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Junk on the Bunk

Posted by Sgt Grit Staff
Photos (click on a photo to enlarge)
Packs and Equipment - Marine's locked with uniform and gear Arrangement of Marine clothing on bunk bed Arrangement of Marine combat gear on bunk bed

I was going thru some of the stuff I have saved over the years and found this photo with my other USMC mementos. You might remember these inspections. I copied the other inspection photos from the Handbook for Marines, published 1965 and issued to me at MCRD.

When I checked into MAG 14, Cherry Point, Oct 1966 I was told there would be equipment inspection (Junk on the Bunk) the following Saturday morning. This photo was posted on the barracks bulletin board for reference and the equipment was to be arranged in this type of layout and display. I kept the photo for future reference and forgot I had it.

There was a Junk on the Bunk uniform inspection twice a year at the season changes (summer kaki's and winter greens). I arrived after the Fall uniform and clothing inspections so I was ordered to have all of my uniforms (Summer and Winter) properly marked, tailored, pressed, cleaned and folded inside the foot locker or hung inside my wall lockers for inspection by the Sgt Major. In effect I was having two inspections at once, uniforms and equipment.

In boot camp I was issued both cotton Kaki's and the newer synthetic fabric summer tropicals. Seldom did we wear anything but utilities, but the kakis' were inspected. Anything was better than trying to keep the kaki's sharp and starched in the hot humid months of summer. After an hour, the Kiki's were
wrinkled and had lost the crease on the sleeves and on the trousers. The synthetic fabric stayed harp.

All the clothing had your name ink stamped in a precise location. The rubber name stamp and ink pad was issued (we bought it) in boot camp. The only item that would not take an ink stamp were the socks.

As the inspection team moved thru the squad bay and barracks, each bunk, locker and foot locker was inspected. Sometimes an unfortunate Marine had to 'try on' an item of the uniform checking the fit and tailoring. Weapons and accompanying gear was given extra attention. There was always an assortment of questions asked to each Marine as the team inspected his 'junk on the bunk'.

These memories may be listing a bit off of true course, but this is the way I remember them. Anyone with a different version, please add your memories.

M.N. Verhagen,
USMC 1966-70 


  1. edward libby March 15 2012, 8:05 am

    I had to comment on the junk on a bunk inspections . I was a grunt 0311 I CO 3RD BN 8TH Marines at Camp Lejeune 1962 -63 . Guys would lay thier gear out the night before and find an empty rack to sleep on , if none where avalable they would sleep on the deck . No civilian clothes were alowed to be left in the lockers , so if you knew some one with a car , out they went . If some item was sent to the cleaners you had to lay out the chit. when the inspection team entered the squard bay they would look left and right making sure the canteens lined up perfectly. My next stop was at 2nd Recon bn at mont ford point no junk on a bunk inspections there they were a lot of work and worry . cpl Ed. Libby 1992065 U.S.M.C. 1962-65

  2. 1st Sgt Carl J Plocica USMC Ret December 10 2012, 8:01 pm

    Both of you Marines pass inspection because that’s the way it was. Gung Ho.

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