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What is the Motivation Platoon in boot camp?

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On Facebook, on one of the Marine Corps pages, somebody mentioned a Motivation Platoon. What is it exactly?

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It is what the name implies, motivation to those that don’t have their act together. When you are told to do something, it has to be done as fast as possible. No one in Boot Camp will make the D.I.‘s happy, but an honest effort is what they are looking for.

If the recruit is always the last one out of the barracks, or continues to mess up, they could be dropped from their platoon and sent to Motivation.The recruit is then picked up by another Platoon in the same week of the training the recruit was dropped. So if someone is dropped in week 5 and spends 3 weeks there, his/her platoon is too far ahead to rejoin, so he/she will join another platoon in week 5 of their training.

The main thing is to not go there and find out what it is like.

Hope this is of some help.

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40 + years ago they had day moto plt and a week (or more) long platoon.  Stay out of ither.

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