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Help Marines

Marines Need You!

The following groups or individuals are organizing local or national drives to ship items to the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. We've put together a list of those we are aware of. Be sure to readthis important Department of Defense Announcement before sending items overseas.

Troop Support Mail Policy

No. 1100-04
Nov 02, 2004
DoD Stresses Troop Support Mail Policy

The Department of Defense announced today the continued suspension of the “Any Servicemember” mail program. Accordingly, the general public is urged not to send unsolicited mail, care packages or donations to service members during the holiday season.

During this time of the year, the number of donation programs increases and causes mail from families and friends to be mixed with mail from unknown sources resulting in delivery delays.

DoD continues to emphasize that names and addresses of military service members must not be distributed by the media, Web sites, companies, non-profit organizations, schools and individuals for the purpose of collecting letters of support or donations for mailing to service members.

Service members should receive mail only from those friends and family members to whom they personally give their address. Military addresses should not be passed around by family members for use by donation programs. Unknown mailers could then obtain those addresses and mail harmful items to service members.

For these reasons, DoD continues to indefinitely suspend general donation programs from unknown mailers. Americans, who don’t have loved ones deployed overseas, can still show support during the holidays by other means. A list of these programs is available at

To guarantee mail arrives in time for end of year holidays, family members are encouraged to view the USPS mailing guidelines.

Sgt Grit Wounded Marine Packages

Support a Marine with one of our Wounded Marine packages.

Groups and Individuals shipping items to Marines

The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-type services to our men and women in uniform. The original intent of Congress — and enduring style of USO delivery — is to represent the American people by extending a touch of home to the military. The USO currently operates more than 135 centers worldwide, including ten mobile canteens located in the continental United States and overseas. Overseas centers are located in Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Qatar, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Guam, and Kuwait. Service members and their families visit USO centers more than 7 million times each year. The USO is the way the American public supports the troops.

USO List

The following is a list of acceptable items for care packages that I received from the USO in Jacksonville, NC.:

  • Individual packaged crackers and cookies
  • Lifesavers, hard candies (no chocolate)
  • Individual packaged nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, pistachios
  • Individual beef jerky
  • Packets of powdered Gatorade, Kool-Aid with sugar added
  • Individual snack packs (i.e. Pretzels, Cheese Nips, Fritos)
  • Travel size: Shampoo, mouthwash, sunscreen, toothpaste, toothbrushes, female products, stick deodorant (only), combs, disposable razors, shave gel, lotion and hand sanitizer
  • Band-aids, sunglasses, moleskin, fly bait, "Bounce" dryer sheets (helps to keep insects away)
  • Word puzzle books, magazines, pens, pencils, writing paper, and envelopes.
  • Gifts of money for the purchase of military items and assist in shipping costs.

They cannot accept or ship the following:
Homemade baked goods/carbonated drinks/aerosol products/liquid products/bulk size items/pornographic material

It would be great if you could mention to your devoted readers to contact their local USO about donating these items to be sent overseas. If your readers are close to a military facility they might want to check with the information officer for details about possibly dropping items off for them to send over to our troops.

In my recent conversations with friends at Camp LeJeune they have told me that also in the past, school supplies have been collected for Iraqi children as well.

Just thought that today and tomorrow were good days to be reminded of our men and women serving in all branches of the military and to let them know how much we appreciate their sacrifices.

Claudia DeMaggio

Moto Mail

"MotoMail" is a new program that allows friends and family to send an electronically transmitted letter to their Marines who are deployed in Iraq. The Marine actually receives a letter, not an e-mail.

Even if you don't know a Marine, you can send your personal message to the Marines.

Click on the link below, sign up and send mail or messages to the Marines in Iraq. They would love to get your letters and messages, especially during the holidays.

American Canyon Troop Support

Located 35 Miles north of San Francisco. American Canyon Troop Support takes donations from the public and we send care packages to Iraq or Afghanistan. There is only one condition/s:

  • The solider must be in Iraq or Afghanistan
  • The soldier must have a connection with American Canyon.

I say one rule because, if anyone in American Canyon knows of a person in Iraq or Afghanistan, that qualifies as a connection, because we support ALL TROOPS. So if any of us learn of a name of a troop we send them a package. American Canyon Group
We are getting ready for Christmas. We recently received $4000 from the local Wal-Mart, $2000 from the local Kiwanis, hundreds from simple workers like you and I. As parents of a Marine, we are so proud of our soldiers, but we are also proud of the community support.
Edward West

Care Packages to Iraq

My husband (a retired Marine) and I are heading up a project to send Care Packages to the Troops in Iraq. We are told that they must be personally addressed to an individual or they cannot be delivered (for safety/security reasons).

Please send us the names and complete mailing addresses for any Marines they know in Iraq, we will do our best to get a package to each of them. We plan to do this year round, not just through the holidays.

If you care to share any personal information - whether they are married or not, have children, where they are from, etc. it would give us the ability to personalize the packages a little more.

Thanks for any help you can give us. We have FIVE MARINES IN OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY - - my husband, daughter, son, and two sons-in-law. One son-in-law is headed for Iraq mid-January.

Also, you can go onto and there are tons of addresses (for all services) of platoon leaders, etc. who have volunteered to be a "point person" to hand out packages sent. All packages have to be sent to a SPECIFIC PERSON - - as you will see from that web site, the second line of the address can be: "Any Soldier" (or as I did - "Any Marine") - - - Lou Forrest

Care Packages to Operation Enduring Freedom

The American Legion Post 205 in Keifer Ok are sending care packages to our troops in enduring freedom. For more information contact:
Commander - Tony Taylor at 918-630-2754

Afgan Kids fund "Balls not Bullets"

Our very own AMA Graduate from the class of 1975, Brigadier General Larry Nicholson, USMC is the Commanding General, 2D Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Task Force Leatherneck, in Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.

Asked what AMA could do to help his mission of bringing peace to the region he sent the following request via e-mail:

“I think the first order I'd like to place with you is school supplies. Coloring books and crayons, markers, pencils, and small spiral notebooks for elementary age school kids. Soccer balls are always a big hit as well. Those are some items that would have an immediate impact. Inexpensive kids sunglasses, beanie babies (or facsimiles), squirt guns, bubble blowers etc. are always hot items. Frankly, there is very little that is not immensely appreciated by these kids who have so very little. The good we will buy with these dime store gifts is truly incalculable. Semper Fidelis, Larry”

In a subsequent e-mail when asked how many soccer balls he’d like to have, Larry replied:

“Soccer balls are best delivered 100 at a shot, frankly, you can’t send too many, 100 a month will all be put to good use... I really look forward to the sunglasses, pencils, markers etc… I’ll make sure to get photos back to you ... I think the areas we will be in will be more permissive in that kids will not be targeted for their association. We will work to ensure as best we can that Afghan Police and soldiers hand out the goods. We are trying to build that linage between them and the community. Many thanks; they will definitely be greatly appreciated by the kids. Semper Fidelis, Larry” We now need your financial support to make this mission possible!

Please mail in your tax deductible contribution ($10, $20, $50, $100) to:
“AMA Alumni Foundation”
with a designation to
“AMA’s Afghan Kids Campaign”.

Mail to: AMA Afghan Kids Campaign
P.O. Box 101
Fort Defiance, Va. 24437-0101

All of the proceeds collected will be used to purchase and send the requested items to Larry Nicholson.

Any questions email Tina at

Ellis County Military Moms

Our group is a group of Moms called Ellis County Military Moms. My son has been to Iraq 2 times headed for a third When he was deployded I did this to keep me occupied but I still continue on. Our son is with 3/7 and now we have adopeted 1/7 and others to ship to we will always support our troops so if anyone has questions or wants to help out It will be greatly appreciated.
Tina Proud Marine Mom
Ellis County Military Moms
Red Oak Texas

Florida VFW and Ladies Aux.

VFW Posts 8463 & Ladies Aux.(Cape Coral) & VFW Post 10127 & Ladies Auxliliary(N. Ft. Myers), in District 13, Southwest Florida have been collecting items to ship out to their Adopted Unit in Fallujah. The District President Pete Nicholsen Sr. and his wife Kathy, of Cape Coral, have a son Cpl. Peter C. Nicholsen Jr., USMC, currently serving with the 2nd Tank Bn, C-Co., 3rd Plt.
Anyone interested in pitching in with either a monetary donation (for postal cost) or other, can forward to:
VFW Post 8463
4709 SE 11 Pl.
Cape Coral, Fl. 33904
Attn: District 13 Commander
Pete Nicholsen Sr.

Give to the Troops

Mission: To support the physical, moral, and spiritual health of America's armed forces in combat zones around the world through the letters and packages prepared and shipped by caring volunteers.
Give2TheTroops, Inc.
PO Box 320063
Fairfield, CT 06824
Web Site ~

The Hugs Project

Our "mission" is to place a "hug" (cooling necktie) around the neck of every American living in the Middle East. We want every deployed military person to know that we love and support them in their mission to provide freedom to the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Over 70,000 "hugs" have been mailed to military members serving in the "sandbox" since June 2004, as well as thousands of care packages. But, we will continue hugging our troops until they can all come home. WE NEED MORE HELP! Cool ties are a very simple project that even a beginner can sew. There is nothing you could send (short of an air conditioner) that would help cool them off better than a "hug". This is a wonderful project for 4-H groups, sewing circles, VFW auxiliaries, churches and anyone with a big heart for our troops. All instructions can be sent out by email.

We depend on donations to buy fabric and crystals. Checks should be made out to The Hugs Project and a tax receipt will be returned to you, please enclose your email address.

If you would like to be a part of "The 'Hugs' Project", send an Email to: thehugsproject (at) or visit The "Hugs" Project Website
Please mention that you heard about this effort from Sgt. Grit.

Maine MCL and VFW

The two local organization that I belong to are helping Marines overseas by sending packages and phone cards. They are the Marine Corps League, Bangor detachment 1151 (Commandant: Bob Goulette,, and the Hampden VFW detachment, Whitcomb-Baker Post #4633, 41 Canoe Club Rd. Hampden, ME 04444, Tel. 207-862-2553. Commander....Weldon P. Young, Jr., Quartermaster.....William H.Sinclair, Jr., Adjutant.....Samuel C. Cannon, Service Officer....Charles S. Gould.
I'm sure the parent organization are also involved.

Manasota Operation Troop Support

Manasota Operation Troop Support is a non-profit organization that serves deployed troops to the Middle East from our Florida Manatee and Sarasota counties; before, during and after their deployment. Our mission statement can be found at We serve the troop and their families.

One of our programs is Snack Pack for the Troops. Every local troop receives a personalized package every month they are deployed.

We operate with a Braive Fund Grant and a lot of community support. Approximately $2,000 is spent each month on protein, sweet and salty snacks, socks, toiletries, and even soccer balls, golf clubs and guitars! We go special shopping each month for specific requests from each troop. Postage runs $800 to $1,000 every month. Much of this comes from members of our community, churches, and clubs.

If any individual or business would like to contribute to our efforts with donations food or money, it will be put to very good use to serve our troops.

Manasota Operation Troop Support can also be found on Facebook with an update of our events. MOTSONLINE.ORg

Deputy Director,
Linda Craig

Mom 4R Marines

The mission of MOM 4R MARINES is to support Marines and Sailors protecting the citizens of the United States while deployed. We must all do our part to lift the morale of these brave, selfless warriors. On a daily basis, these brave young warriors confront a hostile and harsh environment, which few could even imagine. Regardless of our personal political affiliation, these individuals have earned our support and appreciation. We want to show them that The United States and her citizens stand behind those who selflessly guard her freedom.

Momma Bear Cares - Operation Independence

I am the mother of a Lcpl USMC. He gave me a nickname, "Momma Bear". I went to his squadron's website to get familiar with their history and their Officers. While there I discovered a list of things these men needed in Iraq. I decided to start a project which would involve the entire Austin Community, and send care packages to our troops. I first heard about a Marine Reservist Unit leaving for 29 Palms from Camp Mabry last June. I contacted Camp Mabry. They sent me to the Marine Corps League Commandant for Detachment #318 Central Texas. 1st Sgt. Jerry Kovar (ret. USMC) He knew me from our children's high school. He was excited about becoming the sponsor of the project, and told me to come up with a name. The name of course is "Momma Bear Cares". While on website I found Operation Interdependence. I was looking for a means to ship our boxes once assembled. I made many contacts with Mr. Renteria via email, and finally phone calls back and forth, asking all kinds of questions. Eventually I drove to Spring, TX to meet Mr. Renteria during one of his opening of a distribution center there. I decided to become a coordinator for O.I. and work my way to Area Manager so we may be able to ship our boxes here from Austin, TX. From Sept. to Nov. 04, I collected quite a bit, and recruited a huge team of support. The UT Football Team and Coaching Staff, and their Athletic Dept Staff all presented their boxes to me on Veteran's Day. All of the local TV Stations came to broadcast the presentation. We had our first Care Packaging Party on Nov. 13, 2004. It was a huge success. I now have enough product to support about four Platoons each month. Again the TV Stations came to our Party to broadcast us in action and interview me. From those news slots, I have had many more contacts. People from Georgetown, Fredericksburg and San Antonio, TX. Donations are rolling in daily and items as well. Operation Interdependence is launching a Distribution Center here in Austin, sometime in March. Things are hopping here, and I want others to know how I started.
Operation Independence

Operation Airlift

VFW Post 5151 and it's ladies auxiliary are doing a continual drive and fund raiser. Collecting items to ship to troops overseas and funds to defray the cost of shipping. Started with make a difference day and will continue as long as we have service men and women serving overseas.
Arnold Heath Memorial
VFW POST 5151 & Ladies Auxilliary
341 S. Bartlett Road
Streamwood, IL 60107
(630) 483-0055

 You can also send us names and addresses of who we can ship to. We will do our best with names we are given. Please be sure to give us a way to contact you. We must alert you when we ship to your loved one so you can tell them it is okay to accept our packages. This is necessary for security reasons. No package is being accepted at the other end if they don't know who its coming from.
Hours to drop off items:
Thurs and Fri 5PM-10PM
Sat. 3PM-10PM
Sun. 2PM- 7PM
 Thank you for your contributions.

Operation Assist


Scout Sniper Association Packages for Snipers Opearation Assist

The Scout/Sniper Assn. is gathering money and miscellaneous items to send to Marine Snipers Operation Assist currently serving in Iraq. Through our contacts in Iraq we have learned that there are approximately 200 Marine Snipers in Iraq and, because of the nature of their function, it is difficult to acquire simple comfort items. Contact by mail:
PO BOX 2508
or contact by e-mail at

Operation Call Home

is a grass roots campaign started by a Semper Fidelis Detachment Marine Corp League in Wenonah, NJ, to aid United States Military Service members serving overseas and at home. Calling cards have been collected since February 2003 when the Iraqi Freedom War began. Visit the website for more information: Operation Call Home

Operation Caring Friends

The Motor City Chapter MI-2 of the Women Marines Association has been sending "a taste of home" to our Marines who get little or no mail. To date we have been able to ship over 1,200 boxes of support. This will continue until all of our men and women come back home once again. We are always seeking support to help with the mailings as it costs approximately $25.00 per box. WMA is a nationally sanctioned non-profit veterans organization comprised of women who have and are currently serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps.
Donations can be sent to
WMA Motor City
PO Box 590
Romeo, Michigan 48062
Operation Caring Friends


Operation DVD
AMVETS, Operation DVD is an appeal to patriotic Americans to donate their new and used DVDs which will then be shipped to our fighting men and women overseas.


Operation Gratitude

I wanted to let you know about an organization that should be added to the list. It is called Operation Gratitude ( it is an organization here in California that is sending out care packages to our fellow Marines and Sailors in Iraq. While I was in Iraq I was fortunate enough to receive on of their care packages and again I just feel they are worth mentioning for your list.
Semper Fi,
LCpl Mark A. Hymanson

Operation Mail From Home

Yahoo Support Group
Everyone needs mail from home!

We add names as friends and family members of service men and women send them to me. More of our Military is spread out over the globe now than at any time in recent memory. With peacekeeping in Bosnia, the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to the bases globally that the Armed Forces are stationed with in "normal" times, that's thousands of Americans far from home.

Deployments have been extended, stop loss orders mean that they are going to be there for a time longer than originally thought. And while no one said the military life would be an easy one, it sure is good to know there are people back home who appreciate the job they are doing. You Can Help

While many soldiers, maybe most, do not reply to us, some eventually do respond, and it is so exciting when we get a note, can you imagine how they must feel? Keep sending little cards and letters of support! Maybe include a photo, or funny current event story, whatever....! Write about just regular life back home here and what you might be up to. We are not really pen pals: we are just writing to send cheer.
Visit Operation Mail From Home


Operation:Mom is a grass roots, non political. non profit organization whos purpose is the support of the families and friends of Military personnel and we also support the troops by sending "Little Touch of Home" care packages to those who are deployed. If you have someone who is deployed and would like for us to send a care package then please e-mail the address and name to and we will put them on the list. No cost to you. Thank you for supporting our troops.
Louise Tamayo V.P.
Little Touch of Home

Operation Outpost

Operation Outpost was created by two people who, while deployed to Afghanistan, recognized a need for forward deployed individuals to be able to buy, sell, trade and receive donated items that increased their standard of living in remote areas. The purpose of the website is to provide these individuals the opportunity to contact each other in an effort to obtain items that they require to make it day to day.

Patriots can post a donation to our deployed Military personnel for FREE. Deployed personnel can also make a wish list of items they would like donated to them (Wanted Ad) which is also FREE. Both Donations & Wanted Ads will remain on Operation Outpost for 90 days

This site provides an opportunity for those in the community to fill the needs directly to troops overseas that are requesting specific items. All requests are posted by the troops and for the troops. Once contacted, the troops will respond directly to the individual that has agreed to make the donation, and will supply their rank, name and forward deployed address, so that the item(s) can be sent directly to troop in need.
Please take a moment to check out the website ( and support our men and women that are fighting the fight for our freedom.

Packages from Home

We send packages of hygiene, recreation, and food to any member of the military that asks and even to some that don't ask. We get names from all kinds of places. We have donation drives almost every weekend (where I wear your shirts) and I am always so taken to tears at the concern people show. We then have packing parties to pack all the items donated, and ship them off. It costs us $7.70 to send each package and somehow God always answers our prayers of funds for postage. We send hundreds of packages a month. Our website is

Project Camelback

A group of mothers of USMC have been raising money since Sept 19th to purchase state of the art Camelbacks for the 31st MEU and 1/3 Battalion currently in the Mid East...
To date we have raised over $64000.00 and our goal is $100000.00 (cost is about $50/camelback for 2000 guys)
Lynn Holland-Kelley, RN, BS, CHPN 14 Francis Street Claremont, NH 03743
phone: 603-543-0804 fax: 603-543-1316

Project Marine Care

Project Marine Care was formed on April 30, 2004 after our Marine Corps League Detachment learned of the death of a local Marine, L/Cpl Kyle Crowley, killed at Anbar Province on April 6, 2004.
We collect and ship goods in the form of care packages to Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard troops in “Harm’s Way.  98,000 lbs. have been shipped to date. If you have someone deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan and would like a package sent to him or her, please let us know. If you want items to go to Iraqi schoolchildren, please specify. The Marines will see to it that your wishes are carried out.
This is an ongoing project and will continue until all of our troops in the Middle East are out of harm's way. If anyone would like to make a donation, please make a check out to: MCL DET 942
and Send to:
John Wintersteen
436 Sycamore Cir.
Danville, CA 94526
Work phone: (925) 454-6118

Sea Cliff Fire Department

James F. Brengel post 456 and Sea Cliff Fire Dept are collecting items for the troops. Drop off location is at the Fire house ; Roslyn ave. Sea Cliff , New York
516-801-1984 or email

T.A.M.P.A./Tampa Area Marine Parents Association

Not only is T.A.M.P.A. a support group for parents, family and friends of Marines, but a dedicated support group in the state of Florida striving to raise funds for several organizations/projects which support our military. We have contributed to Toys for Tots, Cell Phones for Soldiers, Fisher House Project, Wounded Warriors Barracks/Camp Lejeune NC, Field Pillows, Care Packages, Haley House, Military Canine Units and many more. Our group tries to pick a different organization each month to support and we would appreciate any support you would like to contribute. All donations are tax deductable. Please visit our website. or contact me at Donations can be mailed to: 5205 N. 12th St. Tampa, FL 33603 Thank you for your support and keep all our military in your thoughts and prayers daily!

The Bay Area Supports Our Marines

" The Bay Area Supports Our Marines" is a grass roots effort by a fitness professional in The Tampa Bay area trying to make a difference in the lives of Forward Deployed Marines serving in OIF & OEF. We have been sending comfort packages since Jan 06 and to date have sent nearly 300 packages including nearly 500 packs of babywipes, 15 MP 3 players, 100 plus pairs of socks and countless magazines and snacks. Currently, we have adopted 10 units with roughly 350 Marines who do not get much (if any) mail or packages. We have been sending roughly 2 - 3 packages stuffed with "comfort" to the "Big Sandbox" as well as cards and pictures since the beginning of the year and would like to triple that number . As units rotate home, we replace them with new units and plan to continue doing so indefinately. I am collecting items (from those in the Tampa/St Pete area) to send to our "adopted" men, looking for local businesses to serve as donation drop off locations and adding to our "pen pal" circle around the country.

For more information visit
or call Dianne Villano at 727-742-0816

USMC Parents Platoon

Bentonville Arkansas...We have monthly fundraisers to help raise money for our Troops. All monies and proceeds go to Our Beloved Troops...We send several boxes a month to a different platoons...right now we are working on and trying to organize Operation Santa for our guys that are over seas and stateside that have nowhere to go for the holidays... For more info call Kaci Jo at 1-479-273-0140, or email me at, or if you would like to send a contribution, send to Nina Behrens,PO BOX 713, Pineville Missouri 64856...
Thank you
Semper Fi & God Bless Our Troops Where ever They may Be!
Kaci Jo...PMM of LCPL Chad


USTSF sends food, snacks, hygiene and anything the troops ask for providing funds area available. 6 and 7 LED Headlamps and Tactical Mission arm bands are in great need now. The head lamps range from $15 - $25 each and the Arm bands are $20 each. We really need help in getting these for some Marine units.

US TROOP SUPPORT FOUNDATION has sent over 200,000 care packages since Jan 2003 and currently has more than 8,000 troops on our list. We support all branches and we let them tell us what they need and want, and we do our best to supply it for them.


Please Note: If you have additional organizations or information to add to this page, please email Sgt. Grit (

Marine Veteran Needed to Volunteer – Step Forward

A corporate sponsor has not yet been found for WNWV’s Marine Corps boat. This boat will be traveling up and down the East Coast cleaning beaches and educating the public about littering and veteran employment issues. The boat will be staffed by recently discharged veterans and serve as transitional employment into the civilian sector.

There are many Marine veterans who are customers of Sgt Grit, members of the MCL, AMVETS and many other veteran organizations who will donate and support a Marine Corps boat if asked. We need to assemble a team to contact their fellow Marine veterans and the general public to ask them to make a donation. In typical Marine fashion they will be given the mission of raising the money and the volunteer team can execute in any manor necessary to get the job done. This could involve using the media, soliciting assistance from various local organizations, contacting corporate executives, etc.

On Facebook alone, Sgt Grit has over 80,000 followers who “Like” them. If every person who “likes” Sgt Grit would donate $20.00. the Sgt Grit Marine Corps boat could be launched. However, we know that not everyone will participate or be able to donate $20.00. So for those who can donate, we would need everyone to donate whatever they can afford.

What we need is a volunteer project manager to beat the bushes and organize the grass root support needed to sponsor the Marine Corps boat. Without a large corporate sponsor, we would like to use Sgt Grit as the name to attach to the grass roots boat. Are you retired, still have the fortitude to go on a mission and complete it? Want to be part of a small team with a very difficult mission that needs to be carried out under adverse conditions? If so, please send me an email at

If you wish to make a financial contribution to the Marine Corps boat, click on . You can donate any amount including just one dollar. All we need you to do is type in the comments section “Marine boat”. We would need you to not only ask your friends and relatives to donate but in true Marine fashion follow up to make sure they execute the mission. If you have some helpful suggestions or comments, please post them here on Sgt Grit’s FB page.

Semper Fi,

Rudy Socha – 03 Marine Veteran
Wounded Nature - Working Veterans
Cell 440-452-1042

Chapter 1002 of the Vietnam Veterans of America - Veteran Cemetery

Make a difference in the lives of military families. For the families of North Jersey veterans buried in a Veterans cemetery, those families must travel 300 miles round trip to South Jersey, to visit the resting place of their loved ones. Chapter 1002 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Wallkill Valley, has secured a commitment from the Sussex County Freehoflders for a tract of land on Rt. 94 N in Sparta, near Sussex Tech, to develop a local, convenient cemetery for veterans from all wars and service. This new cemetery would make military families’ lives easier. But land is only the beginning.

There is a great deal to do and to fund to make this cemetery a reality - site and legal challenges, land and engineering surveys, insurance, permits, approvals, equipment, clearing and excavation, landscape design and implementation, and maintenance to name a few. Generous donations are needed from corporations, non-profits, families and individuals to seed this worthy project. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of military families, please click on the Cemetery Donation Form on the Chapter’s website, or contact the Chapter Commander, John Harrigan, at or 973-271-2413 regarding donating money or donated professional services.

Thanks for helping those who have served our country so well.

Richard Zgoda
USMC Sgt. 66-69
VVA Chapter 1002