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Waiver, how long to wait before going Navy

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I first applied to be a Marine when i was 27, I have been waiting for 4 months now on my age waiver to come back from the regional office. I feel the need to join the armed services, I want to be a Marine. My waiver is for my age (30) I have a PFT (not IST) of 284. How much longer should I wait?

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If you really want to be a Marine then you should wait however long it takes.  Marines are stubborn and never quit.  Good luck to you, young man.

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Now I hear that I have been denied at the regional level, but I can submit to another region.

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Do it.  In fact, try a couple regions.  Your dogged determination WILL be noticed if you just keep plugging away.  It won’t guarantee you the shot you want, but giving up now is equivalent to giving up. 

Stick with it.  spend some time at your recruiters office helping out around there.  No telling what you’ll learn if you do.

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I am going to Join the Navy, then if I get in, when I am out of training I can file for an Inter-service Transfer to the Marine Corps. This is my backdoor way in. Still the end goal is to be a USMC Officer. Persistence has been a friend to me many other times in my life.

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Good Luck to you and I hope that you reach your goal.

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I do like your attitude.  I want to share a single, four letter word with you that you might consider and fits in your current plan.  SEAL…..

Good luck and Semper Fidelis,

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