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Buddy Search

Locating Active Duty Marines

To locate active duty Marines, contact the Marine Corps World Wide Locator at Quantico, Va. Their hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The phone number is (703) 784-3942. Their address is:

QUANTICO, VA 22134-5030

For Marines with common last names, a Social Security Number may be required.

Locating Veteran Marines

We have put together a list of all the resources we could find that will help you locate a Marine that is no longer on active duty.

The Marine Corps has no way to assist individuals looking for veteran Marines. Leatherneck magazine runs a monthly feature called "Mail Call," which is one way to try and contact veteran Marines. It is a free service and is printed on a space available basis. Send items for this service to:
Mail Call Editor
P.O. Box 1775
Quantico, VA 22134

1. Start Here

Sites with military databases

1st Marine Division Association Vietnam Veteran Websites
Vet Friends The Few
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall  
Nara Research Room
Military USA  
Military Records NARA FAQ Military Seeking


3rd BN/ 3rd Marines Buddy Registry and Locator POW Network
  Marine Barracks: Subic Bay, Phillippines
Gunny G's Add-Your-Marines-Site-Here! OLD SALT MARINES ROSTER
Oliver Jackson's USMC Homepage

Check the Wall:

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Other Resources:

Reach a Marine
New Marine Corps site dedicated to reaching Marines - Help build this site!
Devil Dog Dispatch
Reconnecting with those who served with you in the Marine Corps.
Dedicated to all Rota Marines who served at the Marine Barracks in Spain.

2. Try this next

Search Directories:

This search directory will let you enter only a name and search either a state or the whole country. You can also do a reverse lookup with a phone number, or look for an email address. Or if you ever had their home address, search for a street, city and state and it will return everyone who lives on that street. If they no longer live there, maybe they have kept in touch with a neighbor. Write a letter or send a postcard to the neighbors.

More Search Directories:

People Find

Geneology Sites:
Enter name......sometimes it may be better to only enter last name as you may find a family member. On the bar below you will find death records and military records. Both may be useful.

VA 1-Stop Service Inquiry Page
Military Related

3. When All Else Fails

Fee-Based Military Searches:

American Veteran's Search
Military USA

4. Other Types of Searches

Pride of Service OR Stolen Valor?

Do you have a friend, co-worker, neighbor, politician, etc., who have laid questionable claim to heroism? Here are some terrific websites where you can verify their claim as a Navy Seal, Prisoner of War, or Medal of Honor recipient. (Now you can see if they really earned those ribbons or simply won the high bid on eBay!)

Medal of Honor Recipients
Navy Seals
Prisoners of War Network
Hunting The Phonies

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