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Da Nang 1970

Posted by Sgt Grit Staff
Photos (click on a photo to enlarge)
Sgt Greg Theis and his fellow Marines enjoying a game of cards

Dear Sgt Grit,

I am a Marine from the Gulf War era who was raised by a Vietnam Veteran (Sgt. Greg Theis, USMC(ret.) and I just found a picture of my father in Da Nang in 1970.  My father is the surly Marine sitting down facing the camera with a cigarette in his mouth.   As you may have guessed by the hair pushing regs he was an airwinger; a Sergeant in the Crash Crew stationed at the multi-force air base near Monkey/Marble Mountain (?).  This photo was taken minutes before the rocket attack which severely injured my father and killed the Marine on the far right of the picture whose hand is all that made it into the photo.  That Marine who lost his life was standing in front of my father securing the fire-hose as they sprayed down a rocket pod from an F-4 Phantom.  The pod continued to fissle and eventually exploded in its stall landing my father in the burn ward of Naval Hospital Camp Lester for a year on Okinawa before being sent home for medical retirement.  Ironically Camp Lester was the Command that processed my medical discharge 25 years later for injuries I incurred during the Gulf War.  Feel free to post the picture if you think it would be appreciated.  


Cpl. Bryan Theis
USMC 1990-95
Semper Fi

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