke for more than two months. Why didn't they remember that in their protest chants?

Surely people haven't forgotten that during the Gulf War, this "humane" leader in Iraq ordered many civilians and captured prisoners of war to be used as "human shields" on critical weapons sites. After air attacks it was over emphasized to reporters that US warplanes caused these casualties. Hussein is again ordering his people to act as "human shields." During my tour in Kuwait, prisoners my unit captured told us that they were ordered to fight or be shot. Also, almost all the bunkers we came across were mined on the Iraqi side so that any one trying to retreat without orders would run into their own mines. I can assure you that this never would happen in any of our services.

People have forgotten that during the invasion of Kuwait, the Iraqi Army brutalized the Kuwaiti people, with torture, rape, and mass murder, usually while they made the families watch, and shot them if they did not watch. Again I know, I was there and talked with some of those Kuwaiti's. I also still have moments of terror at what I saw. Also when the news reported on the "Highway of Death," when our planes and artillery brutally destroyed the retreating Iraqi's, they failed to say that most of the vehicles were stolen Kuwaiti cars filled with Kuwaiti's personal belongings. They also failed to report on the "retreating and surrendering" Iraqi's that killed their would be Saudi captor's when they let their guards down. These are the savage people that the protesters are trying to protect, why? How short their memories are. They also seem to have forgotten that this is the man who is paying Hezbollah and Hamas to kill Israelis, as well as pay the families of these "Suicide Killers." Why are they not crying out in outrage about that?

Many seem to have forgotten that on September 11, 2001, the US was attacked in a way that no one could have imagined except in horrible nightmare. We were all behind our President a few days later when he declared war on terrorist and nations that hosted terrorist. We were determined that we would win this war. As he laid out the fact that war would require many operations that would not be made public. It seems that many have forgotten that feeling of a unified America with a purpose. What happened? We are still at war! Terrorist still want to kill us. I can see clearly that Iraq is just another host nation. How can Saddam say "that they don't have Weapons of Mass Destruction and give orders to use them if we invade their country?" Iraq is another front in our war on terror. As a Marine Officer, years of training have taught me that one of the most critical targets of an enemy is his logistics. Host nations, finances, weapons, ammunition, etc., are terrorist logistics. Cut them off and the enemy has no means to wage war. This being said, I don't want war. No military man does, but it is their job to be ready to fight and win wars when called. This war on terror is just. Saddam will never give up his desire to rule the Middle East or more just like Hitler and Hirohito. Or have we forgotten them. This war on terror is a war we can't lose, including getting Iraq to quit lying about the weapons and disarm. President Bush doesn't want war, as he has said, but this war against terror has been thrust upon us. Our President is doing what he can to protect the American people by attacking the enemy over seas and not waiting for them to attack in our country again. We need to stand firm behind him!

For those of you that think President Bush just wants to finish what his Father started, maybe you have forgotten or didn't even notice that during the State of the Union Address, tears came to his eyes when he talked about sending troops into Iraq. Let me tell you, as a person who has sent troops to their possible death I recognize the emotions of another who is hurting to do so. As I said earlier "President Bush doesn't want this war, he does want the Iraqi's to disarm and at all cost to protect the American people." Our President is an honorable man. He has kept his campaign promise and restored honor and dignity to the office of the Presidency. We need to stand behind our troops, Commander in Chief. For the sake of our servicemen and women, America needs to be unified. As Jesus said "A house divided against itself, will fall." Do we really want another Viet Nam?

And speaking of Viet Nam, for those who remember the protests during Viet Nam War. As I watched on C-SPAN, no commentators, no spin, I saw radical group after group talk about how our country has committed so many injustices or is so detrimental to their group. I never saw any of these groups say anything negative about Saddam Hussein or the millions that he has had killed, or his policy's. Ask yourself these questions. Why aren't they protesting for him to give up his Weapons of Mass Destruction? Why don't they demand that he comply with the UN sanctions? Who organized these groups and what is their agenda? If you didn't know, most of them were organized by professionals just like, and probably some of the same ones who organized them during Viet Nam. They find emotional issues like this to organize groups with a hidden agenda that most of the protesters don't even know about. I don't think that we would defend their right to protest if we really new what their agenda really was. Ask them, I don't think it is as it appears. Have you forgotten that a crowd condemned Jesus Christ? Many of them were just there and didn't know why they were screaming "crucify him." The Pharisees did though. Have we forgotten how the antiwar protesters treated our troops during the Viet Nam War? We can't let that happen ever again!

We live in the greatest country in the world. We have more freedom, more wealth, and more rights than any other country in the world. We give billions of dollars in aid to countries around the world, unfortunately a lot of it goes to corrupt leaders, but that's another letter. There is a cost to our freedom that has been paid many times by the sacrifice and lives of our servicemen and women. Have we forgotten them? They are out there even now. They are away from home, family, and friends. Many are just eighteen years old, as I was when I joined the service. They are prepared to do what it takes for you and me, and their buddy to the right or left of them. They are there to guarantee that we enjoy these freedoms. We can't forget them. Some fifty-seven or more have already given their lives for us in this war on terror. Possibly many more will. Please support them any way you can. I can give you several avenues to support them if you would like. What ever you do, don't forget them.

Jack Gilbert
Lt Col USMCR, Ret

Sgt Grit,
In reference to your own thoughts concerning our war with Iraq. Since you obviously believe this war is about oil and WMD, do you believe the United States has the ability, man-power, and weapons to fight a war against Iraq and the other nations who favor Iraq (France, Russia, North Korea, etc)? Even if we don't have the ability (REALISTICALLY speaking) do you believe we should make the effort anyway because it's something we believe in. If we do go that route, and possibly lose in our efforts, how do you think the United States will wind up? I say this because I believe this war will be similar to Vietnam. Just a lot less manpower and military stamina. I say that because there's a MAJOR difference in our military NOW compared to the Vietnam Era. If this war does become like Vietnam and Congress does not activate the Draft, Sgt Grit, we are f---ked. Simply because times have changed and we may not be prepared to fight a war that demands the discipline and manpower the United States military once had. As a U.S. Marine ('84-'88) I believe in our nation and protecting our people and our way of life. But if Congress and the CIC do not make the appropriate decisions before we pull the trigger, we may be asking, or, better yet, DEMANDING our military to fight a war that's too big for them. I'm being REALISTIC concerning the circumstances we're at. Be advised, if you choose to print this in your next newsletter, we may get some heat from our readers because of the different opinions we're dealing with. I guess that's to be expected.

Semper Fi
J.S. Elliott 0311 ('84-'88)

I want to encourage parents,
family and friends of all of our soldiers everywhere to keep sending letters and packages. Our men and women need to know we are thinking of them. Let's keep a positive attitude for them and ourselves! Also, if you know of someone who has a family member serving, please don't ignore the situation. Ask them about their loved one. I think most of us love to talk about them. Sure we may cry, but they are tears of our love for them. But please do not say anything about death. As my husbands and I were mailing our birthday package, the clerk at the post office who was in Viet Nam said, "It's so sad that our boys are there. You know,some don't come home." WELL, NO SH*T!!! I thought. I do not need to be reminded that my precious son may not come home to me. I know that is a possibility, but I believe with all of my heart the USMC has prepared my son to do a damn good job. I am so proud of him!!

Semper Fi

Hello dear American friends,

I'd like to know if you ship your products to France. Actually I am French and I'm very interested in your "first Iraq than France" sticker. I am totally supporting the Bush administration and as you seem to know we really are a few thinking that way here, yet. So if you can ship it to France let me know and I will buy a few just to drive my suddenly pacifists fellow French crazy.

Just to let you know, I am kind of ashamed of my government's attitude but I guess the only reason they do it is to use the last mean of power that my country has left : the veto ! France was a great country once, but now, its culture, its power, its influence are diluted and it is very hard to accept and to live with. But it is only the beginning. When country like China will be strong enough to control their power, the all balance of the world will