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I am 19 years old and I just started dating a marine. I really need advice and help understanding what I have got myself into. He is the sweetest guy I know so I want to be able to support him and be there for
him the best I can. He is doing some kind of training right now, but he is able to talk to me on weekends I believe. Also, after this training he said he will in fort lenordwood missouri for his job school.. What does that mean for him? We barly started dating and I dont want to lose him already by him getting stationed far from California.

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First always capitalize Marine.

He is probably going to Missouri for his MOS training, then he could be back in California just depends he should know a little more info then what you have provided.

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Oh I’m sorry I really didnt mean to offend by saying marine rather than Marine, I didnt know that was a rule of thumb. Yes, I know I have not provided much detail because with the few minutes he did have thats all he had time to tell me. I really appreciate your insight though.

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Not knowing exactly how long your Marine has served leaves allot of open questions to answer for you. If your Marine is currently in the SOI ( School of Infantry ) he is a new Marine. After his current training in SOI he will as Mason mentioned go on to his MOS schooling which could last from 3-4 months or much longer training depending on that MOS requirement.

Generally, the Marine will then be assigned to a duty station from the MOS school location and not necessarily return to California. You may find yourself in a long distance relationship in the future, but not always. His MOS may bring him right back to California ( if he is in the Reserves that would be the case pretty much ) and things will be great. Just want to let you know what may happen.

I hope things work out for both of you.

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