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AmericanCourage #201     28 MAY 2009

My son is in the Marine reserves and I am very proud of him, although it came as a shock when he joined up (didn't know he was even considering it). As hard as 'boot' camp seemed to be, it was the best thing for him. This nation seems to be loosing 'its' way and purpose. just know that there are some of us who still believe in this country and the men and women defending it. Thank you for your service.

Proud Marine Mom.

My Marine My Hero Shirt

It is difficult to tell you what an honor it is and how much I enjoy putting together the Sgt Grit and AmericanCourage Newsletters. I get to see the stories first. I am the first to see the emotion, pain, patriotism, honor, pride, humor, that go into each story. I take this privilege seriously and thank you for trusting me with your stories.

Semper Fidelis
Sgt Grit


I know most of the commotion about women Marines is good natured and intended as ribbing between fellow Marines. But I would like to give you my thoughts on the matter.

My daughter after seeing two brothers graduate from Parris Island decided that she too wanted to join. She gave up a good paying job with the State of Kentucky so she could earn the title of Marine, not female Marine. She wanted to make that sacrifice to be someone special and to serve her country. She never played the "female card" as she would say and finished the crucible on a fractured pelvis.

After her MOS training as a combat engineer she was assigned to MCAS Yuma, Az. She was proud of her accomplishments and so were her mother and me. Although having a daughter that could hit her target at 500yds and blow up anything standing was interesting to tell the neighbors. But she was Marine, not a female Marine.

I give you this background information because on 5/10/09, Mothers Day, two Marines came to inform us that our daughter, Kelli M. Rawlings, LCpl of Marines was killed in a traffic accident along with another young Marine in Yuma, Az. The third Marine in the car is fighting for his life in an area hospital.

The Marines that came to our door did not come to inform us of our female Marine dying. The honor guard at her casket did not care that she was female. The pallbearers that so honorably carried her to her resting place didn't care that she was female. And the Marines that fired the volleys and certainly the Marine that gave her mother and me her folded flag did not mention that she was female, only that she was a Marine.

I give you this account from a grieving father and mother to say that ALL Marines are special and deserve our thoughts and prayers during this time of conflict.

Thank you,
David and Sharon Rawlings
Proud parents of three Marines.

And I Quote...

"One man with courage makes a majority"
-- Andrew Jackson

Comment: I wore my Mother's Day Shirt and everyone loved it.
ME TOO Thank you!
Doreen wearing Mother's Day shirt

I served in the Marines in Vietnam in '70-'71. I can still remember coming home to a lot of people yelling "baby killer" to me, which I guess is really tame considering the other spoken abuses not mentioned.

About 10 or 15 years ago my wife and I went to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. We attended one of their shows, "the James Rogers show". At the end of the singing, he honored all the veterans by having them stand and be recognized.

As I sat down, the lady in front of me turned and said "THANK YOU". For many veterans, and myself especially, those two words and that moment in time will never be forgotten. In the past almost forty years since I served in Vietnam, I have never heard those words spoken to me. I never thought about it, til she said it. I broke down in tears and thanked her from the bottom of my heart. I may never know her name, but I will always remember her gratitude to this veteran.

I think that's all a lot of us veterans want, is just to be recognized that we served our country, and that someone is thankful for it. When I returned from Vietnam, I didn't think anybody was. I hope that somehow she sees this; and that I have a very special "THANK YOU" for her.

Brian Schultz
Force Logistics Command
Vietnam '70-'71

4th of July Shirt

Hi there to you all on sgt grit staff my name is staff sergeant tyler cordell ashwill im out of camp lejeune. i was there from 87 to 2000. I just wanted to say hi and hello to you all there and god bless you and your families and also all My Fellow Marine Brothers. May Them All Come Safe OOH RAH! Take care till next time!

And I Quote...

"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one."
-- Alexander Hamilton

D.E. Gunner: as you cradle your beloved Jean in your USMC-issued strength, bear in mind that wives of Marines are guaranteed to stand behind their Marine, as he Stands Post at the Gates of Heaven. I'm confident that were you to contact your closest Marine facility (Recruiting Station, whatever), you'd find that your Brothers and Sisters would be there for you in this time of need. Semper Fidelis, Gunner, and Semper Fraternis.
CONNELY/R. Sgt, USMC, RVN '66 - '68

Marine Wall I too have a picture: My husband and two sons. I had my husbands (1970) picture "redone" with the newer background to match the boys'.

(The "redone" photo is on left.)

Kathy Shumway

And I Quote...

"When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber"
-- Winston Churchill

Good page to keep track of the wars.

And I Quote...

"It has been said that all Government is an evil. It would be more proper to say that the necessity of any Government is a misfortune. This necessity however exists; and the problem to be solved is, not what form of Government is perfect, but which of the forms is least imperfect."
-- James Madison

Gunner...Let it be known that the Gates are not only guarded by Marines but are also guarded by the wives of Marines. I lost my wife to cancer a few weeks ago and my heart goes out to you. I know that we old Marines don't shed tears easily but when we do they come in torrents and rightfully so. If it wasn't for our Marine Corps family, I wouldn't have made it through the days following my wife's passing.

A friend and former Marine spent the better part of a week trying to keep me from falling completely apart. He flew in from another part of the country to be with me. This is what we are all about. We take care of our brothers in many different ways. I will never believe that caregivers are underpaid and can't make it elsewhere. The nurses I had from Hospice were the best and kept my wife free from pain and were there for the whole family. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and you must believe that our wives are standing tall backing up those Marines guarding the Gates of Heaven.

Semper Fi,
Terry Terrell
Sgt. USMC 1966-70

Tallahassee Highland Games honors WWII Marine Joe, Jack, and Bob Marine Jack Rosenau, who will be 90 in November, was the honored guest at the Tallahassee Highland Games on May 16, 2009. He later served in the Army, the Air force & the Coast Guard Aux. but remains a proud Marine. His late wife, Jean, was also a WWII Marine. He's wearing a kilt in the Leatherneck Tartan Jean made for him. In the group shot, I'm to Jack's right, and Joe Lindsay Haley is on the left.

Robert A. Hall
Former SSgt, USMC

And I Quote...

"The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time."
-- Thomas Jefferson

The History Channel is producing a series on Tattoos and Tattoo Culture with one episode being dedicated to Military tattoos.

They have a specific request for WWII and Korea Era Tattoos.

If you are interested, you can submit your tattoo to us at

Semper Fi
Sgt Grit


Just returned home from our 18th Annual Convention, Department of Georgia Marine Corps League. We were hosted by Det. 1260, Albany, Ga. and had an extremely great convention. Included in the schedule was a tour of MCLB Albany, and all of you old, like myself, Marines would be in awe at what our Corps is doing with design, engineering, fabrication, refab, and restoring equipment used by our younger brothers around the world. Col Gillen, the OIC gave us quite a tour and lecture of what the active duty Marines and the civilian corps (most of whom are old Marines themselves) at Albany have accomplished.

We were also graced with the attendance and a very informative speech about the new Wounded Warrior Program given by Regimental Sgt Maj Blumenberg.

Any of you old Marines out there who want to join a group of fellow Marines who never give up should contact your local detachment(s) of the Marine Corps League. All that is required is proof that an individual is an active duty, retired, honorably discharged United States Marine and/or a Fleet Marine Corpsman. It is a great feeling to be able to stay in touch with our younger brothers on active duty and help them and their families with the stresses and strains of deployments. Some of us may be in the "ancient" status be old but we are not useless as yet in providing aid, comfort, and fellowship to our Brothers of any age.

Included in our endeavors are such organizations as The Young Marines, ages 6 to 17; The Military Order of Devil Dogs, an honorary society; Marine For Life program; the Wounded Warrior program; and just plain helping those Marines that fell through the "cracks" during and after leaving active/reserve service.

To find a local detachment go click on your State and locality. It is a very rewarding experience to be able to stay in touch with the honor of service and fellowship we knew in our past active duty experiences.

All good Marines will find something they can accomplish no matter how young, old, or decrepit they may feel waiting for that last set of orders to St. Pete's Guard Unit.

Semper Fi
and always remember that "once a Marine-------ALWAYS"

Deane Halsey Gilmour, Jr.
Sgt At Arms-Det 647-"Greater Atlanta"
U.S.M.C. 4/64-7/68
RVN 1st MAW 66-67

And I Quote...

"Fear is the beginning of submission"
-- Catherine Ponder

1947 USMC Parade Jeep Well, Here it is.. Just rolled out of the garage.. Thanks so much for the flags & tubs.

I had the color matched to the decals. Someday maybe I can afford someone to airbrush them, then clearcoat. Will need new rubber soon. I am taking it to the MidWest Annual Jeep reunion the 15, 16, & 17 here in Mason OH. 1947 USMC Parade Jeep I also will be carrying the Grand Marshall in the American Legion Memorial Day parade here in Mason OH.

Semper Fi,
Mike Miller
Grill Sgt.

And I Quote...

"Men, to act with vigor and effect, must have time to mature measures, and judgment and experience, as to the best method of applying them. They must not be hurried on to their conclusions by the passions, or the fears of the multitude. They must deliberate, as well as resolve."
-- Joseph Story, 1833

Emblem Business Card Holder I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with this item. I have to admit after placing the order I did have a little bit of buyers remorse since it was a gift for my long time boyfriend's 30th birthday. However, when it arrived in the mail I was more than pleased. This item is so beautiful and he has received so many compliments on it, not just from other Marines, but from everyone who sees it! In fact we are planning on purchasing another one for his father for Christmas.

Thank you.

In early May, I wrote to Sergeant Major Swanberg of HQ BN, MCRD, Parris Island noting it would be 50 years since I graduated from PI and would like to attend a graduation. I get a call 2 days later with an invite for my wife and I to meet the Sgt Major at his office on the quarterdeck at which time he would personally walk us to our seats for Morning Colors, set-up us at Graduation and show us the back way off the base to avoid traffic. If I had been CMC, we could not have been treated better. Turns out the 22May graduation would feature both men and women.

General Laster, Base Commander, spoke at both ceremonies. He made a statement at Colors that is so obvious that I, for one, never reflected upon it - like the fact that it is sunny out. "The recruits that we would see graduate this day knew when they enlisted that odds are that they would be placed in harm's way - and most will." They are not the first to do so nor will they be the last. But, that doesn't change the fact that they choose to serve OTHERS knowing they risk of their own lives to do so - BEFORE they become Marines. I found graduation a very humbling experience. H&ll, seems like I went in the Corps to play baseball, wear dress blues, and p!ss off my parents. Didn't exactly turn out that way but I sure didn't make the same decision that these magnificent young men and women did that graduated on 22MAY2009. I don't know about you, but I had never seen 400+/- United State Marines marching in the same place at the same time. D*mn, it is a sight to behold. They were magnificent. The Corps is alive. The Corps is in good hands. The Corps is doing very well, thank you very much.

To SGT MAJOR Swanberg to whom I was important just because I had served 50 years ago, thank you for your courtesies. To the parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors who raised these latest of our greatest Americans, congratulations on a young person well raised. AND, to the Drill Instructors whom these new Marines acquitted so proudly - h&ll of a job. God, I hope Platoon 312 looked so good in '59. But mostly to all of our young Marines who make this old Marine so proud: SEMPER FI

Donald F. Cuniff, Ed.D.
SGT (E-5) 1856589 '59-'64

And I Quote...

"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground."
-- Thomas Jefferson

Have a safe Memorial Day I will be in the color guard again this year on the left side as always. We (the VFW) put up one hundred eighty flags at the local cemetery for a parade of flags, a short parade from our down town area out to the cemetery and a short ceremony with the laying of wreaths. at our veterans memorial. Semper Fi Joe

Memorial Day Color Guard Memorial Day Parade Memorial Day Parade

This morning my customer told me a very touching story. She had a Bull Dog, in fact a relative to the current USMC mascot. She named her Semper Fiona. She was a very well behaved dog and didn't go near the street, she knew better. On Mother's Day, the woman's grandson, age 3 came for a visit. The boy was playing outside and got too close to the street and just in time the dog ran between the boy and the street. She pushed the boy closer toward the house and unfortunately she was hit. She died that day, saving the life of her owner's grandson. Semper Fiona was a very smart and loyal pet and will be missed immensely.

Semper Fidelis

Erin P. Guffey
Sgt Grit
Customer Service Representative

Winston wearing a Marine hat Hey all you Marines, This is my dog Winston he will do anything for a treat. This is my brothers old hat from circa 68. Both my brothers were Marines one has passed away and the other is dealing with agent orange issues. I was just young enough to miss V/N. I wish you and all your brothers a safe Memorial Day and Thank you!

Richard Burchiel

And I Quote...

"Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."
-- Thomas Paine

Sgt Grit;
A couple of days ago my CO (wife) decided that it was time to plant some color around our home, and while shopping for plants, I spied the EGA on a hat so I had to say Semper Fi. A couple of minutes later I learned that I had the honor of talking to a Korea vet. Sgt Howard (Gene) E. Frasier from D-2-5. I was spell bound to listen to stories of the Old Corps. Needless to say when I finally caught up with my wife, she told me that I had been listed as AWOL as soon as she saw the EGA on the others hat.
Sgt Rick Knowles 2130420 1964-1971

Reading the letters about the barracks at Parris Island, I would like to say the following.

My yellow foot prints were across the street from what is now the Second Battalion Chow Hall.

First Battalion was the brick barracks on the main drag. Second Battalion was on Panama Street and were the only wooden barracks still in use. The new receiving area now sits where my barracks was located.

Third Battalion was the lonely battalion in brick barracks still located in the same place today out near what was the dump or land fill...

I remember a lot from the Island since I was assigned there as an MP for two years. A lot has changed there, but the memories never fade from your mind.

71 - 93

And I Quote...

"To cherish and stimulate the activity of the human mind, by multiplying the objects of enterprise, is not among the least considerable of the expedients, by which the wealth of a nation may be promoted."
-- Alexander Hamilton, 1791

I will never forget P I this 18 yoa from Pa, Plt 132 1Bat. C co. main grinder this boy from Pa never knew what heat was until I arrived at P I June 1961 I thought I found H&LL. The DI's made it happen every once an a while I get the old plt book out and take a look see I often think where every one ended up lost track of most of them as you during boot you did get to know everyone not much time to chit chat. I would like to thank all my DI's all my life when things gotten hard I think back and guess what the spark they put in me is still there, who would think ? something to say about the training and still 48 years later I still think about it, I am a better person for it I do believe with all my heart Keep up the good work.

Sgt. Carl l. Robacker
1832109 USMC

I just returned from a visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps located in Triangle Va. The Museum is a very impressive place and distinctive venue to showcase the great and rich history of our beloved Corps. It is almost like going into a cathedral. However, the best moment came when my brother, a Marine veteran, and I were looking at the wall dedicated to Marine Medal of Honor recipients and noticed a young well groomed man standing nearby. He overheard my brother and I discussing our time in the Corps during the late 50ths and early 60ths. He approached us and shook our hands and thanked us for our service and stated that we "cold warriors" and others who came before him set the stage for present day Marines.

I later found out that he was a SSGT with 10 years service currently stationed at Keonhe Bay and in the area undergoing treatment for wounds sustained in Iraq. Of course we thanked him for his service to the Corps and sacrifice to our country. He went on to say he wasn't sure that he would be retained, due to his disability, but stated if that is the case the last 10 years were the best of his life. As a former Marine Commandant once said "were to we get such men". The Marine Corps is the greatest band of brothers and sisters ever in America's history.

Bob Lake

Sgt. Grit

Ordered items via internet on Friday. All items arrived in perfect shape on Tuesday.
Youth Support Our Troops Shirt As normal, no complains, just praise for outstanding service. I have a 6 year old boy, who gets to wear the "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" tee shirt to school on Friday for USA Day. He picked it out from the online store and is very proud to be able to wear it to school.

Carry On Marine
Semper Fi
Sgt T. E. Young
Des Moines, IA.

And I Quote...

"A man who is 'of sound mind', is one who keeps the inner 'madman' under lock and key."
-- Paul Valery

Sgt. Grit, Thank you for continuing this great communication. I served my country during a time of relative peace from 1955 to 1959. I tell folks that we were "Guardians of the Peace", or that the reputation alone of the Marine Corps was sufficient to keep the saber rattlers quiet.

I met two outstanding men during my tour that I am still close with today, I met Don Carroll from Avon, Ohio who as recently as 1999 assisted me in restoring a 1954 Sprint car, and Alann Steen from Hingham Mass. Steen and I met at H&HS 161, Oppama Japan in 1958. We have kept in touch over the years sometimes just at Christmas time but always in touch. I helped his wife Virginia in a letter writing campaign when he was taken hostage while they taught at Beirut University College, Lebanon. I visited the Steens after his release from 5 years of captivity in her home at Clark lake Michigan and when they lived in Casper Wyoming and two years ago was with Him in Spokane Washington. We email constantly.

The association I've had with these fine Marines are a high point of my life, and I treasure their friendship. John Malone #1528675, Lance Corporal, Temporarily Unassigned Old Corps.

Quilts of Valor Across America Road Trip

The thoughtfulness of your QOV has been healing balm to my soul. This quilt is a piece of home and source of strength I use when I am down.

The Chaplain presented me the quilt that you all had made and I had to fight back the tears. I had no idea that people really cared so much.

After the shell shock, trauma and intense pain, as well as numerous surgeries, your quilt was just the thing I needed.

Please continue the outstanding work you are doing. Also know that when you touch our hearts you also heal our souls.

When I get scared with the memories of war, I curl up in the quilt and everything goes away. It makes me and the hundreds of wounded I've seen feel better knowing there are people in the states who care about us.

I gave away another quilt, and the big bad Marine cried.

I received the Purple Heart because of injuries while in Iraq. But the presentation of the quilt hit me hard. It isn't another military medal to be placed in a box.

A lot of times veterans don't receive the recognition that we deserve. I was moved to tears on Sunday after receiving my quilt.

Quilts of Valor Across America Road Trip Delivery Service Needs YOU We need you and your friends to make this road trip happen.

One world, two frames of mind:
Attention until further notice
Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.
We apologize for the inconvenience


Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

I have been looking to get another Marine Corps tattoo for quite some time but had a hard time finding anything that I liked. I got USMC tattooed on my right calf 4 years ago but wanted something different and somewhat unique. I finally found it about a month ago, thanks to your online store. I got the idea from one of the T-shirts that is in your catalog (I also bought the T-shirt). Here is the final product that is on the inside of my left bicep. I'm also including the T-shirt design from your catalog.

Marine Corps Cross tattoo Design that inspired Marine Corps Cross tattoo

Keep up the outstanding work Sgt Grit! Semper Fi

Mike Trebon
Cpl USMC 1986 - 1990

2 weeks ago, there ABOUT I had my day made. I was at Lowe's Motor speed way with my wife and a friend visiting from Redding Ca., sitting on my Electric cart, looking at T shirts when a Gentleman walked by, stopped and called to another Gentleman, saying well look here! He was a Marine, and the other was a retired Marine, brothers. I have an EGA sticker on the front of the cart and was wearing a Golf shirt with the Iwo Jima Flag Raising on it. #1 said he had just come out to visit his brother and bring him a small vial of the Sands of Iwo. #2 handed me the vial and tears came instantly, as I said I had the privilege of doing a Memorial on Iwo in February 1954, but wasn't smart enough to pick up any sand. What an awesome trip that was, and what a thrill to touch the sand again after all these years. I failed to get a name or any information on these two brother Marines, but hope they read this news letter, and let me say thank you for making my day. And what a pleasure to meet these two fine Gentlemen. God Bless and thank you so much for bringing back some very deep emotions and memories. Some where around the 7th of May I believe at Lowe's Motor Speed Way Charlotte NC.

Bob Schwerin
2-53 2-61

And I Quote...

"The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse."
-- James Madison,1829

Kevin Kjornes,

Was reading the letters to Sgt Grit and yours struck a cord. I too was stationed at Kaneohe Bay Hawaii-Feb. to Oct 1955. The 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd MarDiv, was moved from Nara Japan to Kaneohe Bay. We were the first to occupy the new base. I still have the edition of the local newspaper that heralded our arrival. The Marines before us were a small security force until we arrived.

I too had a son follow my footsteps. I presently have a Grandson who followed my footsteps also, he is presently in Iraq. I followed the footsteps of two uncles who served in WWII.

Thanks for reviving a long ago adventure. It is absolutely true that "once a Marine, always a Marine. I am presently a member of the Steven Dee Merrell Detachment of the Marine Corps League. The Corps is the other love in my life.

Stan Brangham
Cpl of Marines 1953-1955

Louis Asta's Ram decorated with Bumper Stickers my name is louis asta, i'm the very proud parent of lance corporal daniel asta. just back from Iraq, and to all the men and woman were all behind you. your doing heck of a job and we're all proud of you.

See the Ram

semper fi
- louis

And I Quote...

"A fondness for power is implanted, in most men, and it is natural to abuse it, when acquired."
-- Alexander Hamilton

Sgt Grit:
Sometime ago you asked for sea stories from former Seagoing Marines. Here is mine:

The USS Coral Sea arrived on October 31, 1956 in the vicinity of Alexandria, Egypt. As I recall, our entire Marine Detachment, with no other personnel involved, except the boat crews that were to operate the landing craft, were to deliver our Marine Detachment ashore at Port Said for the purpose of assisting American citizens in the evacuation from the area during the bombing by the British and French and we were to have gone as far south as Cairo, Egypt to offer assistance.

The Marine Detachment was relieved of all normal duties, which included guarding the Special Weapons, manning the ship's Brig and staff orderly duty, aboard the USS Coral Sea CVA-43. We worked through the night loading the landing crafts with weapons and ammunition. Being well equipped, our arsenal included our M-1 rifles, 45 caliber pistols, a 50-caliber machine gun, several Thompson sub machine guns, mortars, rocket launchers and hand grenades. We were prepared for any hostilities.

Our uniforms for the landing were khakis and helmets, but were to wear our barracks caps ashore to the port so we would not alarm the civilian and military populations. We were briefed as to our mission and then told to rest before boarding the landing crafts. We were scheduled to leave the ship early the following morning. For several days we lay in wait for the order to board the landing crafts. Then, an order came to stand down. There were approximately 75 Marines ready to go ashore if ordered to do so. We were to be led by Captain George C. Fox, USMC and M/Sgt George F. Frederiksen, USMC.

The "Floating Battalion of Marines, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment" came on scene to assist in the evacuation of American personnel. Civilians were delivered aboard the USS Coral Sea while we steamed in circles off the coast of Egypt.

During the month of November 1956, and well after the planned landing by the Marine Detachment, an attempt was made to form the Ship's Landing Party aboard the USS Coral Sea. The Marine Detachment was in charge of this operation. It was to include naval personnel but it was never completed. Most of the naval personnel had jobs to do that were important to the day-to-day operation of the ship; therefore the Landing Party was never completely formed. Their reasoning was understandable.

The USS Coral Sea stayed off the coast of the Suez Canal for almost 30 days. From late October through November 23, 1956 we remained on station at points Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses off the Suez Canal.

During that period of time, British and French aircraft flew over the USS Coral Sea on their way to bombing missions at Port Said and the Suez Canal. Explosions lighted the sky and could be seen in the distance. We flew large American Flags that were illuminated at night with spotlights so the foreign planes flying over us would not mistake us to be hostile.

Historical Facts:

On 26 October, 1956 the United States learned of Israel's military mobilization, and President Dwight Eisenhower sent the first of two personal messages to Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion asking that Israel do nothing to endanger the peace. In the Mediterranean on the 28th of October, 1956, the U.S. Sixth Fleet was placed on alert. Undeterred by U.S. diplomatic maneuvering, Israeli forces began attacks in Egypt on 29 October.

5 November 1956, British and French captured Port Fuad and Port Said.
6 November 1956, cease fire forced by U.S. pressure.
8 November 1956, hostilities ended.

The following day Britain and France began to make their move. The British government issued an Anglo-French ultimatum calling on the Israelis and Egyptians to withdraw their forces to a distance of 10 miles from the Suez Canal and demanding that Egypt allow British and French forces to temporarily occupy key positions guarding the canal.

That same day, Admiral Walter F. Boone, U.S. Commander Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, ordered the Sixth Fleet to assist in the evacuation of U.S. nationals from Israel and Egypt. Coral Sea (CVA 43) and Randolph (CVA 15), the fleet's two attack carriers that were already operating in the eastern Mediterranean, were directed to keep clear of British naval units operating there. In Norfolk, Va., the Navy ordered one attack carrier, a heavy cruiser and a destroyer squadron to get ready to sail to the Mediterranean to augment the Sixth Fleet and a second CVA and a division of destroyers to be on 72-hour notice. The Anglo-French attack on Egypt began at dusk on 31 October with a series of large-scale air strikes.

The following day Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Arleigh Burke signaled Vice Admiral Charles R. "Cat" Brown, Commander Sixth Fleet: "Situation tense; prepare for imminent hostilities." Brown signaled back: "Am prepared for imminent hostilities, but whose side are we on?" In classic Burke style, the CNO's return response was, "Keep clear of foreign op areas but take no guff from anybody."

Adapted from "Answering the Call: Carriers in Crises Response Since World War II," By Jeffrey G. Barlow

Clinton M. Cox
Marine Detachment
Pvt - Pfc aboard USS Coral Sea CVA-43 (Aircraft Carrier)
Discharged 1959 as Sgt E-4 Serial No. 1523455

And I Quote...

"Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for, I have grown not only gray, but almost blind in the service of my country."
-- George Washington, 1783

Hello Sgt. Grit,

Thought I would share a photo of an Honor Quilt I made for the WWII USMC Veteran Clarence Peterson of Texas.

Honor Quilt made for a WWII USMC Veteran Clarence worked as a radio operator on Guam and other areas of the Pacific.

Below is a letter from Clarence's daughter Sharon:


I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I was hoping to get all the pics my mom took as well as mine. They are attached.

My dad was very surprised about the quilt and couldn't believe someone he didn't even know would do something so awesome.

My Marine son Sgt Derrick Brown surprised me by coming home for Mother's Day, so I surprised my parents by bringing Derrick with me to the local Cracker Barrel where they have breakfast every Thursday morning with long time friends, which is where the pictures were took. It was there we presented the quilt to my dad.

Thank you so much for doing this act of love. I know it took a lot of hard work to put together such a beautiful quilt and my family will be forever grateful.

Sharon of Arlington, Texas

Our Public Media Television Station KUAT-TV Channel 6 here in Tucson, Arizona is airing, "Tucson Remembers: The Korean War". The station's TV producer had contacted a number of Tucson Korean War veterans (including me) asking if he could interview the veterans regarding their experiences in the Korean War. All who were contacted happily consented and a wonderful television program has resulted. A pre-public viewing of the program was shown to the veterans and their guests on Sunday, May 17 at a University of Arizona television auditorium here in Tucson, Arizona. Over 200 people attended the 'event'. The program is two hour in length and will be shown at various times on various days. If you are interested for specific information regarding the program, call KUAT-TV at this telephone number: 520-621-5828. Semper Fi,
Al Bettiga
3rd Bn, 5th Marine Regmt. 1st Marine Division Korea 1951-52

Albert Bettiga
albett @ earthlink .net

And I Quote...

"A fondness for power is implanted, in most men, and it is natural to abuse it, when acquired."
-- Alexander Hamilton

Hello, my name is Stephen W. Scott. I have just had my first book published, titled, Sergeant Major Dan Daly: The Most Outstanding Marine Of All Time. I am a historian and former Marine. I am a member of the MCL as well as the MCA. I received a research grant from the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation in 2008 to start this project. Now that it is finished, I am attempting to inform various Marine Corps organizations and outlets of its existence. It is available at Barnes and Nobles as well as other various online bookstores. It is also available through my website at along with this, for every book purchased through my personal website, a one dollar donation is given to the Marine toys for tots foundation. Currently the book retails for about $24.95 at various stores. It is sold from my website for $19.99.

Stephen W. Scott
Semper Fi

I was at MCRD June of 1968 Platoon 1039 Honor Platoon My oldest was there in March 1988, and my youngest son is there now he was platoon 1049 and they also were Honor platoon. He is home now on a ten day leave he will graduate from High school May 23, 2009, his school principle refuses to let him wear his uniform, I think it is sad when this happens; the recruiters said that no other school has done this. My son goes to North Central High School Farmersburg, Indiana. Sullivan County, That is so UN American he must not have been in the military. MY son will get his diploma and when he does he will be in his uniform and be the proud Marine he is.

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"I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the gloom I can see the rays of ravishing light and glory. I can see that the end is worth more than all the means...."
-- John Adams

The 1st Precinct Brotherhood Club and the Town of Babylon have again teamed up together to support our veterans by sponsoring Babylon to Beaches Soldier Ride 2009. The soldier ride is a rehabilitative bicycling program for severely injured servicemen and women, giving them the opportunity to reinvigorate their bodies and showing them how much life still has to offer. Wounded Warrior Project(c) cyclists will be riding through the town to raise awareness for the needs of combat wounded veterans. Come join them on July 24th as they ride from Babylon Town Hall to the Beach. Go to for event information and online sign up. Come out for a great ride and to support a great cause. -Beach Party -50/50 Raffle -Live Music -Military Displays -And more

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"The world ain't going to be saved by nobody's scheme. It's fellows with schemes that got us into this mess. Plans can get you into things, but you got to work your way out."
-- Will Rogers

I Was Green Before Green Was Cool T-shirt
I Was Green Before Green Was Cool T-shirt

Pacifism is a Luxury Paid For By Warriors Bumper Sticker
Pacifism is a Luxury Paid For By Warriors Bumper Sticker

God Bless America!
Semper Fi
Sgt Grit