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No, payback wasn’t hell, payback was in full and with 10,000% interest.

About a year ago, I had sent three or four boxes of slingshots to a couple of deployed ANGLICO units.  Often, I hear something back when I hit a home run, but usually they are so busy just staying alive and accomplishing the mission that I seldom hear.

This year, at 1st ANGLICO’s Marine Corps Birthday Ball, four Marines approached our table (my wife Marilyn accompanied me).  One asked “are you Vance Hall?”  I responded affirmatively and stood. 

A Captain introduced himself as Daggett.  That was a name that I remembered well, from filling out customs forms and box labels, Capt. Thomas “Boucher” Daggett.  Well, these Marines nearly brought tears to my eyes with their profuse thanks.  Thanks for merely doing my duty.

Then I couldn’t resist, and I asked whether they had received any of the slingshots that I had sent.  Many were some green ones that I had bought and then installed gold EGA tie tacks that looked great against the green background.  Capt. Daggett’s eyes lit up, as well as the others, and he replied “YES.”  I had ceased mailing them, thinking that somehow they were “appropriated” as usually happened with the good stuff in Vietnam.

Not only that, apparently they often drove through a hostile village where gangs of youths would shower them with rocks.  One of the Marines pointed to a place next to his eye where a rock had struck him.

Now, for the rest of the story…........

Once those green EGA slingshots arrived, they began using them.  Of course, they couldn’t shoot at those kids or risk injury to them.  But, they could readily scatter them by shooting at their feet, thus eliminating the rock-throwing threat.

At this point, I was pretty choked up.  Marilyn heard it all too.  We were just incredulous. 

Paybacks are sometimes out-f’ing-standing!


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The answer is YES!

Those little 1/4” gold EGAs were purchased from Sgt. Grit.

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