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Marine Funds and Charities

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

The injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provides financial grants and other resources to injured Marines, Sailors, and their families. The Fund works closely with the Marine Corps and military hospitals nationwide to identify and assess the needs of specific families. Its goal is to provide immediate and real financial assistance to Marines, Sailors and their families during this extraordinarily stressful time. The hope is that by alleviating the financial stresses of our brave Marines and Sailors, they and their families can focus on the important job of physical and emotional healing.

Donations are accepted by check payable to the fund.
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund -
825 College Blvd, Suite 102
PMB 609
Oceanside, CA 92057

Fisher House Foundation

Supporting America's military in their time of need, we provide "a home away from home" that enables family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful time -- during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury.
Donations can be mailed to:

Fisher House™ Foundation, Inc.
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600
Rockville, MD 20852

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) provides emergency financial and non-financial assistance to members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and their eligible family members

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
4015 Wilson Blvd
10th Flr
Arlington, VA 22203

Marine Graduation Foundation

We are a Missouri Nonprofit Certified Corporation on 18th day of May, 2005. Purpose of the organization: To assist financially challenged parents of Marine Recruits to be able to attend their son or daughter's graduation from Boot Camp in San Diego, CA and Parris Island, SC. The foundation has helped over 100 families in the first year!

Our Foundation will provide up to $500.00 per family if funds are available. We are now a 501(C)3 tax deductible organization.

The cost for a family to visit their Marines graduation will depend on where they are from and how many days they will attend. The applications are submitted on line or printed out and sent to the CEO for approval. If approved they are sent to CFO for scheduling and paying. All applications are entered on a spreadsheet and all files are secure.

You may help by passing the word out on the website, forwarding the site via email to other Marines, etc. The more support we get, the more families we can help. Please provide us any suggestions or questions you may have. Thank you and God bless.


After Deployment

A mental wellness resource for Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families. If you've deployed, or know someone who has, you know that spending time in a war zone means being changed in some way. Some of these changes are good. But some of these changes may be causing problems for you or for someone you know. Having problems after a deployment is normal…Unfortunately, less than half of the Service Members having difficulty after a deployment seek services.

This is our mission: to assist you and the people close to you to manage your after-deployment concerns. We believe that working on solutions is a sign of strength, and the time you spend here a positive step in ensuring a smooth and healthy transition back to home life.

Eastern PA River Runners

The Eastern PA River Runners are a group of personal watercraft enthusiasts who believe in Freedom to Ride! They are a newly formed charter club of the American Watercraft Association. The club was chartered on March 11, 2006 and is based in Reading, PA.

They are hosting a National Freedom Ride on July 16th – July 18th up the Potomac. They will be raising money for the Family and Friends for Freedom fund.

There will be about 10-12 watercraft and riders as of now, with 2 larger safety boats, and land support vehicles.

Any Injured Marines that are interested in joining the group need to contact them with all of their information.

For donations and to join in the fun: Check out their website at

Family & Friends For Freedom Fund, Inc

Our mission is to raise funds for Injured Marines and their families. Our severely wounded Marines continue to fight battles here at home with their struggle to adjust to their injuries. Our mission is to provide financial support to injured Marines while they continue their long road to recovery and to continue to support the "Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund. Visit our web-site at for more information.

Thank you
Paula Sturla
President of Family & Friends For Freedom Fund, Inc

Freedom Calls

Freedom Calls Foundation is a type B not for profit entity incorporated in the State of New York .The Foundation has received an advanced ruling of eligibility for tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code effective September 28, 2003. The Foundation's proffer of communications services to the United States Army has been formally accepted in a letter signed by the Acting Secretary of the Army, R. L. Brownlee. The Foundation has received a commendation from the Army and a personal letter of appreciation from Major General Taguba for services rendered to the troops and their families.

Visit their website!


Iraq Star

“Iraq Star” is a new foundation (2007) to aid in preventing our wounded soldiers and Marines, both active military and veteran status, from being permanently disfigured. They have a “voluntary army” of nearly 175 board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in approximately 40 states, whose mission it is to pick up where the Military and the VA leave off.

The Iraq Star Foundation, has removed shrapnel, injected fillers into concave wounds, revised wound and burn scars, repaired and replaced teeth, provided full-face laser for sand-blast shrapnel, injected steroids for burn scars, and even removed tattoos. Whatever the complaint, they have addressed it. There is never any cost to our troops.

The Genesis Institute

The Genesis Institutes mission is to work on behalf of veterans/and their families in the area of help/treatment with PTSD and other war related traumas. They also work long distance with many soldiers serving in Iraq and other overseas locations. This is a non-profit organization. Contact Dr. Ariane T. Alexander, war trauma specialist, at:
The Genesis Institute,
39120 Argonaut Way No. 541,
Fremont, CA 94538 USA
Or Email

GI Go Fund

GI GO Fund banner

A new organization that is trying to do well by its veterans and are grateful for all the help we can receive.
Our mailing address is:
PO BOX 1777
New Brunswick NJ

Our website is

Harm Program

Department Of Texas Marine Corps League Program which supports the OIF/Afghanistan wounded Marines recovering at Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC) and Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base (LAFB). Since the two hospitals are located in San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo Detachment MCL has taken up the responsibility of visiting and supporting the Marines and their families. It is a MCL Department Of Texas project but we provide most of the volunteers since we live here.

Most of the Marines are very young and are in ICU wards because of the seriousness of their injuries. These Marines are from all over the States and their families are with them on a daily basis. We help them as well with moral support and what ever we can offer to them.

We also support the Navy Corpsmen that are also injured from OIF/Afghanistan. We are incorporated and tax exempt and rely strictly on donations from supporters.

c/o Department of Texas MCL
ATTN: Joe Chavez
Dept. of Texas Adjutant
1101 W. Lynwood Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78201-5250

Be sure to indicate H.A.R.M. on the “memo” line of your check.
All donations are tax deductible.

Semper Fidelis,
Joe R. Chavez,
HARM Chairman

Help 4th Recon

We support deployed Marines through care packages. Originally, it was developed to support the Marines of 4th Recon, but has expanded to support many Marines.

Our website is We do not post the actual names and addresses on the site, due to OPSEC, but individuals or groups can send an e-mail to this address to receive our updates, in which we provide the names and addresses of Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan who are in need of support.

Thank you and Semper Fi,
Holly Wheat

LCPL Cody S. Childers Memorial Fund

We are dedicated to sending care packages to the 2/6 Marines and other Marine Battalions deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom.

This fund has been set up in Cody's honor to send care packages filled with some of Cody's favorite things while he was deployed to the Marines in Afghanistan. A few of the items are:

  • PSPs with Games and Movies
  • Skull Candy Ear buds
  • Ipods filled with Cody's 4500 songs
  • Flip Video Cameras
  • Battery Operated Fans with Ipod speakers
  • Socks and Covert Thread Socks
  • LOTS of Snack goodies Galore!

Over 400 boxes have been shipped so far, and more are going out every week.

Let's Bring Em Home

This program was initially started in December 2001 to show our grateful appreciation to American service members deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and has become an annual tradition ever since.

And yet the world is a very different place from what it was seven years ago when you and I first began this journey. As public opinion for the war in Iraq has molded the phrase, "bring them home," to imply other motives, I want to take a minute and remind everyone of the purpose behind LBEH. We are not for the war in Iraq, nor are we against it. We are not Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green or Independent. We are not pro-Obama or pro-McCain. Our motives serve not to change world events, or your perception of them. Our mission is as simple, as it is noble. All we want to do is unite a few military families for the Christmas holiday. That's it. No hidden agendas, no political speeches. We just buy plane tickets for troops. Period.

Last year we raised over $70,000 and helped 135 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines go home for Christmas. Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated last year! This year we understand the burden of a strained economy has us all in a pretty tough spot. People are losing their jobs, their houses, and their hope. The economic downturn has many pushed many of us towards financial hard times. But we're hoping to still pull off a few Christmas miracles for our deserving troops.

Mid Ohio Marine Foundation

The Mid Ohio Marine Foundation was formed in 2005 by a local group of former United States Marines desirous of providing financial and moral assistance to the Marines and Navy Corpsmen of Lima Company/3/25 returning from deployment in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom where the unit suffered heavy casualties and many wounded. The non- profit Foundation was granted tax exempt status under the provisions of section 501©(3) of the IRS Code and operates strictly from donations. For more information about the Foundation, visit their website:

Moores Marauders

I would like to introduce you to our charity which I believe our brother Marines would like to know about (and there are many Marines within the group). We are a small band about 200 strong spread around the globe with but one mission; to locate MIA's and bring closure to their families. Our name is "Moore's Marauders" and our web site is:

Operation Ooh-rah

Our Mission... to raise money to buy necessities for the hardworking Service People of Our Armed Forces, while they are on deployment so far away from home and the ones they love!

This is a Benefit for the Military inspired because of my son, Cpl Henry J Pulcine United States Marine. Each time he has been deployed I have put together something to raise money to purchase care package items, Operation Ooh-Rah came about when he was deployed for his third time, he was part of the 2D LADD Battalion-Low Altitude Air Defense out of Cherry Point, North Carolina.

Operation Ooh-rah

Hugs from Home

Hugs from Home is a small and soon to be “non-profit” organization made up of caring individuals from all over the United States. The great thing about Hugs fom Home is that our members are able to "adopt" an individual hero. We commit to writing that person at least once a month throughout their entire deployment but many “huggers” do that and so much more in the form of sending care packages, and remembering them on their birthdays and holidays. What we may consider to be “small” gestures can really make a big difference in the life of someone who is serving our country overseas. I have been fortunate to have maintained friendships with a couple of Marines that I sponsored who have returned from Iraq.

It is difficult to put into words how much a simple letter from a caring individual, even a stranger, can make in the life of one of our heroes overseas. The morale of our Marines and soldiers can be lifted with only a few words of kindness and appreciation. It doesn't take a lot of time, and a letter only costs 39 cents but can have a tremendous impact on the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.

If anyone is interested in “adopting” an individual, they can contact Hugs from Home by email at or by mail at:
Hugs from Home, P.O. Box 313, Oceanville, NJ 08231.

New members will receive the name and address of their hero usually in less than 24 hours. Thank you for your time.

Help Wounded at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

I am writing to tell you about a project the Ramstein Cadet Squadron at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, is starting. The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) here in Germany got an influx of about 500 wounded troops from Iraq last week and more arrive almost daily. They arrive straight from the battlefield, with only the torn, dirty, bloody clothes on their back. They have no clothes, underwear, or toiletry items. The hospital provides them with only a cotton gown or pajamas, robe, and disposable slippers. Some stay only a few days before being sent to hospitals stateside, while others are here up to several weeks. The military gives them a $250 voucher to buy clothing and toiletries at the BX, but many are not ambulatory, and those who are have to wait for a bus to get down to the BX on Ramstein 7 miles away. The BX runs out of things and it takes weeks for more to come in. Those who can go to the BX still need something to wear to get there!

The cadets are collecting new clothing and toiletries so that they can take them to the wounded at LRMC. Below is a list of items the wounded need. It is cold here in Germany and warm items are needed. Items need not be name brands. Your money will go further at places like Wal-Mart and K-Mart where items can be purchased less expensively.

For males - all sizes, but mostly medium and large
briefs boxer shorts
undershirts or T-shirts white crew sox
cotton turtleneck shirts flannel shirts
sweatshirts (crew or zip-up hooded)
sweat pants inexpensive athletic shoes
knit caps knit gloves

For females - all sizes, but mostly medium and large
cotton briefs cotton T-shirts
cotton turtleneck shirts flannel shirts
bras - mostly sizes 34, 36, 38 with cup sizes B and C
white crew sox sweatshirts (crew or zip-up hooded)
sweat pants inexpensive athletic shoes
knit caps knit gloves

Toiletry articles -
disposable razors tooth brushes
shaving cream - regular and/or travel size
deodorant - regular and/or travel size
tooth paste - regular and/or travel size
nail clippers combs
hair brushes

The hospital could also use new or used video tapes or DVDs of movies for the patients to watch. Comedies or light drama are best. Please avoid movies about war or those with excessive violence.

If your squadron would like to help, we would greatly appreciate it, no matter what the quantity. Every little bit helps. Individuals are welcomed to help, also.

Send your donations to:
Lt Col Lori Noyes (or) Ramstein Cadet Squadron NHQ-OS-119
PSC 2 Box 6037 Unit 3395
APO AE 09094-3395

We can get items to the hospital faster if they come to my mailing address, but feel free to send them to the squadron address.

Feel free to pass the word along to other CAP units in your wing. Thank you for your support of our troops.

In service,
Lori L. Noyes, Lt Col, CAP
Deputy Commander
Ramstein Cadet Squadron

Lubbock Marine Parents

We are Lubbock Marine Parents and we are a support group for parents and loved ones of U.S. Marines. We meet once a month and send care packages to our deployed Marines several times a year. Our website is

Thank you!
Buff Rattan
Secretary - Lubbock Marine Parents
Proud mom of two Marines

Marine Family Fund

The United States Marine Corps "E" Company 2nd Battalion 24th Marines, better known to central Iowans as KCCI's "TOYS FOR TOTS" Marines, were deployed to Iraq for active duty in October. The Family Fund will help ensure that if a local Marine is injured, a family member will be able to travel to be by his or her side. The fund will also be used for family emergencies. All money donated will go directly to the fund. Send your check donation to:
Marines Echo Company Family Fund
888 Ninth St.
Des Moines, IA 50309
Note: Donations are not tax-deductible.

Marines Helping Wounded Marines

The Department of Maryland Marine Corps League actively seeks to provide assistance to US Marines that have been severely injured in Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflicts throughout the world whilst recuperating at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Donations can be sent to:

Department of Maryland
Marine Corps League
PO Box 141
Westminster, MD 21158

Mesothelioma Treatments

Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships primarily because of its resistance to fire. Unfortunately, asbestos-related diseases are not always recognized by the VA, which is why we’ve hired a knowledgeable 24-year navy veteran that can assist those affected by asbestos-related diseases with filing for VA benefits.

The Mesothelioma Cancer Center provides a complete list of occupations, ships, and shipyards that could have put our Veterans at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases. In addition, they have thousands of articles regarding asbestos and mesothelioma and we’ve even created a veterans-specific section on their website in order to help inform veterans about the dangers of asbestos exposure, and pleural mesothelioma. They also have a complete list of mesothelioma treatments, and a list of the nearest mesothelioma doctors in your area.

Military Missions, Inc.

Military Missions is hosting a talk show in our community on June 8th. We are bringing “Talking with Heroes” to Lexington, KY. The host of the show, Bob Calvert, travels around the US talking to our heroes, hearing straight from them about deployment and the good things that are accomplished overseas. He has also been over to Iraq twice and has some great interviews from those trips. We will be interviewing local military leaders in our community, and placing a LIVE video-teleconference call to our local unit currently deployed to Afghanistan. We are hoping that in hosting this event, we can bring civilians to the realization that they need to be serving their country too. We can all serve our country by supporting and encouraging our military.

If you are interested in having our organization support your Marine, or if you are interested in helping us support all of these men and women that are serving, please visit our website at We would be honored to support your Marine and would greatly appreciate your help in our endeavors to support and encourage those that are willing to stand in the gap so that you and I can live in freedom. In addition, you can find out more information about “Talking with Heroes”. You might just want to sponsor the event in your community!

Beth Pennington
Proud Marine Mom and Founder of Military Missions

Mom 4R Marines

The mission of MOM 4R MARINES is to support Marines and Sailors, as well as their families, who are protecting the citizens of the United States while deployed. We must all do our part to lift the morale of these brave, selfless warriors. On a daily basis, these brave young warriors confront a hostile and harsh environment, which few could even imagine. Their families also are faced with difficult situations. Regardless of our personal political affiliation, these individuals have earned and deserve our support and appreciation. We want to show them that The United States of America and her citizens stand behind those who selflessly guard her freedom.

MOM 4R MARINES strives to offer all possible support to all members of the military family and ultimately bring a smile to their faces by knowing that their sacrifice and dedication are appreciated. Please join MOM 4R MARINES in thanking these heroes.

Operation Care and Comfort

Operation: Care and Comfort is a San Francisco Bay Area based, all volunteer military care package organization. We adopt entire units (we currently serve about 35), shipping to them each month until they return home.

We are in our fourth year, working under the banner of the Santa Clara Valley American Red Cross, and have shipped over 175,000 pounds of care packages to our troops in the conflict regions. We are proud to announce TroopFest 2006, a pro- military festival and benefit concert (5 hours of classic rock music featuring Greg Kihn) that will be held on board the USS Hornet in Alameda CA on September 30th. This event is co hosted by the San Jose Marine Corps League, CSR Realty, 98.5KFOX, and America Supports You. Please visit our web site, for ways to help, and our new web site to learn more about our big holiday event!

Operation First Response

Operation First Response focuses on wounded troops from Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany to 11 combat support hospitals in Iraq. We are always in need of financial donations as well as sweatshirts, socks, underwear, toothbrushes, razors, etc. and backpacks for delivery of these essentials. OFR also provides assistance to families of wounded Heroes with travel expenses and financial burdens they incur during this period.

Any donation items should be sent directly to this address:
Operation First Response
12444 Old Mill Road
Midland, VA 22728

Patriot Service Dogs

Patriot Service Dogs, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping our disabled military community gain a sense of independence through their partnership with a well trained service dog. Patriot Service Dogs was founded in July of 2009 with offices in Jacksonville & Belleview. At the time of our incorporation, we had 7 founding members with an active and dedicated board. Patriot’s has grown to over 100 active volunteers.

After an extensive 2 years of exposures and training, our service dog’s abilities are matched with the applicant’s disabilities. Our focus is placing service dogs with disabled Military with PTSD, mobility disabilities, or loss of limb. We strive to make a difference in the lives of those who have given so much for our freedom.

So far, Patriot Service Dogs graduates are from as far away as Boston, Ma., Athens, Ga and as close as here in Jacksonville, Fl. Some of our graduates are still active military, as well as retired and medically discharged. Our most recent graduating class of service dog teams represent the Marines, Navy and Army. Please take a few minutes to check out our website and if possible, make a donation so we can place more service dogs with our deserving military.

Phone Cards to Wounded Troops

I have been asked where phone cards can be sent to our wounded troops recuperating at Walter Reed Hospital, so they can freely call home -- especially during the Holidays.
The address is:
Medical Family Assistance Center
Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, 20307-5001.
It should be noted that the government does not pay for long distance telephone calls.

Salute Heroes Organization

Every day a wounded veteran and their family must struggle to overcome the loss of a limb, significant burns, or even the reality of being in a wheelchair. Our mission is to help them overcome these obstacles and resume a productive and fulfilling life.

Sew Much Comfort

I just wanted to let everyone know about a great organization. I've recently gotten involved with a group called Sew Much Comfort. They take ready made clothing and adapt it for surgical/medical appliances on wounded troops. They will take financial donations if you don't sew. This way the wounded don't have to spend all their time in hospital gowns. When you're in the hospital you feel better when you can wear real clothes, from my own experience.

Semper Fi,
Anna Grabill

Tennessee Marine Family

Tennessee Marine Family is a non-profit organization formed in May of 2004 to provide assistance to Marines, Sailors, Seamen and Soldiers and their families. TMF has sent over 4,000 pounds of supplies to the troops, provided financial assistance for a Gold Star Mother to see her grandchildren in another state for the Thanksgiving holidays, donated toys for a Gold Star Mother for her Toys for Tots Campaign in honor of her Fallen Marine, and sent Christmas cards to deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You may contact us by e-mail at if you have any questions or send all donations to Tennessee Marine Family, P. O. Box 680786, Franklin, Tennessee, 37068-0786.

Donna Clemons , President
Tennessee Marine Family

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc. (TAPS) provides a wide variety of programs and information to survivors, military and casualty personnel and others. TAPS is a national non-profit organization made up of, and providing services to, all those who have lost a loved one while serving in the Armed Forces. To donate by mail, please send to:

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc.
National Headquarters
2001 S Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20009

We Care Campaign

The Avenel Detachment of the Marine Corps League #189 in Avenel New Jersey is sponsoring a 'We Care Campaign" for all of our New Jersey "Warriors" presently serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. We will provide a "We Care Package" to every New Jersey "Warrior" we receive an address for! Included in the package are items that may make life a little easier as well as a telephone calling card for the "Warrior" to stay in touch with his or her loved ones. All donations will be used to purchase items for the We Care Campaign.

Please contact:
Jim Hamilton, Chief of Staff on 732-634-1299
Joe Castelli, Judge Advocate on 732-636-6673 or E-Mail
Marty Martino, Commandant on 732-636-4381 or E-Mail

Projects and other Resources

American Flag Disposal

Dispose of your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags without cost to you. Send your flag to the: Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors pursuant to the United States Code. Please, don’t throw your old flag in the trash, send them to us!

Armed Services Blood Program

The Armed Services Blood Program is a government agency tasked with collecting, testing, and shipping blood products to military treatment facilities all over the world. Any where you can help us spread the word would be much appreciated.

Abigail Beaty
Blood Donor Recruiter
Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton
Phone: 760.725.1495/1490
Or Email

A Soldier's Hope

I am proud of you for standing up for what you believe. My father is a retired mean, not as lean but still a Marine. I have an organization that helps to provide moral support to our troops. Will you look at my site and consider adding me to your list. I want to help as many servicemen and women that we can, Thank you for your kindness and your service to this great nation.
Kim Curran

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Survivor Information was created as a knowledge-base for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors to help answer questions that involve a wide spectrum of issues: health, rehabilitation, hope for recovery, current research, financial, legal, and the list goes on. If you would like more information please visit

Carlos Hathcock Medal of Honor Petition


Our goal in establishing and circulating this petition is to get 10,000+ signatures to present along with letters to every senator and congressman in America, in hopes one of them will ask the Secretary of the Navy to review Carlos’ sacrifice and heroism for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Going forward with letters could be a possible success, but we feel being able to show them the signatures of thousands of United States citizens may get their attention focused even more.

Has this been done before?
After speaking with several contacts who knew Gunny Hathcock personally, we discovered this effort has been attempted one time prior. Unsatisfied with the results, we are attempting this again. This time with the signatures of anyone who supports Gunny Hathcock’s service to this country and feels he deserves this honor.

What can you do to help?

We are actively searching for volunteers in every state to assist us in spreading this petition, and helping us get signatures. The key is to get the signatures, and then get them back to us who are organizing this so we can catalog, document, and eventually present them.

We are also asking that anyone with a few extra minutes send a letter to your states Senators and Congressmen asking them to request the Secretary of the Navy review USMC Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II for the Congressional Medal of Honor. We will also be sending out letters to all state senators and congressmen from any state we receive signatures from. If you cannot find out whom your state representatives are, please contact us and we will gladly assist you in finding out.

The petition is available in paper format, and very possibly online as well if we can locate a legitimate online petition service that will allow the signatures to be legally, and politically accepted. Anyone who is interested in assisting please feel free to email us at we will happily send you digital copies of the petition that can be easily printed and photocopied.

We are searching for anyone who could be of help in this effort, whether it’s the volunteers who will assist us in gaining signatures, web designers, website owners/administrators, any media outlet, etc. who can help us to spread the word about this cause, basically anyone who feels Gunny Hathcock deserves this honor and will make even a small effort to help.

Anyone with ideas are more than welcome to present them. We are not expertly familiar with these types of things, and any assistance offered will gladly be accepted.

Current Status:

Before pursuing this idea, Rick contacted Josephine Hathcock to gain family approval of this effort. Anyone who knew or has read about Gunny Hathcock will know he was a very humble man who wasn’t doing service to his country for recognition or fame. We felt obligated to gain approval from family before continuing.

Rick also made contact with Charles Henderson (author of Marine Sniper) who gave him some much appreciated advice, as well as some people to try and contact who knew Carlos best. Mr. Henderson’s support and help is very much appreciated. We do have several other people who personally knew Carlos to contact in regards to this effort.

We have begun a Carlos Hathcock tribute page on, which allows us to socially network with many Hathcock supporters, and very easily update everyone as to the status of this effort. The website address is:

Contact Information:

Who are we?

Rick Case and Dietrich Adatayo are the initiators of this nationwide plan. We are looking for no recognition, monetary support, or any other form of viewed reimbursement. We are both fans of Carlos Hathcock who both see him as a personal role model and American hero. Neither of us have served in the United States military.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation of volunteer men and women dedicated to providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships for higher education to deserving sons and daughters of United States Marines and children of former Marines, with particular attention being given to children whose parent was killed or wounded in action.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 3008
Princeton, NJ 08543-3008
Phone: (800) 292-7777
Fax: (609) 452-2259

Marine Families Online in Action

We have an amazing group of proactive women from across the nation who network together to ensure condolence activities are conducted for the benefit of the families of our fallen Marines and other servicemembers.

We keep up a listing of the fallen and of the person who is volunteering to build a Condolence Book for parents, and wife/fiance'. We currently have one woman working on books for the three Polish soldiers killed in a helicopter accident in Iraq as well. We also help to coordinate and assist other groups who are also involved in condolence activities when we can. We provide an active photo album and files listing that provides information and assistance in building the Condolence Books, as well as a database for memorial funds that have been set up in honor of various fallen Marines... some benefit the children of the Fallen, others are scholarship funds, and still others provide community service resources to Marine families.

We welcome new members. Just email:
Laura Temple
Semper Fi mom x2
1 stateside, 1 deployed - Iraq

Operation Never Forget

Our mission and dedication is to building portraiture memorial busts of every service member whose been killed in theatre in Iraq and Afghanistan. The heroes of our nation who have answered our country’s call, fought a good fight and whose lives have been cut short by making the ultimate sacrifice. Shall they never be forgotten…or just a name on a wall.

Visit the Website for more information

SSP Soldier Portraits

A group that is making scroll saw portraits of fallen soldiers and giving them to the family. This is done at absolutely no charge to the family. We would like the fallen heroes of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom with a custom designed and hand-crafted wooden portrait of their loved one. Our goal is make a portrait for each family. If you are a family member or know how to reach a family we would like you to contact us so we may make arrangements to cut and deliver one to you. The portraits are meant for direct family members, such as Fathers, Mothers, Wives, Husbands, etc. Due to the size of the project only one framed and one ready to be framed by the family will be made and given freely to the family members of a soldier. To learn more about our project and to see how we are developing see Scroll Saw Portraits. Family contact information is kept confidential and will be deleted and destroyed after the project is complete. To send for a wooden portrait contact

United States Marines Birthplace Memorial

We are building a USMC Birthplace & Tun Tavern Memorial in Philly. We could use your input and endorsement.

Please check out the site and email me.

Veteran's History Project

The Veterans History Project relies on volunteers to interview, record, compile and donate materials. All are encouraged to participate: veterans, civilians, adults, young people, men, women, scholars, students, amateurs, and experts. In turn, participants can rely on the Library of Congress to preserve, catalog, and share these collections now and in the future.

Primary focus is on first-hand accounts of U.S. Veterans from the following 20th Century wars:

  • World War I (1914-1920)
  • World War II (1939-1946)
  • Korean War (1950-1955)
  • Vietnam War (1961-1975)
  • Persian Gulf War (1990-1995)

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