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Injured recruit

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My son is at MCRD San Diego with 2 weeks of boot left till graduation. He called me last nite and said the doctor found two fractures on one of his legs. He said hes going into a medical platoon. HE is so bummed out. So my question is, once he heals up how will graduation work. Will he graduate alone or with another platoon. Does anybody have any thoughts. I was at MCRD San Diego in 1978, a long time ago. So Im not sure how that works. Thanks and Semper Fi.

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He will graduate with a platoon somewhere behind him in training.  Once he is Physically qualified to continue training they will roll him into a platoon that is at the point his platoon was when he was dropped to medical.

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Thanks wolfpack boss. His recruiter called me today, and said the same thing.

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It will actually do him good.  In the fleet, he may switch units from time to time and this will get him accustomed to leaving a unit he’s become comfortable with to one where he is “The New Guy.”  It sucks, but it’s a necessary skill.

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Michael, how is your son doing now, and where is he at?

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Yes, we would like to know how he is doing.  Kathy

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