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Sgt Grit American Courage Newsletter #43

Chesty Puller wherever he may be, is surely smiling, WELL DONE MARINES, WELL DONE!

Larry D.

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Sgt Grit, Please check to see if any Marine is getting charged for a missing chain lost in Baghdad (last seen dragging statue head). Am willing to reimburse such Marine !!!!

I.M. Brasch Marine '56-61

I got an email from my husband and he asked me to post the following for you guys here on Grit....

Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 4:54 PM
Subject: Fw: Allied Justice.........
Yes Sir!! All messages received and duly acted upon. Finally heard from my nephew Cpt.Richard Scot Meyer, 101st Airborne. He was to say the least, mildly excited over taking out an Iraqi forward observer that was directing republican guard artillery rounds. Got him with a clean head shot at 200 yards at night. He also stated that they were behind the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force and that those guys were leaving many, many Iraqi body parts in their wake on the road to Baghdad causing his commanding officer to remark - quote "The Godd*mn Marines have killed every living thing up here except the lizards and snakes, and from the looks of the d*mn tire tracks in the sand, they're trying like hell to take them out too!"

Semper Fi,

It's almost too much for words! I was just watching more of, what else, the fighting in Baghdad.

Three scenes, I don't know if these were Marines or Soldiers, doesn't matter, the effort, the heroism, just fills you to overflowing.

Scene 1, a wounded warrior being placed onto a stretcher and carried to safety and aid, as he's being carried he raises up and gets off two rounds with his rifle........

Scene 2, a wounded warrior being treated for a leg wound, drags himself to a defensive position to continue fighting and the medic/corpsman has to follow along with him to continue treating him.......

Scene 3, a supply vehicle loaded with gas/ammo, on fire, rounds exploding, near troops and other vehicles, one warrior climbs into the burning vehicle to try and move it while others are trying to get him to abandon the effort. Reportedly, he chose to take the risk because he didn't have kids and the others did.....

And some of us, over the past decade or two, have worried about the caliber of young men entering our military services...

These guys are great...........

Bill Holly
Cpl USMC 1961 - 1965






MOTHER OF 2 (5 mths & 2 yrs)
???? IRAQ ??????

"To see what is right and not to do it is cowardice."


Sgt. Grit

I just wanted to thank you for your newsletter. It has kept me going since my husband has been gone. He left the beginning of February to go overseas to Iraq. He is with Charlie 1/5 and whooping up! Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Lateshia Russell
Proud wife of Cpl. James W. Russell USMC

Random thoughts.

What ever happened to the human shields? I just saw the Iraqi UN Ambassador kiss and hug the CNN reporter. Hmmmm...CNN??? I watch with SHOCK AND AWE as these young Marines carry on the tradition. FOX, Rick Leventhal, embedded with the Marines, outstanding job, he just interviewed about 20 Marines. More FOX, Col. Ollie North just held up an Iraqi helicopter pilot helmet....Made in France. Tim Robbins (aka Mr. Susan Sarandon) is whining about his lack of free speech at the "National Press Club Luncheon". Just how stupid are the Hollywood types.

Fair and balanced from our friends


My wife and I have only been together for a few years so the "Marine Corps" thing (as she puts it) is something she is still adjusting to (it's kind of fun actually, how can you truly make anyone understand without experiencing it). The other morning over a cup of coffee, I recounted the "Kill Them All, by MetalIca!", story to her. Not appreciating the story as much as I did she made a comment about the Marines enjoying killing people. Considering her limited exposure, I just looked at her, smiled and said, "no that's not true... were just good at it!"

P.W. Long, Sgt '74-'78

Thank you, Sgt. Grit, for your wonderful newsletter so that all members of our proud Military family can connect! Now, I have bragging rights... I am the wife of a Marine (as if that's not enough to brag about). But his big ole mug was in the March 31 'SHOCK AND AWE' issue of NEWSWEEK! Page 29! Because of this our local newspaper and TV news interviewed both my parents and his. I stayed in our new home on the Marine base. God Bless our Marines and all of our troops that make this country free!

Semper Fi!
Mrs. (LCPL Benjamin) Thompson

Sgt Grit,

I am responding to Mark A. Stewart, Sgt. USMC 1970-76 in this last newsletter. He wrote that "many of your contributors are confused about how we should support the troops." I believe Americans do have a right to protest, but protesting does not include violence, vandalism, destruction of property, taking away other American's freedom to make their point (forcing commuters to spend hours in traffic while they block it), and other unlawful acts I have witnessed in the news. I have also disagreed with other veterans about this one, but I don't think anyone has a right to burn or deface an American flag. As far as Mr. Stewart comparing President Bush to President Clinton, there is no comparison. President Bush did serve in the Texas Air National Guard, and anyone who has been watching the war coverage knows that we have many guardsmen involved in this war. President Clinton was pot-smoking coward who tried to jump the border to avoid serving the country he wanted to lead. I don't feel any man who has not served his country in the armed forces should be elected to lead it. To quote another contributor in reference to President Bush, "He DID win the election and he IS the President!!! So---- GET OVER IT!!!". (Pfc. J. Plog) All our soldiers are performing just as I expected, especially our Marines. This country is truly home of the free, but not all are brave, we are free BECAUSE of the BRAVE. Until Iraq is liberated.

PFC. Grant L. Faulconer,
Semper Fi


I am the wife of an in-active Marine and the mother of a Army soldier currently in Kuwait. I just attended a service for a young Army soldier who gave the ultimate for his country. I just wanted to take the time to Thank each and every one of you, whether it be Marines, Army, Navy, National Guard , past, present and future for the job you do and the sacrifices you make. I realized today that a soldier dies a single death and a Military Mom a hundred, for each time we loose a soldier, I feel that a small part of me is lost. It was not my son who fell in action, but I realize that it could have been! I am a Military Mom of many and the Proud Mother of one soldier, May God Bless all that have served and all that continue to serve.

Praying in Pennsylvania

Sgt Grit,

This week was filled with pride and sadness for me. I was in Desert Storm and when we ceased fire, my first thought was why??? I watch Sadaam statue fall and I am thankful that the job is finally being finished.

I live in El Paso, a few miles from Ft. Bliss. Last night they had a Memorial service for the fallen members of the 507th Maint. Co. I was bittersweet for me.

Being in Desert Storm we should have finished, and these lives would not have been lost. Tomorrow I will be attending the viewing of PFC Estrella-Soto, who all he wanted to do was return and get married.

Like we say freedom whether ours or someone else's comes with a price and all of us who Serve know exactly what that price is. If I could take someone's place just so they could live I would do it in a second.

I owe this attitude to my Mentors the Marines who made a difference for me while I was in. I wear my cap w/bulldog logo and under that cap is the Marine who would lay down his life so that others can be free!!!

My prayers are with everyone Serving Our Country. I am Proud to be American and Prouder still to be MARINE!!!!!!!! SEMPER FI!!!!! & GODSPEED!!!!


The Big Dogs are finally off the porch and headed downtown, the 4th Infantry division has been chewing on nails since January to take a bite out of this one! They won't be singin any simon and garfunkel or metallica stuff, they will be shouting.."Kill em all let GOD sort em out!!!!!!

Vince Mead

The proudest day of my life was when my son joined the marines. it takes very special people to be marines. My dad was a marine and when people ask what my son and dad do for a living l stand tall and tell them with pride my son is a US Marine. As l write this l end up in tears again l pray that all of you know just how proud we moms are and know much you are loved. when we lose a marine he is not forgotten and l am sure moms all round the world grieve for them just like their own parents do as you see we are all family and care for each other and when one hurts we all hurt. My youngest son has joined the marines just like his brother but l know both will be fine after all they are marines and there new family the US Marines Corps will take over for me. So all you marines stand proud and tall and know you all are loved and we pray for you all.

Linda Strand Proud mom of US Marines

REUNION, Alpha 1/7 RVN

May 30th, June 1st, 2003, San Antonio Riverwalk Marriot, for more information, contact Ron Fieseler, or Nat Holmes

Looks to me like our current Marines were kicking *ss and taking initials. They were too busy moving fast and winning to bother with full names. Many Marine vets bought me drinks when I came home in '91. Reckon it's my turn to buy now.

Semper Fi,
Mac McCourtney Btry F 2/14

Sgt Grit:

I sent this email out to the membership. Thought you might want to put it in you newsletter:

Yesterday I made a big mistake. I thought I would check out one of the AOL chat rooms where the Iraq War was being discussed. After a while watching and reading all the hate rhetoric between Liberals and Conservatives I thought I would join in as a calming force, a voice of reason.

I attempted to explain that it was Democrats and Republicans who fought and died on the beaches of Omaha and Iwo Jima. No one listened. After a while someone said that there should be only one political thought in this country, others agreed. I try to explain that one political party in any country is not a democracy, it is in fact a dictatorship. The voices for the one party concept got stronger. I thought I would change the subject onto something I do know about.

I then went on to explain how the previous administration started the budget cuts of the VA and how they had ignored the needs of the military. I attempted to explain even through this administration was looking out for the military it had recently cut $15 billion from the current VA budget, thus causing a black log for new veterans attempting to get into VA medical centers, a wait that could last up to two years. I explained that no VA money has been budgeted for veterans returning from this most recent war. I explained that many of these veterans will be disabled both physically and emotionally, this did not go on deaf ears.

I was blasted for being a "Liberal"... "looking for hand outs for veterans." I was told I was no veteran, I attempted to prove I was. I received more disrespectful comments. I was told I was un-American, anti-American, and a communist for saying anything about the current President's administration even through I had mentioned the previous President as being major part of the VA budget problems and the weakening of our military. I was told that combat veterans with PTSD were weak and criers, I was called a baby killer. Can you believe that! The comments went on and on.

There were about 10% in the chat room who apologized for what the rest were saying to me and about other veterans. All who blasted me for my remarks were in support of the President.

I guess my point in writing this to you is this, if we as Veterans do not stick together we will lose all of our veterans benefits. It appears this new generation of Internet chat room commandos have no respect for anything that veterans have done. I implore you to stand up for your fellow veteran.

Contact you local Congressman and US Senator. If you like, make a copy of this e-mail and include it in your letter.

Semper Fidelis,
Dick Carey
President USMC Vietnam Tankers Association

"Reading, reflection and time have convinced me that the interests of society require the observation of those moral precepts ... in which all religions agree."

--Thomas Jefferson

Hello...I hear that you have received many accommodations for your tour in Vietnam, congratulations! I just wanted to inform you that your photos from this website - the soldier holding the flag with the F*ck, the Eagle and the 'coffee' ad have been sent to Iraq. Due to security reasons I am unable to mention the names of the individuals that have enjoyed them a lot! One, but probably both, you know personally and the one lives not far from you when they are home. Anyhow...the huge hit was the 'coffee' ad. It had 500 copies made and distributed, 100 were made for one individual and it was enlarged in two 16 X 20 and put on each side of a 70 ton tank. I thought I would let you know that this site is sure a blessing to all our Marines and soldiers over there and thank you for having them available to share and give a smile to a lot of tired people! God Bless and have a wonderful Easter...your 'coffee ad' gave them all a little happier Easter!

Thank you again.

The United States of America
is a
not a
Look it up in the U.S. Constitution


The Federalist Papers

Don H.

Dear Sgt.Grit,

I just wanted to send out a OORAH to our brothers out there. I just wanted to say that for all the Marines we have lost, seeing the Iraqi people praise our Commander in Chief and planting big wet one's on our guys makes it seem that our Brothers did not die in vain. I tried very hard to volunteer to be recalled and I have to say after being turned down many times it was nice to hear that I was being turned down because the recruiters we putting guys in left and right. So who says we have a generation of kids that don't care or a Generation X. I think there are some very patriotic kids out there and am proud they are flocking to the Marines. Even if they kept me from being with my fellow Marines. Semper Fi and lets have a hell of a party when the guys get back.

Chris Cpl. 1998-2002

"How far would Moses have gone if he had taken a poll in Egypt?"

--Harry S. Truman

Hey Sgt Grit: I am a former Marine, also the daughter, sister, wife and cousin of same. It's a family thing with us. I am proud of those servicemen and women that are doing such a difficult job in a such a hell hole as Iraq. My answer to all the pansy ass protesters is this: you ungrateful whiners! You had the good fortune to be born in a country where your freedoms were handed to you, you never gave a thought to who paid for them. Well, it's about d*mn time you started sitting up and taking notice. Imagine, what your situation would be if they stopped protecting the freedoms you enjoy? I respect your right to voice an opinion, but before you start yakking, make sure you know what the hell your yakking about. If you've never stood watch, never heard a shot fired in anger, never volunteered to lay down your life for what you believe in then please, I beg of you, exercise the right to shut the *#ck up. I support the troops, I believe in their mission and I am D*MN PROUD to be an American. Keep up the good work Devil Dogs, Kick ass, take names!

Semper Fi!
Jane, Cpl 77-81

This is for Sgt. Mark Stewart:

Hey, Sergeant.....we have a civilian top authority to keep the military from taking your history and the constitution. Also, there is a BIG difference between Bush and Clinton. Clinton lied to get out of the service. Bush at least was in the reserve and strapped a jet engine to his ass for several years...don't know if I would have the Cajuns for that. Another difference is Clinton thought he knew what he was doing and kept things all screwed up. Bush has enough sense just to give the military the budget they need and, if you listen to Fox network...he stays the hell out of it and lets the military run the war. Isn't that what we all wished had happened in Vietnam?

Jim Bowden
Sgt. USMC 'nam 67-68

Hey Sgt. Grit!

This week I had the privilege of doing some shopping "for the troops" on behalf of the Tinker Dorn detachment of the Marine Corps League in Monmouth County NJ. I'm not a Vet, but I AM their "designated shopper". Armed with $500 of their funds, my mission was to get the most "bang for my buck" in my purchases! I think you might be interested in my little tale...

First stop was to the "dollar store" where I loaded up on plenty of toiletry & personal hygiene items - the young girl working the register has a brother "over there" and was the first to say "thanks" on his behalf... I tried to talk her into forgiving the NJ sales tax, but she was afraid she'd get in trouble. No biggie, I sprung for it from my own pocket.

The next stop was to a different "dollar store", where the proprietor was a very nice Indian gentleman. When he heard what I was doing, he "forgave" 1/2 the sales tax and then threw in a few extra items "on the house".

My last stop was the best, though! I had about $115 left in my allocated funds, and decided to spring for some tubes/bottles of suntan lotion, which I'd been avoiding because it's such a (comparatively) expensive item. I went to my local Drug Fair to see if they had any specials, and that is where I had the good fortune to meet "Stan". Without explaining what I was going to do with them, I explained I was looking for cheap but good suntan lotions, and asked if he had any in stock. First off he took me to a cart filled with "cheaper" lotions (about $8 each, although most had a $1 coupon attached) that the clerks were getting ready to stock the shelves with. As I was rooting through the boxes he stopped to chat with me. I explained I was getting them "for the troops" on behalf of the Veterans group, and that we wanted them to know we cared. With that Stan explained that his son is a Marine stationed someplace in Iraq. Stan said to be sure and have the clerk at the register call him when I was checking out. I ended up getting about $185 worth of products for less than $115, thanks to Stan - I got his 20 percent employee discount, double savings on the coupons, and no sales tax! Now THAT'S support! Thank you Stan, and God Bless your son - AND all the other troops in the Middle East!! Too bad there aren't more "Stans" out there, don'tcha think???

Semper Fi...

I'm really disappointed that the press didn't give more coverage to the "human-shields" & other long-hairs as the Iraqi people told them "to get out of town!" as our fellow Marines patrolled Baghdad and helped pull down Saddam's statue.

Cpl. G. LaBelle

1964-68 Chu Lai '65-'66

We the willing, led by the unknowing are doing the impossible for the ungrateful.
We have been doing so much, with so little for so long, We are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

Good Morning Sgt Grit! What an amazing newsletter. I thank God everyday for what we have and pray he take care of all of our troops during this time... They are making history that all of our children will learn about in Social Studies in years to come... go figure... did we ever imagine that?! God Bless all of our troops in harms way... of course I am a former Marine myself and proudly have been a Marine wife for 8 years... SSgt Luis Aguilar is my husband... my hero... and my children reflect on "who he is and what he is fighting for everyday"! To the protestors... my husband, his fellow Marines, and the rest of the troops fighting for our flag... say "you are welcome for the fight we fight and the freedom you enjoy!" (and they do so without regret, in spite of the ignorance of those protestors!)

Corinne Aguilar,
USMC Oceanside CA

Dear Sgt. Grit,
Stephanie Ward commented on an Iraqi woman she had heard on her local Georgia radio station. This call originally came in to Don and Roma in Chicago on WLS. It is definitely worth hearing!! I am including the link so that your readers can listen to it.

Thanks for the great newsletter!
Marty Fay

Dear Sgt. Grit,

I get tired of hearing about people that have misgivings about being sent overseas to fight a "war" in which they could possibly be killed and don't know when they'll be back home. In some cases, they have been gone six to nine months. When they joined the military, they must have realized it meant sacrifice, to self, family, and country. My mother-in-law's husband fought in Europe during WWII and was gone for three years! Wake up cry babies and complainers! What made this a GREAT country was AND is sacrifice. I only wish I was not too old to serve to help preserve the greatest thing any person can possess, freedom! Our country's freedom was not won by a bunch of whining cry babies, but by people like my dad whose ship was attacked and hit by a Japanese komakazie pilot during WWII, but was willing to do what needed to be done to "Get the job done and come home." God bless our Marines, the best fighting force the US has!


Hey Sgt: I have read this letter for a long time, and it either brings me to tears or great joy. My brother and boyfriend, both Marines, are currently serving on the front lines in Iraq. It has been very difficult dealing with all of this, and your newsletters really help. I aspire to become a Marine when I have completed college in a few years. I thought I would finally submit some of my writing after weeks of debate of whether I should or not. I wrote this in my English class when my teacher (liberal, educated fool) provoked me to do so. Here it goes:

The War within Us
The war is a major part of my life now; it is overwhelming my eyes and ears with every passing second. I think it is affecting everyone in our country to some degree, and some more than others. I hate to whine and complain and I am not looking for pity, but I am in a difficult situation right now. My brother and boyfriend, both Marines, are fighting on the front lines in Iraq, knowing every second that they could be struck by a bullet, paralyzing their body and ending their life. They are doing this in support of our country and the people of Iraq, and not because it is just their job. The very minute bullets are whizzing by their heads, demonstrators are walking down the streets of New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta, holding their signs that smear the image of the President and mock the action of our troops. I say this with hatred and the possibility that you will understand my position and the anger that I have for those people. Their time would be better spent praying for the safety and speedy return of our troops overseas, the families of lost and captured soldiers, and our President and military strategists. More importantly, as a country we should be united in this time of great need and embrace our neighbors, and be proud to be able to live in a country free from the reigns of terror in the United States of America. SEMPER FI

Mr. President and Mr. Vice President,

I respectfully add my vote of confidence in your policy of restraining the UN or France, Germany or Russia in having any voice in the future of Iraq. Yes the UN can help with humanitarian aid but their history of failures has proven they have no role to play in the political and economic reconstruction of that country. France, Germany and Russia's opposition must not be rewarded with any financial gain in the building of Iraq in the future. I do support your economic policies for the most part. Keep the course.

Thank you,
Charles L. Luebbert.

Today I Wept

Today is a special day
A day for remembrance
Of our fallen comrades
Today I wept

Went to work today
Everyone wore red,white and blue
And was whistling patriotic tunes
Today I wept

Saw flags everywhere today
They were worn as headbands
As armbands,neckties and socks
Today I wept

How many men and women
Defended that flag
That is soaking up sweat
As it drips down your brow

How many countless Americans
Gave their life, protecting the flag
That is getting more soiled
With each step you take

How many US flags
Were burned on foreign land
So that you could have the right
To disrespect it here

I won't forget today
It was a day of remembrance


These so-called experts of the media are driving me to the point of violence. More than once during this time of heightened media coverage of my beloved Corps I've heard more than one correspondent refer to Fleet Marine Force Corpsmen as "Medics" If you want to know why that gets my back hair up, How would you Marines out there like being called a "soldier"? See my point? If those guys can even get branch of service right what else are they wrong about? And in closing, take a moment to remember HM3 Michael Johnson Jr. K.I.A. 25Mar 03 Iraq, while tending to a wounded Marine.

Semper FI!
Doc Lunsford

Sgt. Grit,

My wife and I were on our way home today, returning to Delaware from Maryland, when we saw a ghostly C-141 at about 5,000 feet making its approach to Dover Air Force Base in a heavy mist. We had seen them many times before, and we always have marveled that something so huge could fly. But this time, we had a shock of recognition, realizing that it might be carrying the broken bodies and the broken dreams of some of America's finest young people. We nearly wept, for their bravery, and for the loss. The loss to them, their families, and our country. But it's a sacrifice that we make because we're the last bastion of freedom in a world that is too quick to enslave its people. The Marine Corps tattooed my heart with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor in 1959, but I never forget to be humble in thanking God that the United States has the courage and determination to make such sacrifices for human freedom and dignity.

Semper Fi,
Tom Carter Sergeant of Marines, 1959-1964

Ash, and all. I know that we all have felt the great pride from this war with Iraq. I am so sorry that the people that chose to protest did not understand the human rights issues. Seems to me that the protesters wanted to keep the Iraq people in bondage and terror forever. To me doing that they are just as SORRY as Saddam himself. God Bless our Troops and God Bless America.


You not agree with me but I do not support the governments position to go to war with Iraq . WE have a Constitution that must be adhered to it is the foundation of freedom and liberty and limits the power of the government in a free society. Today the President or the Congers have little re guard in the Constitution.People that make Patriot quotes such as George Washington quotes didn't or wouldn't put his quotes about not getting involved in foreign conflicts,he warned us to never do so,We have very brave men in our military and I know that none of us would never want to see them misused by Government/People with power, that is what the Constitution is for........As far as George Bush is concerned he is a coward in my book he and I are the same age he took the back door out of going to Vietnam he went into the Texas Air Guard , he Didn't have to carry those heavy packs or hunt the NVA or be hunted by them he didn't almost starve or have jungle rot be burning up with heat or cold in the hills, he never had diarrhea so bad that the cramps made you walk bent over un tile they eased off, he didn't carry his buddies to the choppers in ponchos never to see then again, he never was surrounded for 77 days slugging it out with the NOVA, he never went 105 days without washing or brushing our teeth he was never so filthy that the dead skin could be drooled off you body and smelled so bad that the buzzards wouldn't come close, Bush never met large NVA concentrations head on time after time, We know the Marine Corps Leadership, Follow Me, Bush had the chance but he took the back door out.......

Sgt R. V. Wilson 2390881
1St. Bn. 9Th. Marines Jan 68-69+

I've been reading a lot of comment about war protesters on these pages. While I am in sympathy with the dominant attitude that they are wrong, I must protest. What they are doing is precisely the behavior which makes us so strong as a nation and a people. Their discussion may not be reasoned, informed, articulate or mature, but it does serve to make the rest of us show our colors. Strong nations allow dissent; the strongest encourage it. While dissent grates on our nerves, we should listen, if for no other reason than it will sharpen our thinking, motivate our behavior, and strengthen our will to resist improper or unworkable ideas. America's formation was the result of political protest, dissent; the exercise of Freedom of Speech. We honor that right still. It is one of the values, surviving these 228 years, that underpins our strength, our resolve, and our essential rectitude in a world of options. It is how we engage in public debate of various issues and check our national values against new challenges. It is, in large part, what has kept this great nation on it's course, straight and true. Let them speak. Honor, if not their ideas, their willingness to be participating citizens. They are doing their job even as we do ours. Together, we'll figure out what is right for this nation. That's the formula we've used for a long time. I love the result. I hope you agree.

Semper Fi,
Gale Rand

Did you see the latest from the Whinny Hollywood Bunch? Tim Robbins blaming the government for getting his personal appearance canceled. What planet is he from? He takes advantage of his celebrity status to voice his opinions over national TV, and then complains when someone, who don't share his views, retaliates. He has the right to freedom of speech, but get your head out of your a$%! Not everyone is going to agree with you. If you are going to stick your foot in your mouth, be prepared to chew vigorously. I know the constitution says freedom of speech without fear of persecution. But I think that means, you can't go to jail or be punished in any way by the government. It does not mean that other people with opposing views won't exercise their rights to freedom of expression.

So I say, get a life. You sh#% in your bed, now deal with it. Your mouth got you cancelled not your government. Who do these Hollywood Pansies think they are? How do they think they got these freedoms in the first place?

OK, I voiced my opinion. Now let's get ready to welcome our boys home from a job well done. I for one was extremely proud of the way our guys handled this war. God bless them all and "GOD BLESS AMERICA"

Brian Yerger USMC 67-71

On 16Apr03, I attended the funeral of 1stLt Brian McPhillips USMC. His unit was ambushed on 04Apr03, south of Baghdad; he died manning a machine gun. Three other Marines also died in the firefight. The church was packed to overflowing, and a downstairs chapel was opened and outfitted with a sound system and closed-circuit TV. Children from several nearby schools were brought out to line the route of the procession to the church and townspeople also honored this man by standing along the route, holding US and Marine flags. I didn't know him, but felt compelled to pay my respects because he is (not was) a Marine. This young man made me even prouder to have worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

Semper Fi...
Carole P.

Now here is something you can really sink your teeth into:

1. We're going to take Iraq in less time than it took Janet Reno & Mr. Clinton to take the Branch Davidian compound. That was a 51-day operation.
2. It took less time to find evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.
3. It took Teddy Kennedy longer to call the police after his Oldsmobile sunk at Chappaquiddick than it took the 3rd Infantry Division and the Marines to destroy the Medina Republican Guard.
4. We're going to take Iraq in less time than it took to count the votes in Florida in the year 2000!

And some are calling the Iraq effort a failed plan?

Just my 2 cents....

I think that it's great that Pfc. Jessica Lynch and 7 other POWs have been found and are home or on their way home. What disgusts me is that Pfc. Lynch is getting all of this special treatment, i.e. free ride to college, T.V. movie offers, etc. She was a POW for what? a week and a half, the others 3 weeks? What about Lt.Cmr. Scott Speicher who is a POW from Desert Storm seen in captivity as recently as a month ago? What about the almost 1900 MIA from Vietnam? I'm glad that some are coming home, I just wish that the government would care more about the others as well. God bless our troops. I hope that they all come home safely. You are not forgotten!!

Ssgt. Scott B.P.

To Sgt. Mark Stewart:

Don't even use the names of President George Bush and "Slick Willie" Clinton in the same paragraph. It denigrates Pres. Bush and gives false glory to a man that wouldn't know morals from apple butter. I don't give blind allegiance to any human, but The President has proven repeatedly that he has moral vision that so far is pretty much in line with how I see what our role in the world should be. He may not have been in the service, but I can name several Presidents that were veterans, and I don't see their term as exactly inspirational. Eisenhower left Indochina out in the cold because of politics. (Did you know that Ho Chi Minh was one of our best allies in the Burma-China-India theater) Nixon left South Viet Nam out in the cold because of politics.(Thousands of Vietnamese were slaughtered or reeducated after the fall of the GVN) Bush 41 left Iraq out in the cold ,after Desert Storm, because of politics. (Thousands of Kurds and Shiites were slaughtered after they were encouraged to revolt and then left hanging in the wind) Pres. Bush saw the U.S. under threat from foreign powers and took his constitutional duty to heart. Despite heavy opposition from the world at large and some of his own citizens, he did what he felt was necessary, and in the best interests of the United States. I don't think he'll let us down now, or in the future. The liberation of the Iraqi people is just one of the ancillary results of his dedication. How, it may impact the future of the Arab states, I don't know, but I can see some great options. If Johnson or Nixon had shown the courage and dedication to the constitution, we may have been able to hold our heads up in Viet Nam. The only country where we won the battle and lost the war. I don't know the final outcome for Iraq, but at least we did give them a chance. South Viet Nam never had a chance. After Viet Nam, I felt betrayed. Betrayed by my Government, betrayed by my fellow citizens, whether they intended that result or not. For the first time in thirty years, I believe in my President and my country.

Mike Love Sgt. RVN 67-70

I am the grandmother of a Marine and so very proud of him and what he is doing. We fly the Marine Corps Flag proudly every day for him and all those brave Marines who have fought for us not just in this war but in all wars. I was so ashamed of the way the Americans treated our Soldiers when they returned from Viet Nam. I never forgot it and have tried to make up for it to all the vets I have met since. It is the only time I can remember I was ashamed to be an American..I am glad I can say I am proud of the support our troops are getting now. And those of us not of Military background CAN understand..I ALWAYS understood...and hurt..and cried.

Lynn C

Texas A. & M. University
Letter to the Editor
April 18, 2003

Last week my lady and I drove from Alabama to attend the Aggie Inter-squad football game on April 12, 2003. Prior to the game we viewed the Texas Bluebonnets in Brenham and surrounding area. After breakfast a woman was sitting at a table next to our table and I turned to her thinking she would be attending the Aggie Game and said, "You have on a maroon blouse and white slacks are you, like my lady friend I who will be attending the Aggie game? " You would have thought I just called her a conservative, American loving patriot lady for she glared at me and said, "No way I'm not into football or military." She either said she had attended ut or she taught history there.

I told her I served in the Marines for 5 years of which 27 months was in the South Pacific during World War II and I was very proud to have serve my Country. She said, "You must be happy about killing 400,000 innocent Japanese in Japan?" I replied,"I was not happy about killing anyone but had it not been for the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ending World War II, many more Japanese would had died and many cities would have been destroyed and it was estimated that one million American service men would have died in the invasion of Japan."

She told me America's foreign policies were the cause of all the wars we have been involved. I ask her if she taught "American" history and she said she taught many histories.

She was having breakfast alone, naturally with that kind of attitude toward America. If she had a husband he was probably in Iraq as a "Human Shi_ I mean Shield." I told this woman, "If it were not for our Military and people that served our country like myself she would not be eating the kind of breakfast she was eating but would be eating rice." She blew a gasket. Little did she know that the lady that was having breakfast with me at the table next to hers was a Navy Nurse during World War II and was the widow of a Captain in my outfit in the Marine Corps in World War II and he was wounded at Guadalcanal, was hospitalized recovered, asked to rejoin our outfit and was wounded again at Tarawa but more severely and later died. Maybe she should come to Texas A & M University and view what is written in the Memorial Student Center about the many Aggies that was awarded America's highest award, The Congressional Medal of Honor. People of the left like her would not appreciate those that love American enough to give their life for our Country.

It matters not if one is from the North, South, East or West we all share in this beautiful thing called America, love it or leave it.

Later that day we journeyed to Washington-on-the Brazos and in the Museum we met a pretty and most delightful young lady, a real American, a Elementary School teacher who teaches the 3rd grade in Bryan and a graduate of Texas A. & M.. She loves America and her job. It was very apparent that her students loved and respected her. There were about 15 third graders and I gave each of them 50 cents. One of her students selected a package of Texas Blue Bonnet seeds and shoved the 50 cents and seeds on the cashier counter. The cashier said, "The seeds are 98 cents," My lady friend gave the cashier 50 more cents and the cashier gave the little boy back two cents which the little boy tried to return the two cents change to my lady friend and she told him to keep the money. A study in sour and sweet.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert J. CARR, '43

Hey Sarge: Just a little note to say "thanks". This newsletter is what America is all about. Our Marines in Iraq and around the world are every bit as good as those who lived and died before them. They continue to build our proud history.

Mike Watson RVN E-2/7, 67-68 "Semper Fi"

Dear Sgt. Grit,

All these antiwar protesters make me sick. Especially all these "No blood for oil" wacko's. Do I think this war is all about oil?'s about liberating an oppressed society and destroying an evil dictator. Does the U.S. have interest in Iraqi oil? Hell yes we do!!! If anyone thinks the world goes around on love is mistaken. The world goes around on oil. Try getting yourself or consumer goods from point A to B without it. Our whole existence and economy is driven by it. Oil goes up...gasoline prices at the pumps sky rocket, plane tickets rise, people travel less, consumer goods and food prices goes up because of added transportation charges, people spend less, the economy slows down, and when that happens, people get laid off. Our economy starts that downward spiral. It's the domino effect in full force. Do we want some lunatic dictator like Saddam to control the worlds second largest oil fields? I for one don't. All these peacenik's live in a utopian delusion. I for one don't want to pay $5 for a gallon of gas. So if we liberate an oppressed people and get the added bennie of preferential treatment of Iraqi oil by the grateful freed Iraqi people, so be it, I say. I too support peace! (THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER!) God bless the USA and the United States Marine Corps!!!

Semper fi,
Christopher J. Andrews Gunnery Sergeant of Marines 1980-2002 (Ret.)

Yeah , you bet PROUD!!! When the M-88 tore the SADDAM statue down the other day I realized it was from my old outfit!!

ROLL ON 1st. TANKS!!!!!!!!

....thanks sarge.

sgt. ashley virgil lilly : feb '54 - feb '59 active duty.
Honorable Discharge 7 April 1962. not a combat veteran of the Marines, but a young volunteer who was ready and committed back in the 50's. in regards to the last name "lilly" i must say it is "french" in origin. my forefathers came to our land from the area of france known, i believe, yet today, as "Lille". until recent history, i was very proud of the french side of my forefathers came to America and gave much toward the pioneering of Our Country. No longer am i proud of the country from which my forefathers came to America, but i am proud of the foresight and courage and determination with which uncle Pleasant, Owen Rife, Oakely, Warren and my dad, Rev. J.Virgil Lilly and the American branch of the clan have shown that separates them from that which they elected to remove themselves from with a great and positive hope. All i can presently feel now for the french is pity more than they deserve for allowing their "leaders" to prostitute their honor...i doubt they even are cognizant of the mold of their cheesy, whiney and lazy-assed "leadership" can't help myself .... SEMPER-FI SARGE AND ALL OTHERS WHO GIVE A D*MN....


I must agree, as a former Marine, I was glued to the news during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I can't tell you how proud I am of our young Marines their valor, their devotion to duty, even under the most extreme hardships of this war, 18, 19, 20 and 21 year old Marines. Our Officers and Staff Non-Commissioned Officers were flawless in their duties as they led our young Marines into combat! They did our country proud, and yes, even the soldiers of the 3rd Mech Division and the 101st were brave and relentless in their actions. I commend our Commander in Chief for his courage to do the right thing, many who protested and denounced his decision to do what he did, I'm grateful we had a Commander in Chief whose moral compass points true north, and an Armed Forces who performed magnificently in this campaign, God Bless our brave young soldiers, sailors, airman, and our Marines, and God Bless America!

Gunny Angelo
USMC (Ret)

Dear Sergeant Grit,

It's Easter Sunday and I just finished watching the 100yr. Birthday celebration for Mr. Bob Hope. While stationed at the stumps in 79 or 80, Mr Hope performed on the Generals lawn for all on base. The show was excellent and he was very funny. I was able to get close to his limo as he and his wife were waving good-byes. As he turned to get in I started to snap a picture but froze when I noticed a tear trickle down his cheek. It was then I realized just how much He truly cared for all of us who serve.Which brings me to this E-mail, seeing a recent picture of him reminded me of his frail condition. I believe that if Mr. Hope goes to headline in Heaven, We the armed services should show every respect and provide him full Military Honors. It's the least we should do for someone who put his a@# on the line, just to give our service people a touch of home and relief from thoughts of what tomorrow might bring. God Bless Mr.& Mrs. Hope and the USA.

Sargentnoneck 79-83 active,
7th. div.for life.

Sgt. Grit:

Now hear this! Now hear this! News from the Gunny. There is a new Blue Star Mothers Chapter starting in Sand Springs, Ok. For those interested about joining the Blue Star Mothers Chapter 4 in Sand Springs you may contact the following: Linda Austin 918-245-8958 home 918-724-5547 cell, This chapter is just getting formed and needs new members and all the help that they can get to raise money so that they can ship some packages to the Military personnel in Iraq. All donations are tax deductible. Mrs. Austins son is a Marine L/Cpl with 1st Bn 10th Marines, 2nd Mar Div which is part of Task Force Tarawa somewhere in Iraq.

Semper Fi
GySgt Ray Lancaster, USMC (Ret)


One: In reply to Carmen Houston's letter about My son/daughter is in the Army etc. vs. My son/daughter is a Marine I would like to say I have a friend who puts patches on shirts and jackets etc.He laughs every time we get together because almost all retired Army, Navy, Ait Force and Coast Guard people buy a patch that says retired Army or retired Navy etc. He can't give away a patch that says retired Marine. He does however sells a lot that say "United States Marine Corps" ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE.

Two: I am highly proud of what I see when the news media interviews Army and Marines that have been wounded in Iraq. Almost every Army person talks about wanting to go home while almost every Marine no matter how badly wounded said they needed to get back to their units to help their buddies. I thought the Corps was getting soft but I see the same pride and willingness to do the job that has been there for over 200 years.

Semper Fi
Cpl. Jerome E. Vogel

I just got home from the funeral of KIA US Army Sgt. Don Walters, killed in the ambush of the 507th.

A couple of the guys I work with grew up with Don. One of them served in the Gulf War of '91 with Sgt. Walters. Knowing I was prior-service, they invited me and one other Vet to attend the funeral today with them, so naturally I went.

I think with the exception of the Governor of Oregon and myself, both Marines (I noticed a sprinkling of Air Force colors), the auditorium was filled with US Army personnel, both active and retired.

I met the Walters family and spent the afternoon filled with American tradition and Honor as we said our good-bye's as a community to Sgt. Don Walters in this public Military funeral.

The media was there but kept their presence low key. A Three Star told us we could sit in the front row VIP section, but we declined, my friends I think feeling more comfortable near the family.

The Color Guard came and Posted the Colors, the Chaplin gave the Invocation and told the brief life story of Sgt. Don Walters. The Governor gave his remarks and Presented the Flag of Oregon to Sgt. Walters Parents. The Three Star Presented the American Flag to the Walters family as well. Mr. Walters was a retired Master Sgt. himself.

I was impressed with the Clan MacLeay Pipe Band, when they played Amazing Grace on the bag pipes with the drummers accompaniment, it was truly powerful.

One of Sgt. Walters favorite songs was "God Bless the USA." So naturally, that song was played. Spontaneously everyone in the auditorium stood and waved our American Flags that we were given and we all sang the song together.

This moment was followed by a 21 Gun Salute and the traditional playing of Taps.

There was a very nice Memorial up front with a portrait of Sgt. Walters. After the ceremony closed and the auditorium was emptying, the four of us, two US Army Soldiers (both still Reserve Tankers), An Air Force Airman, and myself a Marine, got in line and passed by the Memorial to personally say good-bye to Sgt. Walters, then I did something that I have never done before as Marine. It was suggested out of respect for Sgt. Walters and the KIA's of the 507th, that we four render a proper Salute as we passed by Sgt. Walters memorial. They asked me to call it, so I did. I've never Saluted our of uniform, much less out of uniform indoors and without being under arms and without being covered.

Well, I guess there's a first time for everything. As we four came on line, we snapped a right face, came to Attention and I called "R-e-a-d-y, Hand Salute." We held for about 4 or 5 seconds and in unison, snapped it down just as sharp and quick.

Now, I stood the gate as an MP several times and must have Saluted very stylishly I don't know how many ba-zillion times. Somehow we four did this in perfect unison with a crisp snap that would have made my Senior Drill Instructor proud. I'm sure he would cringe just a little bit with me Saluting out of uniform, but at that moment, I felt Honored and I was proud to stand with my brothers-in-arms, no matter their chosen branch of service and render a final Salute to Sgt. Walters and our fallen American Warriors.

Semper Fi to Sgt. Walters and to those lost from the US Army's 507th and to all of America's Fallen Warriors who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you for my Freedom and the Liberty that I enjoy.

Hayhurst, L.J. Cpl, USMC

Dear Solider,

My name is Colin and I am 10 years old. I hope everything is going well for you. I hope that this goes easy and not many people die. I know that there are hard times in Kuwait and Iraq, I know that you will hang in there and do well. Thank you for doing this for our country. God Bless the U.S


Dear Service man or Service woman:

My name is Jennifer and I'm writing from Michigan. I have watched more Fox News lately than ever in my life. Thank you for the hard, hot, sweaty, sleep-deprived, fearful work you are doing to help preserve world peace. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through as I live my humble, but cushy life in comparison to yours. I hope and pray that this conflict comes to a swift end and that no one needs to return.

Ever gratefully yours,

I must be going crazy. Back in 1991 I participated in Desert Shield and Desert Storm in an Infantry Unit (3/2 2nd Mar Div). Our unit did not see combat in the sense as it it going on today.

Anyway, for some reason, I feel that I want to sign up again and go directly to the front lines.

Does anyone else have this urge to go to combat?
Or am I being crazy.


Sgt. Grit; I enjoy reading the letters from marines, both active and not, and also from the families. I am a Vietnam vet. When I shipped out to come home, we were advised to dress in civies, so we didn't agitate the anti's. I vowed to never treat a military person this way. I 'm proud of all our marines and hope they get the job done and come home to a heroes welcome.

Howard Huston
cpl. Nam 70-71.

Sgt Grit

This letter is to the Hollywood ***holes and other so called celebrities who have voiced anti war and other peace "slogans." I will never go to one of their movies, and believe me I have a list, or buy one of their records or CDs. Old Marines can be very stubborn and very opinionated

To the Marines (and other U. S. Forces) in Iraq I say good job, for a bunch of boots. When they return home I hope they get the recognition they deserve.

Walter E Seneff
USMC 65-69 Viet Nam 67-68-69

As a former Marine and brother of a Marine currently in Iraq, I am saddened, sickened and frustrated by the activities of free people around the world. One of the strongest emotions I feel is one of disbelief. It is quite clear that most of the protesters and demonstrators are in the streets because of strong beliefs, but unfortunately most of those beliefs are based on poor facts, ignorance and naiveté. Before even discussing Iraq, there are two common issues of anti-Americanism and the antiwar sentiment that I must address.

No country in the history of the world has done more, given more or protected more than the United States. No people have ever been freer than Americans. We are not conquerors, we are liberators. Just look at Kuwait, Serbia, Afghanistan, Germany, Japan and, soon, Iraq. Remember the American blood that was spilled on the shores of France, to give the French people their freedom. Where in history has a country defeated such ruthless foes as Japan and Germany, then rebuilt those countries to become powerful, independent and free nations in less than 40 years? And, at what financial cost to America?

We are often portrayed as bullies who are only concerned with our economic interests. Europe and the U.N. sat and watched as Slobodan Milosevic and the Serbs slaughtered thousands upon thousands of Croats and Muslims. It was not until the U.S. led a force to remove him from power t