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I wish I had a great story to tell, or some really good news. But I don't, or at least my great news isn't worth everyone reading. My husband has made it home from his third tour in Iraq safely which I thank God everyday. All I wanted to say is something a very good Native American friend said to me (not sure if he quoted someone else's words) "war is as natural as a summer storm; it's a battle of wills." I just hope that the American people can come together and have a united "will." My husband is trying to move from a Victory unit so he wont deploy within the next 2 years, God willing. I know what we are doing is right and if he has to deploy again then it's what is right. I pray every night for everyone in theater. I am most grateful for the people who write to you and who support their Marines and all the troops to only ensure that no one dies in vain.

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Mr. Benson's cartoon portraying the emblem of HIS Marine Corps (remember we protect everyone's freedom not just those we like) is with out a doubt one of the worst and most offensive cartoons I have ever seen. However, it is his right to draw whatever he wants and it is the right of the publisher's of the newspapers that printed this cartoon to publish what they think is in the interest of their readers. I am sure his cartoon has increased the daily circulation of the Arizona Republic in Haditha, Tikrit and the home delivery service to the caves in Tora Bora (less one due to the early and unscheduled cancellation by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaeda's leader in Iraq).

David E. Burns
Sgt 0352 77-83


I am a proud Marine from the early 90's and am now working in a civilian capacity as a PSD Operative in Iraq. I have been in the sandbox now for over 2 years and I have had the honor of serving beside my brothers in Digie's from Al Qiam to Al Asad to Fallujah to Baghdad, and let me tell you something, these men and women over there are the best of the best. These allegations against our Haditha brothers are ridiculous. If they want to try our brothers for incidents that have occurred, that's fine, but first they have to come out with MY team for a while and get hands on so that they know exactly what the h&ll it's like over there. I would be glad to let them ride with me so that they can feel what an IED and rocket attack feels like first hand, then let's see how they react so others back in the States can judge THEM!


Semper Fi,
Shane Claunch

"Si Deus Pro Nobis Quis Contra Nos..."
- If God be with us, who be against us...

Here are some real motivators for you

If I ever hear airmen griping and complaining, I jump into them pretty quickly, now. Most people over here have nothing to gripe about compared to Marines. Marines are different. They have a different outlook on Life.

One Marine Private was here for several days because he was a lower priority evacuation patient. He insisted on coming to attention and displaying proper military courtesy every morning when I came through on rounds. He was in a great deal of pain, and it was a stressful to watch him work his way off the bed and onto his crutches. I told him he was excused and did not have to come to attention while he was a patient, and he informed me that he was a good Marine and would address "Air Force Colonels standing on my feet, Sir."

I had to turn away so he would not see the tear in my eye. He did not have "feet" because we amputated his right leg below the knee on the first night he came in.

I asked a Marine Lance Corporal if there was anything I could get him as I was making rounds one morning. He was an above the knee amputation after an IED blast, and he surprised me when he asked for a trigonometry book. "You enjoy math do you?" He replied, "Not particularly, Sir. I was never good at it, but I need to get good at it, now."

"Are you planning on going back to school?" I asked.

"No sir, I am planning on shooting artillery. I will slow an infantry platoon down with just one good leg, but I am going to get good at math and learn how to shoot artillery". I hope he does.

I had the sad duty of standing over a young Marine Sgt. When he recovered from anesthesia - despite our best efforts there was just no way to save his left arm, and it had to come off just below the elbow.

"Can I have my arm back, sir?" he asked.
"No, we had to cut it off, we cannot re-attach it." I said. "But can I have my arm?" he asked again.
"You see, we had to cut it off."
He interrupted, "I know you had to cut it off, but I want it back. It must be in a bag or something, Sir."
"Why do you want it?" I asked.
"I am going to have it stuffed and use it as a club when I get back to my unit."
I must have looked shocked because he tried to comfort me," Don't you worry now, Colonel. You did a fine job, and I hardly hurt at all; besides I scratch and shoot with my other hand anyway."

God Bless the Marines
Col. Brett Wyrick USAF
Heroes, every one of them!


IMHO his son is serving in The Corps so he has the right to wear our Eagle Globe and Anchor to show his support for his son. Just my opinion but I think some of us take this issue a little too seriously. I forget who said it first but isn't imitation the most sincere form of flattery? I take it as a compliment that he thinks so highly of Marines and his son that he wants to wear the Eagle Globe and Anchor on his uniform. Just my .02

John Klein
Sgt USMC 78-82

I read Steve Semenek's objection to the Marine father wearing the EGA to honor his son and his ongoing campaign to get others on his side. All I have to say is, "Steve, get over yourself, the father is not demeaning me or the Corps ... you are!"

Stephen Gifford
USMC 64-68
'Nam 65-67

Last Monday evening, my hubby (former Sgt. of Marines) and I were in Lowe's and while shopping around, a Lowe's employee came up to my hubby and asked to shake his hand. The employee said thank you sir. Hubby had on his Vietnam cap with the eagle, globe and anchor as well as tiny ribbons etc. My hubby always gets water in his eyes at this. So wonderful for him, just 40 years too late but better late than never. The employee looked my hubby straight in the eyes and was sincere.

God Bless the Marines.

Steve Semenek, a retired Lake County, Ill., Deputy Sheriff wrote of a man wearing the EGA because the son that person is a Marine. Mr. Semenek is correct that only those of us that earned that right are allowed to do so.

I recall a time thirty odd years ago I worked with a young man that one day wore a utility cover with the EGA on it. I remarked that I did not realize he was a Marine and he replied something to the effect that he would never be in the military.

I informed him he had no right to wear that cover, only MARINES had the right. He respond he would wear whatever he felt like wearing.

I did not want to get fired for fighting so I walked away. But by lunch a few of us former Marines, all Nam vets had grown tired of his attitude. When he left the company property at lunch, we intercepted him. Needless to say, the cover went to MARINE hands and this young man never again spoke disparagingly of us.

I am not condoning the rough stuff (We are no longer that young), but perhaps you and a few of your brother Marines could talk to this man off duty.

Semper Fi,
Wayne Luznicky
RVN 66-67-68

Lest we forget what it's really all about, this guy is doing outstanding work.

Do Not watch this if you don't want to see the real war in Iraq.

God bless our Marines.




Gunnery Sergeant
Michael W. Davis USMCR
Public Relations
Sgt Grit
Marine Specialties

And Another One



This is for the man who wrote about the Sgt. in the Sheriff's office who refused to remove the Marine Corps Emblem from his work uniform. I see nothing wrong with asking the man to remove something that he didn't earn.

As a matter of fact there is an old law still on the books here in Michigan that says you cannot wear anything from any organization unless you were or are a member of that organization. I tell you what I would like to do with someone like that but being in law enforcement myself it would only get me in trouble. On another note in regards to the Pendleton 8, I urge all readers of this forum to write their members of Congress demanding the rights of the accused. Innocent until proven guilty. It would not surprise me if this scheme was cooked up by the Iraqi and swallowed whole by our gullible media.

Sgt Owen
Michigan State Police

They keep chiding the Commander in Chief by saying "What is your strategy for fighting the war on terrorism?" Someone, I believe it was Benjamin Franklin said, "Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead."

If the Commander in Chief revealed his plan, wouldn't it also reveal it to the terrorists? They say , "The Public has a right to know." There are some things where the American people that, being for the most part sensible, know it would be dangerous for me and all others to know what the plan is.

Remember watching TV when a certain Senator, looking over his granny glasses and evidently trying to look as smart as a tree full of owls, when we first went into Afghanistan, saying, (for all the world to hear said at a time when the Taliban did not need to know), "American troops are now in Afghanistan".

This resulted in the Commander in Chief sharply cutting the number of people who got morning briefings for some Senators. If you don't need to know, don't ask. (Briefings soon went back to normal schedule but that Senator is still there.)

Am almost eighty years young but it makes sense to me. Am I wrong?

Henry T. (Tom) Cook
Lt. Col., USMC (Ret.1945-1970)

As I have expressed in emails to you in the past, as a relative of an active duty Marine (at the time, he has just completed his 4 years), I have worn a small Eagle Globe and Anchor pin in support of the Marines daily.....as well as a small pin that has the US flag and the Marine flag.....I never leave home without those two pins.

Wearing those pins has brought me numerous conversations with Veterans, family members of Marines, and Marines active now....and especially injured Marines from Bethesda Naval Hospital.....it has allowed some truly outstanding people to come into my life, and without those pins these meetings never would have occurred.

No One has ever suggested that I remove my pins.....they only show their support as well, and speak of their pride in the Corps and in all military. I will continue to wear mine with pride and honor and support.

God bless the Corps.
Susan Warren
Rockville, MD

Sgt. Grit,
In reference to Mr. Semenek who served proudly in Viet Nam in 1969, and is upset over a particular person in the sheriff's office in Illinois, who wears the Eagle, Globe and Anchor without earning the right to do so. Mr. Semenek: Two thoughts!

First - He has a son who's in the Corp. For me, that in itself gives him some leeway. Secondly: There are those of us that will always be Marines. Like the bumper sticker says, "Maybe not as mean, or as lean, BUT still a Marine." Then there are the others - the wannabee's. The truth is, he's a wannabee and you're a Marine. Give him some slack, you know the truth, and besides, like I mentioned earlier, his kid is a Marine.

Still standing proud,
Semper Fi
Stephen M. Blank
Canton, MA
2nd Force Recon
1963 - 1969, USMCR

My nephew is a Marine and is currently stationed at Camp LeJeune. I've always thought of myself as a patriotic person. I was taught to love God and country and to respect the flag and support our Military. When someone you love joins the Marine Corps, it becomes personal! Through my nephew joining the Marines, my whole family feels as if we've been adopted! We were all in attendance when he graduated boot camp at Parris Island. I can't describe the incredible feeling of pride that I get when I wear my "My nephew is a Marine" pin or t-shirt and people say things like "God bless your nephew" or "I'll pray for your nephew". I've had Marines give me "Semper Fi" or an "Oo-Rah" and I just smile all over! That brings me to the letter I read in Sgt Grit from Ingacio S Cucuzza from Argentina. It brought tears to my eyes that someone from another country feels that strongly about America and America's Military. Every American should feel the way Ingacio feels. His letter conveyed a heartfelt outpouring of love and support that every person in this country should feel for our Military. Americans - count your blessings and make sure that at the top of the list are the brave men and women who serve in our Military and by doing so serve you! Thank you Ignacio for your letter. It reminds us Americans to be thankful for what we have and a reminder to NOT take it for granted. I hope that someday your dream of coming to America becomes a reality - there's always room for another patriot!

God Bless,
Lania J Land
Proud Aunt of a Marine!

Mr. Benson,

As a Combat veteran of the Viet Nam war, and a former US Marine, I cannot tell you how insulting I found your attempt at humor.

The Marines have certainly covered up quite abit.

They covered up the Sands of Iwo Jima with their blood.

They covered up the battlefield of Hue during the 1968 offensive.

They covered up the Embassy in Beirut with their blood.

I respectfully offer up a suggestion that on Veteran's Day (which I'm sure you don't know is November 11th)that you could show up at the hallowed ground of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial and see if anyone is interested in having you autograph your art work.

Tom Flynn

"This gave me occasion to observe, that when Men are employ'd they are best contented. For on the Days they work'd they were good-natur'd and cheerful; and with the consciousness of having done a good Days work they spent the Evenings jollily; but on the idle Days they were mutinous and quarrelsome, finding fault with their Pork, the Bread, and in continual ill-humor."
-- Benjamin Franklin

I have always thought the actions of men to be the best interpretations of their thoughts.
--John Locke

The Wounded Warriors slide show

If you will note in Photo # 14 where LCpl Collin is napping...hung up on the wall right next to him is a 9 / 11 flag I remember personally leaving that flag with SGT Jack Durgala USMC.

I remember I shook his hand & said "Thank you for defending our country !" I gave him that flag & asked him to hang it up in a place for all the wounded Marines to enjoy it.

LtCol Maxwell has got to be one of the most toughest Marines I have ever had the honor to run across.

Thank You Marines!

Thank you for defending when others would not!

Thank you for doing a job I can only wish to do!

I read Sgt Grit Newsletter regularly as a very proud Marine Mom.

I also have an 8 year old daughter who is very proud of her Marine brother. I just wanted to share a funny family moment.

Several days ago, she had gone to a movie with friends. Upon her return, I asked her how the movie was. She replied, "it was not Oo-Rah worthy!"

Proud Marine Mom

Yo Grit!

A couple of weeks ago, after picking up my step-daughter from Navy Junior ROTC meeting, which I am very proud of her being a part of, we began the drive home. She is learning to drive and she now is my designated chauffer any time the Jeep rolls. We were cruising along and a car pulled even with us on the driver's side and a salute was sharply rendered in our direction. Shika was somewhat surprised and pleased..."Scottie, did you see that man salute me", she smiled? She was in her NJROTC uniform...I just grinned and we kept traveling homeward.

At the very next traffic light, a van pulled up beside us on my side and a resounding "Ooorah" was boomed out into my open window and I shouted "Semper Fi" back at him. Then I patiently explained to my startled driver/daughter that the salute was most likely in response to the EGA decal on the rear driver's side vent window, and she knew the reasons for the sudden outbursts of "noise" between two apparent strangers. Then she asked if next year, could she go to the other high school in our town, so she could be in their Marine Junior ROTC program. The reason why? "You Marine guys just seem to have so much more fun than Navy, Army, Air Force, or Coast Guard guys ever do!" "You guys don't even know each other, You're years apart in age, Old, Young, it doesn't seem to matter!"

She's so smart! No wonder I'm proud of her!

Semper Fi and God bless

"Doc" Wells

"Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war and my fingers to fight". Ps 144:1


On the matter putting Marines on trial for doing what they are supposed to be doing for the sake of political correctness to Islam and the Arab world; the entire country of Iraq and everyone in it isn't worth one pubic hair off of a good Marines a$$! We should have nuked everything from Syria to Pakistan on Sept. 12, 2001 and saved our boys, including one son of mine, the trouble of fighting another politically correct war!

Be well and God bless,
Dr. Will Wong, 2663352.

Sgt Grit
i just had to write to let you know what happened to me the other night i went shopping because finally , i found another way to say Thank You for all the service men and women, here in NH our va hospital has a run called adopt a troop , and i was shopping for some of the stuff the troops would like and need and my daughter called me on my cell and said she was at my house and she had dropped off some stuff, it was all she could afford but she did her best, i told her what ever was enough, and i hung up , went around the corner and a young man came up to me and said maam i overheard you on your phone and he had just come home from iraq, and he said he wanted to thank me. i quickly replied to him NO let me thank YOU and all the other troops, and he gave me some suggestions on stuff the troops would like and need, so i bought what i could find, and was going through the check out , and asked the cashier to please bag the troops stuff separately . to my surprise the cashier looked with teary eyes at me and said all this is for the troops? and i said sure is she replied her brother is in the army over in iraq. and she said thank you i again said NO NO thanks to you and your family. i went to drop All the stuff off at the drop off place and to my surprise they had this small box is what they wanted people to fill. and a women came over to me and asked if All this stuff was for the troops and i replied yes it is. she took the bags and had to bring the stuff into a room FULL stuff for our troops. Let me tell you i was so proud of the state of NH for pulling together.

thank you
Lisa Robbins
Proud MOM of a Marine

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
--Thomas Jefferson

"For all of yew who say, cut and run-

ah say, tell it to Hanoi!"

LBJ 1967

You figure the rest out.
Joe D.

Sgt Grit----need new catalog----gave all mine away-------want to order something for the family who were all Marines and one navy----enjoy reading all the letters----specially from those of the VN Marine Vets during the 67-68 time frame---and of course the letters from the families of Marines all over----I am a 20 year retired Gunny---retired in 73----and consider myself a MNLOAD---Which stands for "Marine No Longer on Active Duty"---I fly the U.S. and The USMC flag every day---they are lighted, and I have had Marines just passing by to stop and chat. No where in the annuals of the Military can you fine the bonding that Marines have---It doen't make any differents whether its a ww2, Korea, VN, Gulf, or Irag, any war or battle in between---we have time for one another---- this is not friendship---its love of what one has accomplished, earned, suffered, and bleed for the sake of Freedom- It starts when you place your feet on the yellow footprints at PI or SD and it never ends, and God Help us if it ever does.thanks for keeping informed--

GySgt M.T. Walker

As a former Drill Instructor in the early 50's I used to drive by the Cross each day enroute to the Recruit Depot! It reminded me of my primary obligations, and I knew that I lived in a Nation dedicated to those basic principles, and they were blessed by a supreme being! Now, as we live in critical times, at age 71, I almost met him in May of last year! For four days, I was somewhere, (in a coma), but have been "blessed once again", and returned to a new invigorating life!

God bless The Lord, The Corps and the America it defends."
Richard A. Stauffer, Phd.
A former D.I., and Sea School Instructor

An old man wandering the Olympics looking for a seat was jeered at by the crowd until he reached the seat of the Spartans, whereupon every Spartan younger than him, and some that were older, stood up and offered him their seat. The crowd applauded and the old man turned to them and sighed "All Greeks know what is right, but only the Spartan's do it."

Spartan Quote

I am a proud fiancé of a Marine. Reading these letters gives me comfort knowing that I am not the only one out there. I take some advice that I find in these letters and store them away for later use. While my fiancé is new to the Corps, I know that there will be hard times ahead for us both.

But we will make it thru together and with his fellow Marines.

God Bless All and thank you for all you do!

proud fiancé of a Marine

Sgt. Grit,
I write in response to Steve's apparent dilemma with regard to the policeman who wears the Marine Corps insignia on his mike holder. Steve is upset because although the policeman has a son in the Marine Corps, he did not serve himself and therefore does not rate wearing the EG&A. Steve, my wife proudly wears an Eagle, Globe and Anchor as part of her jewelry. She did not serve in the Corps either but is still a part of our "family." I do not believe that the policeman is attempting to claim membership within our Corps as much as he is trying to honor his son who is serving. All someone has to do is to ask him, "Are you a Marine?" and allow him to reply, "No, but my son is." I am not offended by his desire to honor his son. He is the father of a Marine and as long as it is acknowledged in that light, I do not take exception.

Col. D. R. "Duke" Stanton
USMC (Ret.)

From the heart of a Marine Mom:

Please accept my deepest sympathies at the loss of your precious son. You honor your son's memory by flying the Marine flag and displaying those stickers. Just like "once a Marine, always a Marine", the same is true for Marine Moms.

May God Bless and Protect all those that serve.

"The deliberate union of so great and various a people in such a place, is without all partiality or prejudice, if not the greatest exertion of human understanding, the greatest single effort of national deliberation that the world has ever seen."
-- John Adams

Has all of America forgotten the thousands of American "civilians" murdered on September 11, 2001? Have they forgotten about the thousands of American service men and women who have given their lives and limbs for their freedom? How soon people forget these things.

As a Marine Mom whose son has served three tours in Iraq, I can't even begin to express how proud I am of him. And how proud I am of all Marines. This is a war we are in. Civilians do get killed in war. It is unavoidable, especially since the insurgents hide behind the civilians. As a mom whose son is the one getting fired upon by an insurgent who is being hidden by the civilians in Iraq, does it trouble me if some civilians are killed or injured, well no. That may not be politically correct, but there you have it. I would rather avoid it if possible, but in the heat of battle or if it is them or my son, well, I would rather it be them. I am sure the mothers of the 7 Marines and the Corpsman held in Camp Pendleton feel the same way.

Let those young men get back to their jobs and maybe we can all sleep a little easier a night knowing they are out their watching our backs again, just as it should be.

Proud Marine Mom,
Linda Dodson

Sgt. Grit.
why, why, why, do vets have to tell untrue stories. had out state vfw convention here in roch. mn. talking with one guy at our post he had to tell us how he was tdy as a sniper "up in the delta". as i got up to throttle him, one of our members, a policeman, reminded me, the one who makes initial contact, is the one who gets arrested and is the one who gets sued. but i tell ya, after three years as post comm. i get pretty upset on who comes thru our post with their stories. just serving our country makes a guy a hero in my book. will the lies ever stop?

david crawley
kilo co. third bn first Marines
feb 68 jan 69.

"Posterity -- you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."
--John Quincy Adams

Dear Grit,
I was just at our local grocery store preparing for the upcoming holiday. This 4th of July is a little different for our family because my brother will be heading to California on the 5th and then on to Iraq in August. We are having a bunch of guys from his unit come to our lake house because they have nowhere else to go. The woman in front of me said "Wow, looks like a big party at your house." I replied, "Yep, my brother is leaving for Iraq and this will be the last time we see him for about a year." She then told me her husband was retired Air Force and I said to thank him for his service to our country. A little more chit chat and then she finished checking out. I was finishing unloading my cart and she walked over and gave me fifty dollars and told me to apply it to our party. Needless to say this Proud Sister USMC started to cry and so did the airman's wife. I told her we couldn't accept it and she said, "please and tell your brother and his friends thank you and good luck." I then told her "Thank you very much, we will enjoy." People like her give me a renewed faith in mankind and even more appreciation for the work my brother and the Corps do. I truly appreciate the freedom we as Americans have and I am thankful everyday for the men and women in the Corps and all the other branches of the Armed Forces. These are the stories they should put on the news. Thank you, Grit, for the open forum which allows those of us who support the troops a place to voice our opinions and thank yous.

Semper Fi.
Amanda Sherwin
Proud Sister United States Marine Corps

Today I woke up and decided it was best to make my weekly trip, especially after I got the call from Marine Mom Kay that Marine Mom from Austin, would like some one to greet her Marine with a Marine Mom hug at the DFW Airport.

I sent out the email invitation, and made a call to Marine Veteran Jim, since he does not have a computer. He can be ready in five minutes, he claimed. Marine Jim served in Korea and two tours in Vietnam. His grandson, Top, is at MCRD boot camp at this time and scheduled to graduate Sept. 1st. We have tried on numerous occasions for him to make this trip, and finally we are on our way. He brought his cane just in case, but from the way he was walking afterwards, he felt no pain.

We get there a little early and I introduce him to Joan, a Marine from back in the fifties wearing her Marine lanyard around her neck. Then he sees some other Veterans he knew from our VFW District group. I take a step back as he socializes with all the other Veterans there. They are happy to see him, wearing his VFW cap proudly, showing him where to stand at the opening doors when it is the appropriate time. A chair is brought over for my Marine Jim as it takes a while for the first ones to walk through.

And then I make my way to my spot in line, with the other volunteers, which today happen to be "Bank of America". Right after the last soldier has come through, I see Marine Jim is being interviewed by a talk radio station (KRLD) and I back away to give him more time.

When it was time I walked up to him to ask if he was ready to go and he wanted to know when would we be coming back. I smiled as I remembered my first time and knew the emotions he was feeling. He was asked by KRLD if this homecoming was anything he had experienced when he came home and "No" was his reply. "On my second tour home I was actually spit in the face from a young girl." "Why?" the interviewer asked. "I guess she didn't like us being over in Vietnam", he said with a shrug of his shoulders. "So what do you think of this greeting of the troops?" and Marine Jim replied, "Awesome" and then he added, "President Bush will not have to worry about our country with the support of the people I just witnessed here today!"

Semper Fi,
Marine Mom Karen Marks

FROM: Rog. Garner, Phoenix Az. 1605440

Just as lean and still d*mm ornery. Come and join me in my little climb up South Mountain every day, and in our 104+ degree heat now. I will be 71 years young soon in August. Let us all stand up for our Corps and especially for those that are now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. What a travesty having our front line grunts being accused of atrocities and with our press not giving even giving any details to the torture and inhumanity above anyone's imagination by the Insurgency with the most horrible of inhumane acts given prior to the death by beheading two simple honest decent young ARMY enlisted grunts. God you have to have a DNA test to separate the remains for the parents of the two bodies. How would you like to be a parent or grandparent of these men? Give me a break. Let all of our Marines still living get some gumption and start communicating with each other and organize a movement to set the record straight. Do we want these religious fanatical heathens to be given the same rights and consideration of anyone that is human? Does the left wing section of our country that enjoys all of our freedoms in America control our fight against these people that are living in the stone age? How will the New York Times and it's employeesact if they have a real fear to go to work each day? I'm taking my grandson to Lego land this 4th of July and I will enjoy getting out of the heat of Arizona. Our family will be at Carlsbad and will walk to the Ocean. I hope I can still take my grandson on Camp Pendleton and drive him along Basilone road to Camp Las Pulgas and have him see where I served from 57 to 59 in the 7th Marine Regiment there and later in the 1st Tank Battalion at the same sight. It will be good for him to see his Marines in real life. These young men are the ones whom are sacrificing their lives today so that our Country can survive against our enemies.

Rog .g

"Liberty is the prevention of control by others. This requires self-control and, therefore, religious and spiritual influences; education, knowledge, well-being."
--Lord Acton

When my son told me had joined the Marines, I cried for three days. Even now my throat tightens. The Friday before he left to go to MCRD San Diego, my office told me not to come to work, but to spend the day with him. Yes, I am one of those over protective mothers, sorry. He is my youngest 'child' at 23 years old. He has been in Phase 2 now and is approaching Crucible week. I have had such an over whelming mixture of emotions concerning his decision to join the Corps. I am so fiercely proud of him and so terribly afraid for him. His letters reflect the man he is becoming. I think he has found out he is not the center of the universe, but an integral part of a unique group of young men. Your newsletter is a great comfort to me. It helps tremendously to read what others have gone through, and to hear the sense of family in the words written. Thank you Sgt. Grit for what you and your company do. I have three Mother of a Marine t-shirts and there is no mistaking my car from the rear, thanks to you.

Julie Steveson,
Mother of a Marine (almost)

The letter and story by Captain Green was a very touching one. The Marine Corps can lead the way in celebrating our similarities, instead of concentrating on our differences. We are all alike in so many more ways than we are different. OOOHRAH!
Joel Swanson
USMC '70-74

"Most of the work of government does not need to be done. And, if you can remember that, if we could all remember that, this country would be better off."
--Lyn Nofziger

The Greatest Play in Major League Baseball...was thirty years ago.

Turn up volume.............

"The detainees at Guantanamo are not innocent unfortunates swept up in an indiscriminate dragnet. These people were captured on the field of battle where they intended to kill Americans and Britons."
--Cal Thomas

Malia in Rocking Chair

"[O]ur fathers were men-they were heroes and patriots-they fought-they conquered-and they bequeathed to us a rich inheritance of liberty and empire which we have no right to surrender."
--Noah Webster

Ever since I heard about the 'massacre' of civilians in Haditha at the hands of US MARINES, it's niggled at my mind--often. Last night I read that there is PROOF that the story is bogus, thanx to NewsMax magazine. Here is the link for those who might care. I do--enormously.

Haditha Update from NewsMax

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof"
--Lev. XXV, v. X

Inscription on the Liberty Bell, from Leviticus 25:10

"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth."
-- Thomas Paine

 Whose Son Is Fighting In Place Of Yours?
Whose Son Is Fighting In Place Of Yours?

He Who Shed Blood With Me...

God Bless America!
Welcome Home
Semper fi
Sgt Grit

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