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Was trying to plan Memorial Day

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Kristy, for your area there may be something going on down at FT SILL.  It’s about 90 miles from your location.

[co] [8-|]

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[quote user=“Maggie53289”]
My Memoral weekend starts on the 27th May when I attend the Wall of Honor Ceremony in Richmond, VA .  Wall of Honor has photos of all Virginians killed in the wars against Terriorism!  My beloved baby is on that wall, so Mom has to be there!   Semper Fi

Were ALL standing WITH YOU, Mag’s . . . you just can’t see us.  MUCH Love, Mag’s   [ega]

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 I cannot fathom nor understand what it is like to have every day be Memorial Day. Thank you for the fine Marine you raised who has paid dearly for the freedoms of his Countrymen. Thank you to all of America’s Mothers and Fathers who have sent their children to defend our way of life. Semper Fidelis

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Maggie, my thoughts and prayers are with you ... especially today.

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Thanks All!!  Wall of Honor was awesome, as usual, however, it always saddens me to see the additional names and photos that have to be added each year!!  By the way, met and talked to the Attorney General that has the lawsuit against Obama for Health Care!  Very interesting and well spoken young man!  He’s backed by our Governor (prior Attorney General) whom I’ve met and talked to on numerous occasions!  Governor McDonald is the one that established the Wall of Honor in Richmond!
 Spent yesterday at the Tidewater Veteran’s Memorial Ceremony!!  A brick was placed in the Veteran’s Memorial Area with Josh’s info on it!!  Met and talked to a WWII Vet, (AWESOME), also met and talked to a couple of awesome Viet Vet’s!!  One a Devil Doc who proudly wore his Marine stuff, and stood up during Marine hymn vice Navy, my daughter sat by him through ceremony and thoroughly enjoyed herself!!  Met another Gold Star Mom who’s son was KIA 48 years ago, more proof that it doesn’t get easier, you just learn to deal with it!!  She was a sweet older lady and we exchanged phone numbers!  
Thanks so much for all  your thoughts!!  Love you All!!!

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[quote user=“Maggie53289”]
Thanks so much for all  your thoughts!!  Love you All!!!

Ooo-Rah Maggie!!!

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