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Marine Corps Sniper “93 Confirmed Kills”  Carlos Hathcock

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I was given this book by a fellow Marine while stationed at Camp Lejuene, Wow, what a great depiction of sniper life.  Amazingly, I met Carlos Hathcock the 3rd, in a hanger on New River Air Station in 1989 or 90, not sure of the exact year.  His son was also a lifer.  The book is one of the best military books I’ve ever read.  “White Feather” as Carlos Senior was called, the book chronicles his exploits as a sniper in Vietnam.  Carlos Hathcock went on to pilot many sniper programs and was instrumental in educating what is now the modern sniper, an amazing book, its cheap, paperback and worth it’s price. If you haven’t read it you need to. Rip Carlos Hathcock!

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The Gunny was a Marine first and a fine human being.
I met him at a VFW meeting in Wilmington, NC.  He was in a wheel chair at that time, but gave a good speech. We had a good conversation afterwards, which bolstered my opinion of him from the book. He was a humble man.
When I went through infantry training at Camp Geiger in ‘64, there was a night shooting exercise.  I had qualified expert/expert and several people accompanied me down the range line.  It being dark, I never knew who was there.
After completing training, we were asked what MOS we would pursue.  I was qualified for SIGINT in Pensacola.  I wanted to contribute in the best job possible, so I took that one.  The sargent on duty asked if I did not want to go into infantry.  He gave no details, which may have changed my mind.  I said that the signal corps sounded fine.
I have since suspected that I would have served with the Gunny if I had gone to mainside in infantry.  On of my regrets in the Corps.
I read the book many times, saw the movie, and remember him often.

RIP Gunny

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