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Marine Parents

We put together this part of the Grunt.com community as a place for parents of Marines to get answers about the Marine Corps.  You can learn about Marine Corps ranks, vehicles, weapons, MOS's, movies, and much more!  If we're missing anything, let us know! We'll find as much as we can on about it and add it to this area ASAP.

Maps, Times, and Weather in the Middle East

World Map If your Marine is Afghanistan or Iraq, you can find maps, clocks (visit the linked pages for the most accurate time), and weather for those locations.  We've also provided you with a world map so you know just where they are in the world. Iraq and Afghanistan are located within Western and Central Asia.


Afghanistan Map

Visit this page for the most accurate time.

Click for Kandahar, Afghanistan Forecast


Iraq Map

Visit this page for the most accurate time.

Click for Baghdad, Iraq Forecast


Wounded Marine Packages

Send a Wounded Marine one of our Wounded Marine Packages!

We have 3 packages: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Additional Resources and Links


One of the best resources for Parents and Mentors of Marines. Created by the United States Marine Corps.