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Brother-In-Law claiming title of Marine…Makes me sick

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I just found my brother-in-law is claiming he was a Marine…or as he stated, quote…“I was previously a Marine sergeant”. WTF is a previous Marine?!! He went to Afghanistan as a civilian contractor…that’s it, and now he is claiming that not only was he a Marine but that he held my rank…Sgt.

He got himself a nice Six figure job and is eating up all the attention he is getting based on his stories of deployment in Afghanistan!! In fact this is his second time there… the first time he came back early cause he could not hack it but he was accepting drinks on the plane from people who were thanking him for his service!! REALLY!! He was making big bucks on a civilian contract and had the gull to accept people’s thanks!! And now this!!

I can’t believe he is standing on the back of our Corps and claiming a title he never earned!! He is disrespecting the memory of all the brave young men, soldiers, airmen and Marines who have paid the ultimate price for our country. He makes me sick and out of respect for my family and my sister I won’t be the one to call him out…it’s fakes and wanna be’s like this that really get under my skin.

C.A. Corter
1st Mar Div
3rd Blt 1st Marines
Mike Co. 2nd Plt.

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Invite him on board.  He will receive a Marine Corps style dressing down, if he has the balls.

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I think you could and should call him out.  You can do it in front of your sister, with as much respect as possible, or get him alone and tell him the score.  Does your sister believe he was a Marine or does she know he wasn’t but thinks it’s OK for him to make the false claim?

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@ Joe - No, my sister knows he was not a Marine…the issue is if he finds out that I read the article he wrote up for his new job, then she gets beat up. Yup, he is that kind of jerk.

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take the punk out.think of him as the enemy.

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What state does this shiite bird live in ?  I’m sure we can arrange a Marine Corps “counseling” session for his dumb @$$.

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I personally would call his ass out on that! My son is a Marine and I am constantly posting pics of him on FB. I had a lady on my friends list copy a pic I had, that just stated “Proud Marine Mom” (Her kid is in High School) I CERTAINLY had no problem with sharing this with the other Marine Moms and believe me after all the messages she recieved from the MOMS and myself, she took it off! Semper Fi!

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Ask him in public for his DD214 or other ID.

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You have two points of honor to defend 1) the Corps’s and 2) your sis’s.  If he gets violated for being a dumb@ssed turd and claiming Marine staus he gets a bruised ego - if he lays a hand on sis he get a .22 behind the ear.  Just don’t dig a shallow grave it’s tacky.

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Hey Guys and Girls,

first of all, I am a German woman, so please over read some mistakes in english writing.
I was reading, the posts here,and I have a similar problem.
A friend of mine, a girl, fell in love with a guy, who tells everybody, he is a Marine, they are writing emails and stuff. He was telling me this too, but I simply don´t believe him.
Why? There are many points, some of the most obvious:

He is pronouncing Corps wrong, because he speaks the “p”
he has no honor, he lied in many points.
he even created many big stories.
I know, that he is living with his family in Berlin, and all he says is wrong.
Is there any way to prove, that somebody is in the USMC, any way to check for that?

She is my best friend, and I don´t want her to run in trouble. Or to get hurt.
Of course, they just talk on the phone or are writing mails, no meeting so far, which makes the thing even more obvious.
I honor what you do, I have deepest respect, I think, it is disregarding what you do, when people fake to be one of the few the proud, he is nothing but a jerk, nothing else.

When, I was sixteen, I was with a boy, who went for BC, we wrote many mails, but never over normal email, when he went KIA, I lost every contact, this guy does not know, that I know some things.
maybe you could give me an idea, how I make it to get him into a trap or something like that.

Others say, that this is not important, just a guy who lies, for me, it is, because, I honor you guys, and what you do, and it is simply not right

in respect

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Eva, you would make a great detective.  Anyone who cannot say Marine Corps correctly is probably faking it.  The only sure way to know is to ask to see his DD214.  This is an official document we all receive upon leaving the Corps.  However, there are several probing questions that can be asked:
Where did you go to book camp?  Answer should be Parris Island, South Carolina, or San Diego, California.  BTW.  Marines go to boot camp and not basic training.  Army and Air Force attend basic training, Marines and Navy in the U.S. go to boot camp.
Also, ask to see photographs of him in uniform and match the ranks with what he said he was.  He may come up with a purely fake rank.
Your friend is fortunate to have you as a friend, watching out for her.  People who lie about things like this will do so regarding important things, like cheating on their girl friend or wife.

Semper Fidelis,  (our motto sure applies to you—-Always Faithful)

Bob Rader

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Thank you for your fast answer.
I don´t think, he would gimme his DD214, I know photos by him in uniform, he was sending some to my friend. He said, that he is a Sgt, and the rank matches. That IS my problem.
And he said, that he went to BC in South Carolina.
So, looks, like I have no real chance, to giving one of you his rank plus name and last name, would be violating your rules, if he IS a Marine, I just know, that he is not.

It is simply eating me, that I have nothing, that I can do.
It is simply wrong.
btw, that is a great forum. And thank you for your words.
When, I was sixteen, this boy was full of honor, I was learning a lot,  that is why I have this respect, and yes, he who lies in such things, lies in any other thing too.
Again, thank you, your answer at all, means a lot to me.

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He might have a speech defect.  Even our president cannot pronounce our Corps name correctly nor the medical corpsmen whom attend to our health needs.  Even if he were a Marine, he sounds like trouble.

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you are really a great guy, thank you again.
I simply know, that he is not. Call it instinct. He is using the holy Corps, which is making me sick.
That I cannot solve it, is even making me sad.
Your president never served, as I know, right? So, I am not surprised.
I wish, I had a solution, I wish, I would find an evidence, where is the problem to meet, you know?
She is so deep in love, I am sure, a REAL Marine, would be glad to have her on his side.

There should be justice to things like that.

but I had to laugh, I will ask him next time, if he has a speech defect, let´s see, what he will tell me. So far, I was not commenting his “p”.
A Marine who is chatting in a normal chat, and who has a normal email address…
You guys are holy, at least for me, I will get him, I am sure.

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you might ask him what his mos was and where he went to train for is tech training.
what duty stations or units he served in, .give us his replies and we can authenticate them.
ask what years he served bet we could find someone who served in those units during those time periods.

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Hey “J”,

you know, I am the asshole already, the jealous girl or so.
He is not giving me any answer. I thought a Marine could be proudly tell me, but no.
I think, I have to give up.
I mean I can hardly post his rank and names in a forum.
So, looks like I have to give up, and watch the scene. But, I thank you, that you wanted to help me, really.
Well, she should write here, with real Marines. That would help.
When, I´ll tell her, what I did here, she will drop me or so.
I simply hope, that I am terribly wrong….

Maybe there is a way,for a private contact, not in a forum, to get clear on some things…
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
just as an idea.

when I have the choice between, loosing her completely, and holding her tight, when she breaks down, because this guy is a faker, I will chose the hard way of standing next to her.

again, thank you.

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