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Dear Sgt Grit,

49 years ago at this time I was in MCRD PLT 356 our Senior D I was Sgt Joe Curley.
One of our guys couldn't take it any more so he sat on his bunk took a razor and tried to cut his wrists. He had his bucket between his feet and was not getting much blood but a few drops had missed and was on the floor of our hut. Someone ran and got SGT Curley. When he got there he yelled at him. You can't bleed on my deck. If you are going to bleed get outside. A Corpsman came and took him and we never saw him again.

R D Hartley 1607484

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By The Way

I went to Nam in Sept of 67 and was assigned to H&S Co 2/26. That's when the rumors that Australia was going to be an R&R port. I wanted to go there so bad but come December of 67 there was some R&R openings to Hawaii that the Company did not want to lose so they talked me into going and since I was in love with a girl in San Diego I took the spot and devised a plan to sneak into San Diego. I did exactly that and stayed at the parents house of the girl that I loved. Woke up one morning and the snow was falling and little sisters of my love had no idea of what was happening. About 3" fell and was the only time in 27 years that snow ever fell in San Diego. By the way the wench wrote me a Dear John letter a little after that but I did see history made.

Cpl Randall Clark
2/26 USMC

That Same Drill Instructor

Sgt. Grit:

As I come to the end of my life I look back on many accomplishments, honors and positions. I think of becoming a Sergeant then a Lieutenant on the Police Department before retiring in 1988. I then have had ranks of Lt. and Capt. In the private sector and setting up Police Departments on College Campuses. But, out of all of these positions of leadership and authority the one I most horror and revere is the one called "MARINE." I was told (and suffered for it I might add) by my drill instructor on THE ISLAND that she had a lot of nerve to give birth to such a Piece of ---- as me on 10Nov. "Didn't she know that was a Holy Day?" I was destined to be a Marine but being born on 10Nov45 sealed the deal. That same Drill Instructor who was so hard on me and I thought hated my guts was the first one to walk up to me while holding the Battalion Guidon looked me square in the eye, shaking my hand and said "congratulations MARINE." When I was promoted meritorious PFC then went to 'Nam as a LCpl. came back a SSgt. I was never more proud. Even though I had maggots throw tomatoes and eggs at me while shouting "baby killer" and other things I was still proud of the fact that the Corps had made a man out of me. I also knew that although hurting inside, I would go back again just to give those persons the right to throw tomatoes and eggs while shouting profanities. I am not a hero Sgt. Grit, and as you well know the real heroes are still over there and their names are forever etched on the black wall.

The older I get the more I understand the adage the Title is earned and not given and does last a life time. I feel sorry for those who served in a branch that they refer to as "military" and don't have the inner peace, pride, and tradition as a UNITED STATES MARINE."

"For Those Who Fought For It, Freedom Has a Flavor the Protected Will Never Know"

Paul Hout

Caught Off Guard

Thought maybe you could use a little chuckle.

Shortly after I retired in 1973, my youngest son, who was 10 at the time, came to me one day and asked "Pop, when are we are going to be transferred". I was caught off guard, and had to stop and think for a minute before I told him that there was not going to be anymore transfers. We had to reached our final permanent duty station.

I had no idea how deep the Marine Corps was imbedded in my children. Seems they missed the active duty as much as I did.

Bill Mott
GySgt Retired

And Fellow Marine

Another Marine has answered the roll call to guard the streets of heaven. My Father in law and fellow Marine passed away 05Aug06.

Frederick H Peterson was 85 years old and had joined the Marine Corps on 18Nov40 and was on Iwo Jima when the flag was raised still fighting at the base of the hill. He was a hero then and remained one throughout his life. I am honored to be a brother and son in law of this great man.

Cpl T. W. Hamilton
SMC '65-'68
Viet Nam '66-'67

He Drove Down

Hello, This happened Oct 31, 1982. I was with CSSD-31 as the senior man of the medical vehicles. Stationed out of Okinawa, Japan. We where now at Mt. Fuji base camp and being with a medical unit is no piece of cake the Navy doesn't respect you because your a Marine. The Marines don't care for you because your with the Navy. So you pull your duty 24/7. Will this night we speaking of my drivers were playing monopoly and I get this call that we had a Marine down and to roll out. LCpl Hess and PFC Gueder and I ran to his jeep and our jeep was set up for a inspection so we were pulling to stretchers and more gear out and I informed PFC Gueder to get in the jeep and drive. He drove down to the sight were the Marine had been hit by a metal pipe. PFC Gueder handled it like a old pro. We picked up the stretcher and load him into the Jeep Ambulance and there waiting was a Marine chopper to evac him to a hospital. I know that we were not in a combat zone. But these men out preformed themselves that night. I was never so proud and I told them so. You know I have since become a civilian and my race horses have won many races. But that's the Proudest moment of my life. I wish I could do it again.
Best Regards, Jeff Burnett

A Big Thank You

Dear Sgt. Grit,

My stepson Graduated from MCRD San Diego in May of this year, and from S.O.I. last month. He is now in VA training for FAST.

Returning to San Diego brought back a lot of memories for me since the last time I was there, I WAS THERE! I can't even describe how I felt when they called for anyone who had served in the Marines to stand and everyone clapped. I felt honored just to be standing among them and to be counted as one of them.

Recently, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary at a music festival. She made a trip out to car for a jacket and came back with a piece of paper in her hand. On one side, there was printed instructions and rules for use of the parking lot during the festival, no alcohol, no overnight parking, etc. On the other side was a handwritten note. It said, "Thank you and your son for your service, from another Marine mom."

Obviously, we have no idea who left the note but I just wanted to share it with you and your readers and the MOM who wrote it is one of your readers, Thank You!

I'm also including a picture that I took when I was in Echo 2/3. The ship in the background is the USS Peleliu taken from Peleliu Island.

Kevin P. Walsh (0311)

If memory Doesn't Fail Me

Semper Fi LaRosa!

I served in the Marine Corps from March 1972 to March 1976. Platoon 2040, of the San Diego MCRD, 2036 Series, sang this song during our marches.

If memory doesn't fail me, I seem to remember the song went something like this:

Drums in my heart are drumming
I hear the Corps a calling
My Gungy Marine Corps is calling to me.

Over the land and sea
We'll meet the enemy
All for the honor and the glory of the Corps

We'll meet them on the shore
waiting for blood and gore
My Gungy Marine Corps is calling to me

Some countries have great sons
but we are the lucky ones
My Gungy Marine Corps is calling to me

Usually the 1st and 4th squads sang the song while the other two squads sang "Drums, Drums.." as rhythm (?) but it sounded real good.

By the way, didn't the Marine's Ooo-Rah come from WWI during the battle of Belleau Wood? I think that's why the Germans called us Devil Dogs because of our battle cry!

I hope this helps.
Gung Ho to the Marines in Iraq. Keep the faith Bro's.

Oo-Rah! Billy R Mc
Coy, Corporal of Marines 72-76
1371 - Combat Engineer, 2ND Mar Div
Marine Security Guard, USNB Subic Bay, 73-75

Outstanding History

Don, Hope the 1st Mar/Div Reunion was a great success for you. Really glad to see you again. As promised, here are a two of items of interest to the Corps. The one on S.O.S. should come in handy for your weekly luncheon.

What you've all been waiting for!

Everyone recalls the famous pre-invasion Marine Corps breakfast of steak and eggs. However, that was not the normal morning meal served aboard transports as they slowly plodded across seas to deliver Old Breed Marines to their next combat venture.

Once in a while a great document of historical importance concerning the Marine Corps comes to light. This is not one of them, but worth printing for those of you who miss the famous, everyday meal commonly called S.O.S. One note of interest, did you know Marines had their own 'special' recipe, which differs from any other branch of service?

1-1/2 pounds extra lean hamburger or ground chuck
2 table spoons Oleo or Butter
1 cup freshly cut chopped onion
2 table spoons flour
2 tea spoons granulated garlic
4 table spoons Soy Sauce
1 table spoon Worcestershire Sauce
2 cups milk
Salt and pepper to taste
Brown meat, add oleo and stir. Add onions and cook until they are translucent. Add flour, stir and cook two to three minutes. Add garlic, soy sauce and Worcestershire. Mix thoroughly. Add milk and stir till it thickens. Serve on a shingle (toast}.

It's now time to rush to the grocery store to get any ingredients you don't already have. One must keep this in mind before leaving the house. You either: (1) miss the Corps terribly and should volunteer for fleet duty, (2) have a great desire to do bodily injury to yourself, (3) suffer from dain- bramage or, (4) have neighbors you can't stand and want to invite them to a special dinner. Before doing option #4, suggest you dig a slit trench in the back yard in case of emergency gastric distress imposed upon your guests.

Written (with tongue-in-cheek) by:
Tom McLeod
Historian, FMDA

Seldom does a 'new' document of historical USMC significance come to light. This letter was written while aboard the U.S.S. FULLER (APA-7) by Col. Leroy Hunt, C.O., 5th Marine Regiment to his Marines. It is dated four days prior to the invasion of Guadalcanal.

LPH/ejf. Headquarters, Fifth Marines (Reinforced)
First Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force
3 August, 1942

From: Commanding Officer Combat Group "A".
To: Combat Group "A" (plus Combat Team #2).

Subject: The Coming Offensive Action in Guadalcanal

1. On the eve of our first contact with the enemy it is my desire to express myself regarding a few pertinent points in connection therewith

2. The coming action in the Guadalcanal area marks the first offensive of the war against the enemy involving ground forces of the United States. The Marines have been selected to initiate this action which will prove to be the forerunner of successive offensive actions that will end in ultimate victory for our cause. The Marine Corps is on the spot. Our Country expects nothing but victory from us and it shall have just that. The word failure shall not even be considered as being in our vocabulary.

3. We have worked hard and trained faithfully for this action and I have every confidence in our ability and desire to force our will upon the enemy. We are meeting a tough and wily opponent but he is not sufficiently tough or wily to overcome us because We are Marines.

4. Our Commanding General and staff are counting on us and will give us whole-hearted support and assistance. Our contemporaries of the other Task Organizations are red-blooded Marines like ourselves and are ably led. They too will be there at the final downfall of the enemy.

5. Each of us has his assigned task. Let each vow to perform it to the utmost of his ability and added effort for good measure.

6. Good luck and God Bless You and to hell with the Japs.

Combat Group "A"
Combat Team #2
First Marine Division.

Submitted by:
HISTORIAN, 1st Marine Division Assn.

Marine Corps Musicians Association

The Marine Corps Musicians Association will hold their annual reunion at the Doral Desert Princess Resort in Cathedral City, CA from 24Apr07 to27Apr07. The host band for 2007 is the 29 Palms Marine Corps Band. Membership in the MCMA is open to any Marine who served in a Band, D&B, Field Music, Dance Band, or Pipe Corps. Contact Richard Oldenburg, Administrator for details. 25101 Bear Valley Road, Tehachapi, CA 93561-8311. Telephone: 661-821-1683. Email jazjoc@sierratel.com or jazjoc@bnis.net.

Thank you in advance.

Semper Fi,
Richard W. Oldenburg, Administrator
Marine Corps Musicians Association

He Admitted

When I was in Korea in the early 50's, I got tagged with the duty as squadron mail man for a month or two. I noticed one Marine who was getting a lot of what we now call "junk mail". When I asked him why he got so much of it, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Dunno..."

Later on, after I got to know him a lot better, he admitted to me he didn't have any family and the only friends he had were fellow Marines. It took me a while to figure out he had been sending in coupons to a lot of companies to get their "junk" mail just so he'd be getting some mail from the states.

Don't ever think mail isn't important to those who are away from home. I never forgot it.

Rocky Kemp

It's On Me

Recently, I kept a promise to bring a copy of our working - back then map of the fmr DMZ area of I-Corp area for a fellow Marine member of our MCL Det 801.

I getting a copy done at the local Kinko's I spoke with a young front desk worker who asked about the history and where was this map from.

We began to talk about the fmr DMZ area also called "Leatherneck Square" that encompasses about 50 miles square.

This young lad became very interest in my history lesson about the many Marines that fought and worked hard to keep the enemy back then in check.

I went onto explain that back then the landmines implanted had the goal of keeping those FSB sites and Marines secure all along the DMZ.

Fast forward to the year 1989 when I along with other Marines that served in that area during the war revisited Vietnam in January of 1989 and had a new goal - to assist our fmr enemy in the removal of those left over landmines.

Note: A copy of the map hangs in the US Embassy in the Demining offices in Hanoi, Vietnam today.

In short - this young man found the story of the 11Th Engineer Bn and its history so interesting that he knew that he was not only copying a wartime map but a piece of Marine Corps history.

A final note - when I attempted to pay for the copy made - the young man stated no! its on me. And " thank you" for what you did and all of the Marines.

Gene Spanos
Lieut. Ret. RPD 72/95
Sgt. USMC 66/71
Vietnam 68' 11th Engineer Bn
Member MCL Det #801
Lake County ,IL

You and Your Wife

In Dec 1967, I was in San Francisco awaiting transport to the Nam. My parents and my wife were with me and we were having dinner at the Top Of The Mark (the Mark Hopkins Hotel), and I was wearing my FMF Greens. As we were coming down the glass elevator, a gentleman said "Doc, I'd like to shake your hand. I was a Marine on Okinawa and a Doc bought it saving my life." As I shook his hand, I felt something in it. I looked down, and there was a $20 in my palm. He said, "You and you wife have a few on me tonight". I was kinda hard to thank him with the lump in my throat. I ended up at a little place called Khe Sanh during the '68 Tet Offensive with D Co, 1/26, 2d platoon.

I retired as an HMC in 1985, after having spent almost 11 years as an FMF Corpsman. NOTHING in my life has ever made me feel prouder, nor more at home than to be with "my" Marines. I proudly wear the FMF designator badge when I wear my VFW uniform on the 4th of July.


Addison Miller

Bobo Field

Several things have been written lately about Medal of Honor recipient Lt. John P. Bobo. I guess now it is my time to chime in with my two cents worth...

I attended Niagara Catholic High School in Niagara Falls, NY, and before the school was called Niagara Catholic, it was known as Bishop Duffy H.S., where a young John Bobo went to school. As a young football player in 9th grade, we were all informed by our coach, that the field we were playing on was called "Bobo Field", named after the only person (and football player) from our high school to win the Medal of Honor. It was kind of a big deal to the coaches and players that we were playing on this sort of "hallowed" ground. It gave us a sense of pride, and showed us that our small sacrifices of blood, sweat, and tears were nothing in comparison to the ultimate sacrifice of Lt. Bobo.

A few years after high school, I too joined our beloved Marine Corps, and ended up at one point in the Buffalo, NY Reserve unit; India Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division. We were a hard charging rifle company that regularly trained for Arctic warfare, traveling to Norway, Denmark, Germany.

Our Naval and Marine Corps Training center was called "Bobo Hall", in honor of Lt. Bobo.

A few years later, traveling back to Niagara Falls, I was appalled to find that they had changed the name of the field, and had sold the naming rights to some energy company. That really p!ssed me off! How can you name an athletic filed after a Marine MOH winner, and then sell the naming rights to some rip- off company?!? They always ask me for money, since I am an alumni of the school, and I told them they would not get one cent from me till they renamed the field "Bobo Field"

Lcpl Bud Redding
1982-1986 Proud To Hold His Son

I saw your ad for the new "Gunny Wolf" SemperToons in your Newsletter and I nearly fainted but it took me back to September of 1950 when I entered the Post Office bldg. in Boston to enlist in our beloved Corps.

Sitting to the right of the door as you entered was Sgt. Wilmot "Bill" Harold Wolf who recruited me. The next time I saw "Gunny ", he was our Gunnery Sgt. of H-3-5. We were on the back of a "6 by 6 ", along with other squad leaders to reconnoiter the positions on the MLR and to prepare to relieve the 7th Marines in Korea '52.

Bill was a machine gunner on Cape Gloucester in 1943, Bloody Peleliu 9/44 (wounded twice) and received the Silver Star, shot through the mouth on Okinawa 5/2/45 and on to China and then recruiting duty in Boston.

This is the same Gunny Wolf who received the Navy Cross with us in Korea. I was very proud to hold his son on my lap when he received the Navy Cross at the Boston Navy Yard in 1954.

He was promoted to Master Gunnery Sergeant in 1960 and later was a courier for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Nam and received his second Navy Cross on May 18, 1963 in a letter from General Maxwell D. Taylor.

Bill retired in 1965 and became the first instructor at The Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas. He was recalled to duty with service in Nam the following year and returned to the Academy in '68 for two years.

He died in 1991. In 1992, a Memorial Service at the Academy, honored their first drill instructor by burying his ashes at their Iwo Jima Memorial.

On the tenth anniversary of his Memorial Service his brother, Robert, presented the Academy with a display of Bill's medals and decorations.

Respectfully submitted.
George Maling -Sgt, - Korea '52
Excerpts of the above were taken from, "A Band of Brotherhood"
by Andy Talbot, History Office, AMSTA=CP=PI

The Grinder is Sacred Ground

I would like to send this short note as a response to a prior letter regarding the San Diego Calif. Marine Corps Grinder.

I agree with D. Jensen and J. Siegenthaler (in a previous newsletter) that the "Grinder" is sacred ground--not to be walked on or utilized by non-Marines except during special ceremonies; and then only for short periods of time. Some cultures in the Far East ask people to remove their shoes, for fear of soiling their floors or causing dis-harmony! The Marine Corps similarly don't want just anybody or anything walking on their "Grinder" or parade ground! The millions of Marines who have endured and completed the sometimes difficult, but challenging boot camp (basic training) have earned the right to experience the many wonders of the "Grinder." If you stood in the middle of the large parade ground and watched the many platoons (sometimes fifteen plus); you'd hear one set of commands and one set of boot heels hit the ground at the same time, in complete unity! The many Drill Instructors show their experience of "Team Work" by keeping a constant cadence without running into another platoon!

Those Marines would sleep at night and dream of the many times they had marched on the "Grinder" and showed the other platoons just how sharp they looked!! This part of MCRD San Diego is so special that birds, animals and most insects are most reluctant to use the "Grinder" as a place to rest or travel!! The "Grinder" is one of the first areas where a Marine is taught to -- listen, understand and respond (correctly) to verbal commands!! If you have a Marine Recruit that's scheduled to graduate in the near future--show him/her just how proud you are of them by attending the graduation ceremony.

The MCRD San Diego Grinder-- A place to respect; a place to remember!!

Sgt Rock
Omaha, Nebraska

2 Weeks Later

In reply to Cpl. Mike Dahl about Tet '68 in DaNang RVN; Having just returned the week before Tet to 1st Engineers Bn. area from Camp Evans awaiting my DEROS, we were called to 100% alert while we watched the firefight on III MAF Hdqrs hill (327?). Throughout the night we heard other small engagements coming from the direction of the airbase, but otherwise Tet was a flop for the NVA in DaNang. I seem to recall one of the big fuel tanks being rocketed near Red Beach but don't remember if it was that night. The later rocket attack, days later, hit the airbase (1st MAW?) ammo dump. No alert was sounded at our Bn. area so we were on the roof of the hooch drinking beer while we watched the rockets fly over us from Antennae Valley (?) to the airstrip. When the dump went up we were almost knocked off the roof and decided to s--t&git. The explosion made us think a nuke went off with a great mushroom cloud. The following day I got special liberty to go to the A.F. PX with a couple of other engineers, but in reality we wanted to get some pictures of damage. I still have the photos of the collapsed newly built 1st MAW barracks, concussion effect on Butler buildings, and the mile wide radius of various unexploded munitions. I was a civilian about 2 weeks later.

Steve Surface
L/Cpl - 1st Recon/1st Engrs
RVN 67-68

Distinguished Marine Stamps


Just to inform you if you didn't know already and ask is there something we can do.

When the Distinguished Marine stamps came out 11/10/05 I bought a large quantity and use them for important letters.

I went to the Post Office yesterday to buy more and was told they don't have any. That sometime in Jan. after the rate hike they had to turn theirs in and or would not get anymore.

These stamps were supposedly to be made available for 1 year. I was told to go on line to the Post Office and see if I could purchase any.

This was not published that the stamps would be recalled if you please, and I think after all the hard work to get these Marines on stamps that they should have been available to the public at local offices for the entire year.

Do you have any info on why the Post Office is treating the heroes of the Corps so shabbily?

Is there anything we can do to alleviate this problem and insult?

Thanks in advance.

Semper fi,
Mike Skorich (former Sgt.of Marines 63-66, Nam 66)

Chesty Explained

Sgt. Grit,
I had a talk with " CHESTY ", yes the very same, during a dream last week. As ya'll know, all the Isalmists that become martyrs are promised 72 v!rgins when they get to HEAVEN. WELLLLLL, CHESTY explained to me that they are in for a great disappointment. After he told me why, I mentioned that a second ending to THE HYMN might be in order. After hearing it, HE thought that it was appropriate. This is how it went:

If Osama's suicidal friends, got to look on HEAVEN'S SCENES, They'd find all those V!RGINS were in bed, with UNITED STATES MARINES !

R.J. Adams, Sgt. of MARINES
and CWO-4 of soldiers. Retired.

P.S. I received the CWO-4 as a pilot in the Army, because, after I was turned down from flight school in the CORPS because I was married, I transferred ,and went to Army flight school. While there, senior cadets(2), who had served in the CORPS, told the Major conducting inspection, that I was an EX-MARINE. I told him that there was no such thing. " So maybe you're a former MARINE" he asked ? Sir , I never plowed a field in my life. " maybe you're a smart mouth MARINE" he said. REPLY: You're getting warm sir. " Well, if the MARINES are so d*mn good, why are you here"? Answer: Sir I guess that I wasn't good enough for MARINE flight school! End of the inspection... It didn't get much better for the rest of flight training, but I always retaliated...

Almost Immediately

Many moons ago at MCRD San Diego we recruits, e.g. maggots, etc. were authorized to make individual Head-Calls a half hour after Taps and a half hour before reveille without the DIs initial permission. The heads were of the WWII, single level, wood frame type. One evening, one our fellow recruits decided he was going to enjoy himself a UA cigarette. So he slipped on his flip-flops, grabbed his bucket, smokes, matches and hobbled on down to the head at the end of the platoon's street. Thinking he was slick, the recruit postured himself upon a commode at the furthest and darkest end of the wooden structure. The recruit having for hours anticipated the rare joy and satisfaction of a deep lung-full of tobacco cupped the cigarette in his hands and lit up. Almost immediately he was startled by two near simultaneous thuds and his eyes were inundated by a huge, bright, blinding light just inches from his nose. His body was involuntarily levitated as he heard a familiar yet frightening voice say, "Gotcha A@@hole!" Evidently, two Drill Instructors had pegged the private as a BIRD and had perched themselves up in the rafters of the head, patiently waiting for their prey with their trusty flashlight at the ready. The cigarette cost the Pvt two weeks pay and was dropped to another platoon two weeks behind us.

S. Muñoz, USMC (Ret)

Shameless Commercial, American Capitalist, Free Market Plug

Sgt. Grit:

Just wanted you to know that I am over here in Iraq and have been here for going on 20 months now. Although I am not an active Marine I am over here working for the DOD and around my Marines. Anyway, I ordered and received one of your shirts a couple of weeks ago, item number 06605, Marine Kamp Shirt, your price of $23.95. What's upsetting is that they are selling the same shirt to our guys over here in the PX for $27.95 and as with most of the stuff I see in the PX - the military is getting screwed. I know everyone has to make money and profits and all but do they have to put the shaft to the military guys that really don't make that much anyway.

Just my two cents worth - your prices and service and inventory is the best in the world and I've been shopping with you for a long time now.

Semper Fi to all my brothers and sister Marines.

Served 02/1963 to 01/1969, Viet Nam 1965 and 1966, 0341- 81"s from the 1st Marine Brigade from Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. 2040440, what an easy number to remember for life. Plt #117 MCRD S.D.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Short Rounds

In response to Cpl Mike Dahl. I too was in DaNang during the "68" Tet. III MAF HQ when they put one in the ammo dump across the way. The one I liked, is they put one in the mess hall and everyone clapped. Also there was a guy who went ballistic with his weapon and started shooting everything in sight.

Cpl. Mike Orlowski Plt 1042 PI Aug 1966 CAG's 67, 68, 69

My husband is a Navy Corpsman deployed with the 1-24 Marines in Iraq. And we have three boys and every time they talk with dad on the phone they ask Dad Semper Fi, and wait for his answer of Always. Every time we see a Marine sticker on cars we go through the same thing. And they can not stop until everyone answers them loud and clear.

Sheboygan, WI

Marine Designated Marksman

Sgt. Grit,
I wanted to pass this along, Glenn Ford born in Canada, joined the Corps in 1942 served as a Pvt. Later on he received a commission in the USNR, saw action in Korea and Vietnam. Retired as a full Captain O-6.

Semper Fi,
USMC 76-81, USN 82-94

Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Just Be a Brawl
Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Just Be a Brawl

Destroyed in 30 Minutes or the Next Ones Free
Destroyed in 30 Minutes or the Next Ones Free

Welcome Home Marine, Job Well Done!
Semper fi
Sgt Grit

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