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Would anyone mind helping me?

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im doing a research paper for english about military recruiting in high schools and i was wondering if anyone would mind giveing me their views on the subject
may i quote you for the paper to
if so i need your name rank and branch
thanks anyone that helps

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I graduated from Paint Branch High School in Burtonsville, Maryland back in 1988.  We never had any military recruiters visit the school while I attended.  It did not matter a bit, though.  My graduating class had 450 people and out of that 9 of us enlisted in the Marine Corps.  In fact, most of us are still in touch and I am still in touch with my recruiter from time to time.  You have my permission to use this if you choose.  I am former Corporal Michael S. Lewis USMCR.

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I attended a Roman Catholic boys school in Wash. D.C.(St. John’s College) from 1962 to 1966.  We were a military school, day school not boarding, which had a full infantry regiment in numbers of students. (approx 1k).  Of the 200 or so graduates in 1966 180 served.  All except one returned.  He was MIA.  No need to recruit us.  At the time, the Catholic Church was the Just War Church and we were all glad to fight communists.  Jim Burke, fmr Cpl USMC 1967-1970 (RVN 196901970).  Semper Fidelis!

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thank you i will you deffinetly use yall quotes in my paper thank you and thank you for serveing i cant wait til i can join

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