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Agent Orange at Camp Pendleton

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I was in the Marines back in 1973 and stationed at MCRD I was assigned to a work detail at Camp Pendleton unloading black barrels w/an orange stripe on them from a flatbed truck with rails at a location with a lot of other barrels covered with netting. While my detail and I was getting these barrels off the truck one fell onto its side while still on the truck the plug popped off splashing me and another private as we tried to right the barrel back up and we were promptly hosed down when we returned to our barracks. I was sick for several days afterwards but recovered and thought nothing more about it. I have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Diabetes type 2, C.O.P.D., peripheral neuropathy, untreated depression P.T.S.D… I have recently found out that the barrels contained Agent Orange.

Does anyone else out there remember these Barrels around that time period? If you do please contact me at  

3/8/2013 update
If you do a google search for EPA and Camp Pendelton you will find that just recently the EPA had a super Fund cleanup on Camp Pendelton for Agent Orange

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If you can get the id of the individuals who were off loading the barrels or the ship which they were shipped back to the states on that would be a start

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