Proud To Claim The TITLE

Bernie Ruchin in 1943

Always enjoy reading your newsletters and often read letters from Marines exhibiting “Old Corps” photos of themselves or relatives who served God, Country and Corps from the past.

Bernie Ruchin in 2016

Most of these “Old Corps” photos are dated from the 70’s 80’s. I suppose they are old Corps as decades have truly passed. I am going to submit my “Old Corps” photo by taking you all back three quarters of a century. I have attached two photos, the first being my boot camp photo from 1943. The second photo was taken 10 June 2016. I am the Marine on both photos, in the same “greens” issued to me back in 1943. During World War II, shoulder patches were commonly worn, denoting the units in which we served. My shoulder patch is of the Second Marine Division.

I am just as proud today and I was those many years ago to claim the title, United States Marine!

Semper Fi
Bernie Ruchin

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  1. It goes to show you that Once a Marine Always a Marine Semper Fi Sir

  2. I remember my uncle John telling me that there was a saying back in WW2, when a Marine would get to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter would be there and say, ” Let him in, he’s served his time in hell”.

  3. I have been reading about “Sgt. Reckless” the most decorated “Horse” in the Marine Corp in the Korean War.Unfortunately I have never heard of her before having been in the reserves from 1963 to 1970. She has a monument of her at the Marine Museum in Virginia. Several books have been written of her exploits, she was a hero in her time , appearing on TV, in Life & Look Magazines and in Many Many Parades. Look her up on line . As a Marine you will be very impressed. She has motivated me to get back in shape. Sember Fi Sgt.Reckless

      1. In 1954 or 1955 I was with Hdq 1st Eng. Batt, I did some work on the support stall to ship Reckless home. Always remember my time working to build box’s and crates to ship the First Div. home from Korea.

  4. not to be picky here but in boot camp you qualified as a sharpshooter. when did you find time to requalify as expert ? and i wasn’t aware boots qualified with a pistol much less 2 more bars out of boot camp. very “OLD CORPS” but i wonder if memory is fading ?

    1. Yep, your being picky. This brave man did his time in our beloved Marine Corps during WW2, so what does it matter to you or anyone else? Let this Marine live his life now to the fullest as he or his family see fit. When you get to his age, you may forget a few things also. Semper Fi!!

  5. Semper Fi Mr. Ruchin. My father-in-law fought in WW2 and was awarded a silver star and 2 bronze stars. He was an amazing man and as a younger Vietnam Veteran Marine myself, I couldn’t help but to be in awe of his heroic accomplishments. So I say to you sir, God bless you always, and may the blood that runs through your veins always be Marine Corps red. You are the true spirit of my beloved Corps. OooRah!!

    1. I agree. It was a “terrible” war as I have only seen. A different style of war, as we presently see. But we all agree we are MARINES. I’m sure the picture was not pre-graduation as we know it today. Let us celebrate that he can still “wear” that uniform. I can’t. OooRah was not even a part of the “Old Corp”. We are still Marines in our day and today. We did our duty in many places,times and assignments.GOD BLESS THE COTPS.

  6. Back in those days days and after the war we had to requalify every year. The other device is called the”basic badge” from which you wore bars that denoted various weapons you were qualified to use such as the BAR, 45 pistol, bayonet, grenade, flame thrower, etc. He ought to be qualified for still being able to wear his original greens. God bless

  7. Freak’n awesome Gunny Ruchin. Thanks for posting your letter and great photos, which this old Leatherneck thoroughly enjoyed. What an outstanding job staying in Marine shape after all these years. Chesty would be proud. God Bless & Semper Fi Marine!

  8. You Sir are an Original American Bad Ass! Devil pups like myself are in awe of what you, and your “brothers” accomplished in WW II! I spent 21 years as a ground pounder, and anytime I felt myself doubting myself or others, I always thought of the Great Warriors that came before me to motivate myself. Thank you for building a great foundation for our beloved Corps to be built on! Semper Fi……

  9. Today’s Date is – 13 Aug 2016 – 10 am This Reply is to , Marine Harry Eisenberg , Refs To – Sgt Restless After Reading your story dated 29 July 2016 – it was something I had to read to get me more motivated – I say Thank You Marine .. After reading these posted stories it has gotton me off my ass & more motivated … Grad 14 AUG 72 PI 1st Bn PLT 154 SEMPER FI

  10. So Proud of all my marine Brothers from 1775 to date. Yes things do change. I graduated and awarded a set of dress blues for Parris Island top man grad in 1969. No more of that either !. Not to mention the other social liberal policies. The brotherhood will never change nor will the do or die that’s in our historical blood lines. It was hell and our family understood that these Warriors were the first , the finest , and our Sons & Daughters that felt the need to defend to the death those freedoms we preserve as a nation. With much admiration to all Marines , us old guys just say Semper Fidelis…. But OooRa is cool2.

  11. Reporting: Stanley C. “Jack,” Johnston, 541949, USMC, 1942 through December 30, 45, my discharge date. I am 94 years old, was in the 3rd Marine Division, 9th Marines L Company. Have many battle wounds but that have caused miserable problems falling, miss my old buddies, I am at 1284 Cypress Trace Dr. Melbourne , FL.32040,Phone, 1321-259-1545. God bless all.

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