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Call Signs

Submitted by Roger Reynolds

Sgt. Grit

I read your newsletter every time I get your newest e-mail. The last one kind of hit home with me regarding the article about call signs that different Marines remembered. One in particular caught my attention, Benchmark. While serving in Nam in '68-'69 with Kilo 3/7 I was transfered to Battalion and assigned to TACP Local as the Battalion Section Chief. My call sign was Benchmark 14. I never thought I would hear that call sign again. It brought back many memories of standing night watch in the COC bunker ready to assist the grunts in the field when things got hairy and they needed help. I consider it a privelage to have been given that responsibility and only hope that the Tactical Air Control Local Marines were always there just a simple ket of the handset away when things got tough.

Cpl. Roger A. Reynolds  Benchmark14

Tactical Air Control Party Local

RVN 68-69  


  1. Thomas Curran February 20 2014, 7:32 pm

    I was a 2531 in 3rd Recon H&S Com Plt. at Dong Ha and Delta Co., in ‘67 assigned to Ba Long relay, and Rockpile relay. Call signs were rain belt, prominence, and later in 3rd Force New Britain.
    I remember bird dog as spotter for arty, and 175 arty army at Camp Carroll as Petersen 9’er.

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