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Marine Hopeful

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Good evening everyone,

Around 2 and a half years ago when i was 21 i decided to become a Marine.  At the time i pushed the scales at 395, and being the height of 5’8 didn’t make it look possible. 

I started the journey, and had my share of ups and downs along the way but was blessed when i creossed pathes with a Recon Corpsman.  Where i worked at the time i kept my dream underwraps.  It was a gym and we had physical trainers and other positions filled by ex military people.  Every time it ever came up as to what they did my iterest of becoming a Marine would be brought up.  Most of the time with serious doubt involved with my ability to make it to my goal (leads to my personal hate for most ground pounders). 

Now at this time i had dropped about 90 poiunds and was right aroudn the 305 mark.  John; the Recon Corpsman, came in to play because we where working in the same department while he was studying to pass quals to become a physical trainer.  Not only did he encourage me to follow my dreams and motivate me with bootcamp stories (thats all he would share and i wouldn’t push him for more information on what he did during deploments), he also gave me alot of knowledge on what to eat and how to work out.  I still had the mentality of a powerlifter that helped me durning football while in highschool but didnt translate to being a Marine.

Because of him i can do 90 situps in 2 mintues run 1.5 miles in under 13 mintues and do 2 pull ups(This is a major source of shame for me but something i strive to change). 

Only hang up is now we no longer work together and we are still in contract but are no longer able to train together.  I’ve hit the wall, i do warrior training 3 times a week with poolees at my recruiting station here in Michigan, and i still go to the gym but im stuck at 235 weight. 

Now keep in mind over the weekend i ran with a 30 pound pack for 4 miles with a female poolee to work on her confidence (shes a turtle so we are working on her ability to trust her body to do the work) and on sunday i ran 5 miles with the 30 pound pack for a 10 mintue a mile pace.  So i put in work with the goal of being 6 times a week. 

All im asking for is advice and direction for those who have come before me and any helpful tips that might of got you to your goal or allowed you to accomplish what people told you could never be done.

Thanks for your time.

Nick Nickson

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I am a Poolee my self and some what fall in the same place as you.

Everyone says I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it but wait till they see their faces when I become a Marine!

Reading your post gives me more motivation to keep on going!

Really Nick just keep at what your doing and do not do the power lifting I had to lose 23 pounds to get pass MEPS you know what the first thing they told me was ? NO MORE WEIGHTS. I was told to not even run with weights on.

Just keep your mile half below 13Min
60+ sit ups
and I hear different things on pull ups but most seem to agree on 10 even though I think 6 gets you in.

Just do pull ups,sit ups and run!  or swim also a great cardio

and be careful what you eat.

The Marine Corps is getting very strict with weight. now that everyone should be pulled out of Afghanistan by 2014.

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From the on set, all I can say is WOW….great job losing that weight and not in a short time, which is a mistake made by many that want to lose weight. You took it off over a longer period of time, which should work to your favor in the long run.

Yes, you have hit a sticking point at the moment, but you may just need to change up your routine a bit. Even body builders hit a platue in their muscle growth and change their exercises to wake their mucles up once again.

Mason brought up a good point about the weights though. You may want to do very light weights and high repititions to lose the remaining weight and slim down. You already know that lifting heavy weight with low reps increase bady mass, you don’t want that now.

I would wish you Good Luck, but we both know that luck isn’t really a factor here, hard work and a positive mind set is what will get you to your dream. Now, get down and give me 25 push-ups   :  )

Take Care of Yourself

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