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Meritorious promotion questions.

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Just want to get some input from some marines about meritorious promotions. I well exceed every single requirement for meritorious promotion except one. The one I do not meet is my pro and cons scores are 4.3’s instead of 4.5’s. I had one mistake quarter where I got a 4.0 and 4.1 under shady circumstances, I basically took the blame for an NCO’s mistake, long story I will not dispute it here. I know in the MCO it requires 4.5’s. Is there a way around this? Can I still send up my package anyways? If you see my bullet points I have enough accomplishments for 10 marines and I am one out of 3 marines at my unit that are even in the same ballpark for getting sent up for meritorious promotion, and the other two marines are only in the parking lot where as I am at third base. Will my package even be considered at a board? Also can it even be sent up or will it just be trashed? Thanks for your comments.

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No 4.5’s - MCO syas 4.5’s—- what your outfit like?  What is your honest opinion as to what you would do in the face of the MCO requirement?  Send in the package they can only say no.  If you decide to go for the gusto - good luck.

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I have already proven myself as the most qualified Lcpl at my unit period. In the face of this MCO I will at least send my package up the chain and request that it be left up to the board to decide who deserves the promotion or not. With 6 meritorious spots that went unfilled last quarter they should look at alternative people to promote. My bullet points, acheivements both civilian and military speak for them selves, I would honestly send the package up and fight for my case in front of the Sgt Major of the marine corps if I had to. There is no shame in fighting for something if you believe you deserve it. Keep the comments coming.

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Don’t let your superiors see you even worrying about promotion.  Poker face.  Just do what you do and the rest will fall into place.

Semper Fi,

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