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Not another tattoo topic!

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Ok guys, i just recenty got turned away from the Marine corp for my chest tattoo. I know what the rules on tattoos are because I have certainly read every rule I could find. As the rule states, “Tattoos/brands on the head and neck are prohibited. The neck (is) any portion above the collarbone in the front area, above the first cervical vertebrae in the back area, or otherwise visible due to the open collar of the short sleeve khaki shirt, without an undershirt”. I am just finding it hard to understand why a tattoo below my collar bone, that would be covered by the under-shirt of my Charlies, would be a reason for disquallification. I would certainly understand if it was a tasteless tattoo or gang related, but it is my daughters name. The only time it would even be seen would be in the shower.
I have been rather persistent with the recruiter, but I don’t know if it is helping me or not. My next move will be trying a different recruiter and hopefully I can get a waiver past the rucruiters boss. I am doing everything I can think possible. I just hope that my persistence will help them to look past my tattoo, and to look at my willingness to do whatever it takes to be a Marine. Hope you guys can shed a little light on my situation and maybe some inspiration to keep pushing forward to pursue my dream and not let theserecruiters get in my way. haha. thanks for reading all this, guys! look forward to hearing from any of you!

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go to meps they will let you know.

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i dont need to go through the recruiter to talk to meps?

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