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A little while back I was reading a facebook posting on a Marine Airwing site about a young lady that had grown up without her daddy because he had been shot down over North Vietnam in Dec of 1972. As I read on I realized that I had served with this man ( Capt. Ron Forrester ).  She is asking for people to sign the attatched petition to be presented to the proper authority in June.  MARINES,  he was one of us, and his body was never recovered so he is still listed as MIA.  This darling little girl wishes to honor her daddy.  Please click on the link and sign the petition, it costs nothing and takes but a minute.  Doesn’t matter when you served, your rank or MOS, it could have been any one of us.  Please make this happen for this little girl.  SGT. Glenn Jackson USMC https://helpbringthemhome.org/Events.html

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