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Sgt Grit American Courage Newsletter #85

One of our local Marines from Gilroy, California was killed the past few days. Enormous funeral, even the Gilroy firefighters were there with the American Flag atop the ladder on the engine. He Was Killed By The Enemy Posing As DEAD! I was a little surprised the media let that part of story in the TV report, but glad they did. I hope people were listening!
Jerrie U.S. Army Sgt.

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Whoa! What fire storm! The opening story last letter got a lot of support and a lot of unsubscribers. There are too many responses to post them all. You will find a sampling of them below. The opening letter above shows what can happen. I apologize for the stories/comments that did not make it in. Just too many this week on this subject.
Semper fi!
Sgt Grit

Amen!! Still supporting our Marines all the way!!!
Pam Adcock, PMM

Hey Sgt Grit...
With all due rank and are getting out of line with the language and innuendoes....Walk and talk like a MARINE. Semper Fi and keep the Troops in the Field and their Loved ones in OUR Prayers.
Christian Eck
USMC (ret) and Proud to be Humbly so.

Dear Sgt. Grit,
This is one Marine who is tired of the ignorance of other Marines like Mr. Michalski. Somebody should tell him that the media should be unbiased and not pick sides which make this country so great. Before you open your mouth, remember the morale of the many Marines who are Muslim in faith fighting for America.
Semper Fi, M Kabir

He did what was supposed to do. Sorry MF'er, it's either me or you. The strong survive! He'll go down as a hero! Let's make sure of it!!

Semper Fi, Sergeant Grit and all my fellow Marines:

I enlisted in the Corps out of High School just in time for the Korean War. What? You don't remember the United Nations Police Action as Harry Truman called it? What? You don't remember Harry, the President that wanted to get rid of the Corps?...

(Well, you must remember the Frozen Chosin and The Forgotten War where we all came home and went to school on the worst GI Bill ever, got jobs, raised families and didn't cry about having no parades or that we had to pay for our own monument in Washington, DC. You must remember that WAR and it sure as h&ll was a WAR, Harry, a war where we lost 54,000 d*mn good men in three short years....

Chuckles (Got that title in the Corps) Rowell, Hendersonville, NC

The poor grunt was doing his job, and in fact, may have saved some lives by shooting that S.O.B.

Sgt Grit
I think the cameraman should be sent in first then the marines Maybe there would be some difference in the story and maybe no pictures.
Dale 1607484

....These people need to wake up, the rabid Islamic terrorist have no regards for their own people and are obsessed with hatred for America. Trusting them is like trusting a rattlesnake not strike if you walk to close.
Jim Harper
USMC, 1954-1957

I encourage you young Marines serving in Iraq and elsewhere to continue the tradition of the Corps: First and foremost, protect your fellow Marines. God will deal with the media at His leisure.
Semper Fidelis, Gunny Art

I sent the following email to NBC News today:

To Whom Ever it May Concern - and it should concern many:

NBC has been a part of my family since I was a child in the 1950's. Your news programs have always been a trusted source of information. However, with the flagrant bias reporting of Kevin Sikes, I no longer trust your reporting.

In a conversation with another Marine Mom before the controversial Sikes video in Falluja, we wondered how reporters could take video of the insurgents shooting at OUR sons, and not do anything to stop it. Kevin Sikes is the answer. I don't buy his comments on his website about how difficult the decision was to share the video of the Marine allegedly shooting a wounded insurgent. I think his actions were self-serving and, frankly, treasonous. Aiding and abetting the enemy during war time is an act of treason and that video certainly incited more violence against our troops. Releasing that video to the pool of reporters, knowing that our enemies would make great use of it, was unconscionable. The fact that NBC, a heretofore well respected news source, would air such a video is also unconscionable. Where do your loyalties lie?

Kevin Sikes may be embedded, but he is not serving in the war zone. He is not faced with making life or death decisions. All of you need to focus on what life is like for the young men and women facing this foe. It is terrible enough without back-stabbing by the Kevin Sikes and NBC. Shame on you!

As long as you continue to employ Kevin Sikes I will get my news elsewhere. Kevin Sikes has zero credibility and, by your continued association with this traitor, NBC has lost my trust and respect.

Catharine Linhart
Milwaukee, WI
Very Proud Marine Mom of LCpl Jon

The pride of The Corps is that it is ruthless in COMBAT against its enemies but compassionate to civilians and the wounded of BOTH sides-If you want to shoot prisoners, there's a spot for you in the Republican Guard.
D Driver, 0311, USMCR, '80-84

Dear Sgt
Let stand with the Marine who shot the Wounded Iraqi. People do not realize how fighting men and women feel in battle.
God protect the Marines
Semper Fi Clarence Niebow USMCR

F*ck once a Marine always a Marine. I was a Marine but now I'm a war protester. Deal with it. Are all of you stupid and uneducated? Bye

Don't let the news media stop you from doing your job. They are nothing but Whale sh!t. Ignore them. May God be with you all.
Ernie Cpl lstMarDiv 65-69

On recent news about the Marine that killed an Iraqi: It is funny how people forget the 9-11 and how many died not having a chance to defend themselves. War history has always had innocent people die. These bunny huggers are worried about the very people that are killing us with no remorse. As a Marine we all know that no one plans to die. The reporter that was with the squad should have never been allowed. The media really has a way to make perception a reality. Pulling that Marine from the unit just weakened it. Have the moron drop the camera and grab a rifle to see, feel, know, face reality and KNOW THE TRUTH about what a Marine survival. H&ll they sent in the Marines to deal with the problems.
Semper Fi do or die Gung ho, Gung ho
SGT Garcia

...I can't believe that anyone would question the judgment of a Marine under attack. An ingrate no doubt who has jarred this jar head.
Semper Fidelis, Joe Tirrell

Sgt. Grit
With all do respect, the quote at the beginning of your last newsletter was more than pathetic. Many of the "d*mn Muslims" are pretty d*mn upset because there are innocent people being killed in Iraq. I'm not saying we shouldn't be in Iraq necessarily, but any ignorant son of a b!tch who makes a statement like you featured in your newsletter is an embarrassment to the countless number of Muslim Marines out there. And.. with all due respect, the "media assholes" are tasked with telling things like they are, not the way some ignorant asshole wants them to be told.
Ryan Jackson
A now unsubscribed former subscriber

It's too bad our Marines are so well trained in marksmanship...otherwise the photographer, Kevin Sites, may have been hit by a stray round by now.
"Murch" CPL '54-'57.

As an old disabled Marine from Vietnam it is good to see these messages. I am watching our men in Iraq. Seems they have their "cong" to handle. But this time they will get them and do us proud.
Semper Fi to all.
Denis Munson, SSgt USMC Vietnam 65-68 Two Tours.

Hi Grit,
Would someone point out to the press that Marines aren't Police. We are not there "to serve and protect"... We are there to "meet with and destroy the enemy" which we're pretty good at.

There's no niceties involved there. They don't issue us handcuffs, tazers, mace or nightsticks - they don't give us lessons in crowd control. We are issued rifles and we are expected to use them. We don't have the ability to choose a level of restraint.

I don't want any Marine second guessing about when to shoot - that will get him and/or other Marines killed. And our enemy should know that there will only be one outcome when he faces the Marines - No Question.

Ready... TARGETS!

Scott McClellan
MSgt USMC Ret.

And you know the saying about the blackened bones of millions lying on the fields of hesitation. My son is a grunt and will be in the Sandbox shortly. I hope the Corps' investigation supports this good Marine's actions. I don't want my son and his buddies and the rest of the Marines in the Corps to fear making the right decision in combat.
Semper Fi,
Mike Damigo

This battle wouldn't be half as hard if the news media would stay out of it.

I agree with Chuck, any thing that move's shoot it !!!! I was in the Corps from 52-56 in Korea, I got a few hole but I came home thinking that there would be no more war's boy was I wrong!

Sgt. Grit
The media is all up in arms because our people killed wounded. When I came into a room with the enemy, if he was alive and had a gun he was not alive for long. It's called DOING MY JOB! Get over it!

We're all on the same side. But we're entitled to our opinions. I would risk my life for your right to b!tch about your Opinions....but not for the right to cram them down my throat.

dear sgt.grit; i read your news letter all the time and this one touched me. the news media and the general public are so out of touch with combat situations its unreal. the things that a 19yo will do for survival is beyond comprehension for most people sitting and watching the situation from their easy chair. to explain it this way: if we had to explain the mission of a basic rifleman and his emotions in a combat situation, to the general public, they wouldn't understand it anyway: this marine corps birthday i didn't even go out to celebrate. its the first time in about 21yrs that i just didn't seem right with our marines in harms way overseas. I wish they new that they are in the thoughts and prayers of old guys like recheck i even asked about re-enlistment but they told me im to old. i didn't get old, I got meaner. well thanks anyway for listening to the ramblings of an old guy, sorry about the spelling and the punctuation......semper-fi......
lcpl daniel wilken k-bay hawaii 1978-1981

Petition supporting the Marine in question

Or contact Congress

The Marine Corp swaps out "Mom" for a DI for awhile. After boot, you (as I did) may end up in some God forsaken place like Marble(magic)Mouantain, Pho Bin, a fire base with a forgotten name or number, on the deck of a carrier sleeping next to a FA-5, or some long forgotten flight line.......your senator has forgotten you. Your representative has forgotten you. The guy down the block you mowed his lawn, has forgotten you. The kids you went to high school with don’t want to remember you. A Marines Mom always remembers you-no matter what the news says!!! 4 hardest jobs in the world- Marine, Marine Mom, Marine wife, and Marine to old to go back and serve. Want to scare him worse than his DI in boot? Send him a picture of his room and tell him he's gonna have to clean it up on his next leave!! I'd like to thank you , for him, for the next letter from home and the next batch of cookies you send him.....I never got to thank my Mom for the last letter and batch of cookies, and a pair of real socks because she died before the mail got to her---so thank you for all you do.
Krusty the doorgunner

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it."
--Thomas Paine

We haven't picked on the French in a while:

"France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes." ---Mark Twain

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me." --- General George S. Patton

"Going to war without France on your side is like going deer hunting without your accordion." --Norman Schwartzkopf

"I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it."
--Benjamin Franklin

I have never been in the military, but it seems to me that some U.S. citizens have an unrealistic perspective concerning the nature of war and the expectations of how soldiers should conduct warfare. If I may be somewhat satirical, "Let's see now, you want me to instill a warlike mentality in this young man, train him in the efficient use of modern weapons designed to kill people, take him away from his family, friends, and a mostly civilized environment, ship him to another country whose values on humanity may be opposite of ours, to face combatants not clearly defined by the use of uniforms or traditional military structure, watch his fellow countrymen die or become maimed for life, and after all that, condemn him for ensuring the safety of not only himself but that of his comrades as well."

The old cliché "Walk a mile in my shoes" is even more appropriate when those that criticize enjoy the comforts of the U.S. lifestyle but never experience the purchase price for those comforts. While we strive to be humane, war is only humane for those who do not have to participate. I will not condemn that soldier for shooting a combatant playing dead just as I would not try to interfere with your right to voice your opinion, after all, soldiers are fighting for their lives in Iraq so that you can have a country that allows free speech.

To all the men and women that make up our military.
Thank you and may God bless you.
Robert D. Exum

Hi, Sgt. Grit,
Beyond proud mom here of our Marine. Daniel is with the 1/2, Bravo Co., fighting in Fallujah these past 2 weeks. To say that our family is proud doesn't even scratch the service. He is a wonderful young man and we are just crazy about him. He and all his fellow Marines are in my prayers every night. Haven't slept much the last 2 weeks, but have done lots of praying at 1,2,3,4,5 am. May God keep them safe and bring them all home soon. To those Marines who ever served and are serving now, Thank You So Much For Your Service. You Are Loved And Appreciated.
God Bless You,
Debbi Bell

Sgt. Grit,
I thoroughly enjoy receiving your newsletters and your e-mail. It is especially encouraging at this time, because my husband is a MSgt. with 4th LAAD Battalion from Ga. and is currently in Iraq. We have been married a little over 10 years. When we first met, he had recently returned from the Persian Gulf war. He was the first Marine that I had ever met, but his level of pride and honor was amazing. We now have two kids, an 8 yr. old daughter and a 5 yr. old son. They miss their dad terribly as well as I do. I, myself have just graduated the Police Academy and I would have given just about anything for him to be able to share that moment with me. This will be the first Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years that we have ever been apart. We often write letters lifting each others spirits and I always send him care pkgs. At times it seems to be very unbearable holding down everything here alone, but I always have good things to say, always encouraging him to let him know don't worry about us, you do what you have to do so you and the other Marines cane come home. I am setting up one room in the house with nothing but Marine Corps paraphernalia and all of his accomplishments, just for him. I am going to also purchase the NCO swords from you to complete the room. Thank you again for you wonderful newsletter. I really appreciate it.

Thank You Sgt. Grit,
Missing My Marine In Georgia

semper fi i think they should give this marine a medal I am glad he shot that towel headed b*stard then he should have shot the cameraman who's side is he on. the press makes me sick they really had to show that now all the towelheads really want us dead if another marines dies u can thank that
moron cameraman

I am a proud Marine Mom and always look forward to reading your newsletter. I wanted to say thank you for the letter from LCPL Schmidt and the link to the petition. I was literally sick to my stomach when I saw the news that night and have been furious since then. How can the news media portray our Marines like that. They show a little clip of a horrible situation and try to make our Marine out to be a criminal. It is our duty, as the Americans these Marines are fighting to protect, to stand up and support this Marine. War is horrible for everyone but we must do whatever needs to be done to prevent another Sept 11. I am moved to tears on a daily basis just imagining what those guys are going through and praying for each of them. We must not judge them, most of us could not possibly do half of what they do, WE NEED THEM and all we can do to help them is give them our support. I signed the petition and sent it to everyone in my address book. Thank God for creating some humans with the ability to become Marines and Thanks Marines for being you. May God Bless you All!
Susan V Kallam, Proud Marine Mom

Last evening I went to the airport in West Palm Beach, FL to pick up my 21 year old son, Cpl Bryan Christensen, who was arriving home, FINALLY, from a 9 month deployment in Afghanistan with the WASP Group, 22d MEU. There are no words to describe my joy, as a mother, to seeing his face. In 2003, my oldest son, LCpl Kevin Christensen, spent about 5 months deployed to an unnamed country, away from his wife and brand new baby girl, Taylor (who has since been joined by her adorable sister, Melanie). I thoroughly enjoy reading the newsletter every time it appears in my inbox. I copy and paste many anecdotes to friends all over the world. I am a former Marine 80'-82' myself. I read the letters from parents who aren't totally thrilled with the idea of their sons/daughters becoming Marines when the decision is first made. That was never an issue with me, although I do understand their trepidation. One of my employees recently made the trek to Parris Island to see her youngest son graduate. For 13 long weeks, as a mother of Marines and an former Marine myself, I tried to help her understand what he was going through and how profound the change in her "baby" would be. Having made the trip myself, twice in the last 5 years, I knew the amazement she would experience. She was moved to tears during the graduation ceremony, as any mother would be. I have to say that its tough sometimes, to listen to the nightly news and not go ballistic. My son just did nine months in Afghanistan, and the probability of his ending up in Iraq is always in the back of my mind. His best friend from high school is in Fallujah as I type this. As a Mom, I wish that no one had to be there. As a former Marine, I'm secure in the knowledge that the best trained fighting force in the world is on our side. One of the boys childhood friends is a die-hard, anti-war protester who never fails to tell me in emails how wrong this war is and that she can't believe I would support it. I never fail to reply that while I wish my sons didn't have to fight in a war, I'd much rather they do it in Iraq and Afghanistan than Charleston, SC or New York Harbor or Des Moines, IA. I also make sure to tell her that the freedom she enjoys as a citizen of the greatest country in the world does not come free. Being a United States Marine is the thing that I am second most proud of in my life. Being the mother of two courageous, brave United States Marines (and a future one, he's only 14 right now, but ready to sign the delayed enlistment papers already!) is my PROUDEST achievement. Semper Fi to all my brothers and sisters, and to those who love them. And thank you, for doing what too many others will never know the honor of doing.
Former LCpl Ruth Christensen-Murphy, Ft Pierce FL

Communism has "ONLY" killed 100 million people, lets give it another chance!

Except for ending Communism, Slavery, Nazism, and Fascism, War has NEVER solved anything!

Help support Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol-Pot, Ayatollah, Jiang Zemin, Kin Jong-Il, Arafat, Assad, Saddam.

Semper Fidelis
Corporal of Marines

Don't forget, when in combat:

If it moves, kill it.

If it may move, kill it.

If someone may come along and move it, Blow it up.

and keep the politicians and news reporters OUT of a War.


Thanks for the newsletter! Is there any organized effort targeting NBC for the horrible broadcast of this incomplete story and film. Their embedded journalist had the complete story, however they conspired to release a partial truth that will insight and cause the death of additional American soldiers due to the irresponsible, Al-Jazeera like reporting.

It seems NBC is a co-conspirator with Al Qaeda with the killing of Americans. They and the other major broadcast media should be exposed for the acts that they commit - treason.

For the first time in my life, I had the extreme honor to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday with my beloved and his Battalion in CA. I was privileged to meet the young men he will be serving with in Iraq for the "Spring Rotation," and I have to say, that I have never met a finer group of young men. People who see no hope for the future of our nation have not looked into the eyes of these young Marines. They rose when a lady approached, introduced themselves with manners my grandmother would have been proud to see, and even when enjoying themselves, they maintained a sense of honor, integrity and pride as I have rarely seen elsewhere. THESE were the "Killers" of Iraq? The emotion-less destroyers of nations? I saw none of those. I saw bright laughing young men, with a zest for life, and a deep and abiding brotherhood. The young men of 3/4 have already done two adventures into the desert sands, and now stand ready to do a third one. To me they seemed so young, but they were in truth combat tested veterans. I saw a 19 year old Lance Corporal in his dress blues, with his young date standing by the bar, and they looked to be barely out of high school. The young Marine had 3 ribbons on his chest. A good cookie, a ribbon for OIF and a Purple Heart.

I am proud to say I spent the evening with these young men who are the future of freedom in America, who volunteered to go back to Iraq KNOWING how it is there. They know what it means to be dedicated, to be loyal, to fight for their brothers. And they are barely 20 years old. Those young men, and women, over there, in the mud and sands of the desert continue to need our support and our prayers. And not just privately, but publicly. They need to know that we have faith in them, and in what they have been called to do, and in the choices they will be forced to make over there. We can debate the rightness or wrongness of this war when it is over. For now, we must stand behind our people, no matter what, and be proud of the future of our Nation.

And to the young warriors of the 3/4, and to my beloved, Good hunting, God-speed, and hurry home.

Keeping the Faith,
H.D. Welsh
~Honor what no man can give you and none can take away.~

Sgt Grit,
I've been receiving your newsletter for some time now and enjoy it very much. My husband, a reserve SSgt in the infantry has been gone off and on for almost two years. No matter where he goes or what he does, I am so incredibly proud to have the privilege to be his wife. His most recent activation was a completely voluntary trip to Iraq. It's been quite a while since I heard from him but yesterday was his 30th birthday. (Happy Birthday Sweetheart!) I was feeling down since I hadn't heard from him but your newsletter perked me up a lot. I just wanted to send my gratitude to all the hard charging Marines who put in their two cents to your newsletter. It certainly helps to read the comments from these incredible people. This Thanksgiving, I'd like to thank God for my husband's safety, give thanks to you for sending out a newsletter and give thanks to all the men and women Marines who have kicked *ss through out the decades. You are all heroes!!!!!
All the best and happy holidays,

Dear Sgt. Grit, I am a Marine wife who very much looks forward to the arrival of your newsletter each week. Since my husband is a reservist, our military community is spread far and wide, instead of a compact area as is the case with active duty marines. Your newsletters bring the far and wide to me, and I thank you for this service you provide. My husband is currently on deployment to Afghanistan and I am writing to you to share a portion of an email I received from him on Thanksgiving day. It reads: " I thought I would do the traditional what I'm thankful for now. I am thankful to have a wonderful wife who is also my friend, that loves and supports me, is proud of me and will always be there for me. I am thankful to have a wonderful family who feels the same as you. I am also thankful to be in Afghanistan experiencing the things that I am. I am thankful the fight is here rather than at home. September 11th is a day that changed our world, and our efforts here have hopefully destroyed any chance of that happening again. Love you and miss you and tell the family that I love them" Leave it to a Marine to be thankful to be in such a place, but it makes me proud of him and all of his brothers and sisters in arms. My thoughts to all of the other families who spend their days and nights worrying about their Marine, may they get the job done quickly and return home soon.
Erin Straughan, wife of SSgt. Branen Straughan

SGT Grit Staff: I recently attended a fallen Marines funeral this past Thursday. The service was very moving and I found Cpl Warns father's last words to his son to be nothing less then tear jerking. The web site that the family has put together for his unborn child is even more moving. Here is the website:
Semper FI
Scott Janssen/0311leatherneck

To all Marines within eyeshot of this newsletter ......... THANK YOU for everything you are doing ..... You say its your job, but its a job well done. Thank you for putting yourselves in harms way. We would rather you were all home safe and sound, but we're proud of you ...... D$%m proud!! Stay safe. Come home soon! It isn't much but I needed to share "Thanks giving".
Sharon in CA

"Courage is the first of all the virtues because if you haven't courage, you may not have the opportunity to use any of the others."
--Samuel Johnson

Sgt. Grit,
My brother Steve and his son and daughter (both in their 20's) were visiting us for Thanksgiving holidays. We all went out together Friday night to do a little family celebrating. The place we went to started a contest where the guys (there were three who entered) would use their best pickup line on a girl chosen by the security staff, which turned out to be my niece. Whichever guy she chose as the winner would get free drinks all night, with her having free drinks as well. The three guys commenced to use their best lines on her. Number one said, "Have you ever been with a Marine?" Number two and number three were laying it on thick, really trying to impress her with compliments. She was then asked to choose the winner and she said, "It's a Marine thing." The third guy immediately started asking why she didn't pick him, then number two started up as well. She told them both that she liked everything they said, that they had some good lines, but she liked the Marine's line best. Still not to be outdone, the third guy keeps going, saying that his lines were better than the Marine's, that the Marine had only asked her a question, even number two had better lines than that. This started number two up again as well. The Marine was taking it all in, remaining silent. The DJ asked her to be sure of her decision since the guys disagreed with it. She told him, "I'm sure, the Marine had the best line." The other two still were going on about it, really grilling her, so she looked at them and said, "His line was best. He's also a Marine and I stick by Marines. He deserves to drink free. Are you trying to tell me that he doesn't or that you think you deserve free drinks more than a Marine does?" The look on number two and three's faces was priceless and they both conceded. The Marine then thanked her for choosing him and said that maybe the other two had better lines since he could only think of the one thing to say to her. She told him, "No, your line was best. I want you to drink as much as you can hold and have a great time. You deserve this."

Not long after this, a young man walked over to where we were and was carrying a Michelob in each hand. He handed one to John (hubby) and one to Steve and said "Semper Fi". John and Steve were both wearing their Sgt. Grit attire and he had spotted them through the crowd and observed what they were drinking. This Marine was just back from 20 months in the Sandbox and had already re-upped, about to go back over. We were all talking and laughing with him, enjoying his company. He told us that the Marine my niece picked in the contest was his buddy and that he just had to come over when he saw John and Steve. Then another young man walks up and joins us--another Marine. We're all talking and laughing with these two when the Marine my niece picked in the contest comes over and joins us. Then comes a fourth young man, another Marine buddy of theirs. One of them had brought the rest here to Georgia to visit family members with him for Thanksgiving. We all had a very nice time with these young Marines and they enjoyed being with two older Marines and their family members. We would never have met them had it not been for your attire and a well trained Marine daughter/niece. John and Steve send you Semper Fi and we all send our thanks for your attire bringing old and young Marines together during the Thanksgiving holidays. We did tell the young Marines about you so that maybe when they're back at their duty stations, they can get on your mailing list.
Cindy Crook

Just wanted to let you know we received your catalog today, 29 November 2004. Sure wish I had the money, I would buy so many items that the catalog would pay for it-self the first time around.

The newsletters are very interesting to read. To this day, Paul very seldom says much about Viet Nam. He says that was the past, and now we must live in the present to prepare for the future.

He is now the Commander for the Disabled Veterans in the city of Longview. This is very challenging for him, because the PTSD takes over too much of the time. He does try very hard. He lets everyone know that he is a Marine first, and then everything else comes second.

Try to enjoy the Freedom you fought and are fighting so hard to keep. Have safe holidays, and remember, you are always in everyone's prayers and thoughts.
Linda J. Wilson

Dear Sgt Grit:
Sunday last we buried a young Marine who gave his life for our freedom. Sgt. Byron Norwood (Plfugerville Texas) gave the ultimate gift to all of us in Iraq. I'm the proud parent of a Marine in Iraq. Unless you have been there, or know some one who is there now no man or woman can judge that Marine who capped the enemy as he played dead. None of us have the right to judge him until we have walked a few steps in his boots. War is h&ll, he did his job.. With God's grace he and my son will be home soon.
Proud Parent of a US Marine

"Kind-hearted people might of course think there was some ingenious way to disarm or defeat an enemy without too much bloodshed, and might imagine this is the true goal of the art of war. Pleasant as it sounds, it is a fallacy that must be exposed: war is such a dangerous business that the mistakes which come from kindness are the very worst"
Carl von Clausewitz

My son Joshua Harris joined the Marines 9-4-01. He was training for Crew Chief on a Huey Helicopter out of Camp Pendleton, Viper Squad HMLA-169. He was one of the first in Iraq, spent 10 months there and came home Oct of 2003. While on a training flight at Pendleton, preparing to go back to Iraq, his Huey hit a power structure killing all 4 Marines. Even though I live in Florida I keep in touch with the squad whether they are overseas or in the States. They treat me as family. As of now they are back there and a friend, Capt. Towles was shot down. Thankfully he is alright. Bless the Marines

Pain is temporary,
Pride is forever!
God Bless American!
Semper fi!
Sgt Grit

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