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Wives of veterans strip down on Facebook to raise awareness of PTSD

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Wives of veterans strip down on Facebook to raise awareness of PTSD
The Facebook Group Battling Bare receives pictures from military wives around the country silently screaming the same pledge on their naked backs.

When Rob Wise left the Marine Corps to join the Army a decade ago he probably looked forward to a better life with his family and receiving support from the people he worked for.

The Marines have been known to be less than accepting of new wives and fledgling families. I’ve met more than one soldier who left the Corps for the Army after being told that if the Marines had wanted him to have a wife, they’d have issued him one.

That’s worth mentioning because Andy-Lee Fry at The Leaf Chronicle in Clarksville, Tn., where Wise and his wife Ashley were stationed, tells a story of betrayal all too common in the military—and Ashley’s dedicated response.

Following Rob’s second Iraq combat tour he started having flashbacks. Vivid moments of surprising intensity that mentally flung him back to battle when hearing a loud noise, or catching a sudden movement from the corner of his eye.

Ashley told Fry the situation demanded professional attention when Rob took all the weapons he had in their home, some booze, went to a local hotel and after she called him, told her, “Life’s just really hard, I might do something stupid.”

Photo: Battlling Bare on Facebook

Read more: http://www.970wfla.com/cc-common/news/sections/newsarticle.html?feed=104668&article=10229500#ixzz1yyLLLVmw

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Now, the rest of the story: Ashley Wise has been ‘outted’ on Facebook by the page “F’N Boot”, which porports to be run by and for USMC 0311’s. She was ‘caught’ sending pictures of herself in revealing clothing and topless to guy(s) she had met while her husband was having his problems. The above named Facebook page aquired the photos, and pasted them to a photo account for the world to see. Not a good situation for someone who gives her husband such “dedicated” support.

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