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Future Marine

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First I’d like to say it’s good to be on the forums here, secondly I’d like to state my business here.

I am 23 years old, recently divorced, and have realized my true calling to be a United States Marine.

I do not take this as an easy task, as anything that comes easy must not be all taht its cracked up to be.
My current weight (August 16th, the last time that I weighed myself) is 279lbs. That of course is just unacceptable. To Ship I must be at 203 for my height (72in).

Before you can begin to understand the monumental task that is before me, you must know where I have come from. The only thing that I can imagine, is that my metabolism runs at near record highs, because it was nothing for me to eat 7-10k calories in one day. Drink a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper? sure thing! Three beef burittos? Sure!. An entire plate of Texas cheese fries? Bring it on!

Only being at 279 pounds seems like a win for me.

I drastically change the way I put food into my body on August 16th.

No more Cokes, no more fast food. No more junk food or sweets.

I enrolled in a local CrossFit gym, started drinking about a gallon an a half of water per day, eat a balanced diet. Healthy foods, more water. Even in just this short amount of time, it has become contagious. I love it.

Doing CrossFit 3 days a week just doesnt seem good enough for me though. Every morning I get up and run 1 mile. Every night I ride my bicycle 3 miles.

I visited the local Nutrishop and discussed what would help me get the results i wanted.

I intend to be in great physical shape and ready to go by next spring. I believe that this routine can get the job done for me. I do have a few before pictures that I will post as well. Any advice, prase or just general comments will be greatly appreciated. I know I am not the first to do this,  But i believe having the support of others is going to really help me. My family doesnt approve of me trying to serve my country, so any support is greatly appreciated.

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Get running at least 1.5 miles in 13 min or under and 3 pull ups 60 crunches start practicing those.

I am 73 inches and was told to ship out I need to weigh under 218 that 203 Mark is probably your weight you need to be to stay in the Corps once out of boot camp.

Just don’t give up man I started talking to my recruiter late December weighing almost 260 pounds
I am down to 209! 

I think you could get down to like 220 and get pass MEPS to start your wait till boot camp.

I officially joined March 2nd and am waiting till September 24!

Just don’t give up.

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Get yourself in the pool and swim too.  That will help you drop pounds while preserving the condition of your knees.  Blow one of them right now and that dream would be over.

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Daniel, a quick way to figure out our calorie intake is to use the body weight that we want to be at and then multiply that weight by 12. At your current weight you need to take in roughly 3360 calories per day. You wish to be at 203 pounds by the Spring and that is roughly 2436 calories per day to maintain that weight. So, start taking in 2400 calories a day and exercise. You will lose the weight.

I would wish you good luck, but luck isn’t going to get you where you want to be, only determination and hard work will do that, so I wish for you that you have the mind set to reach your dream.

On another note, you are 23, it is your LIFE, not your parents. Live your dream, not their’s. My parents weren’t to keen on my brother and I joining back in 1966, but we did anyway and afterwards they were very proud of us.

Now hit the deck and give me 25 push-ups…...    :  )

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Daniel, the above are good answers - you may also want to investigate a low carb /high protien diet.  It’s wht you’ll get at boot.  Good luck in your quest.

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WTF is cross fit? my ignorant ass doesn’t know so please inform me. my best advice is CARDIO! that goes for every poolee. don’t worry about weight lifting or building muscles. you’ll lose those in bootcamp anyway!

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