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last man out of vietnam

Submitted by Carlton King

my plt.cmdr. (platoon 104 san diego 1965 honor platoon) was last man out. Staff Sgt. John Valdez . Later Master Sgt.  ncoic embassy saigon. last man on last chopper out. What a Marine! He kicked my _ss a lot . Made me a Marine. Saw  him on tv a while back. Check it out. I feel like i'm famous. Carlton R. King 2132447 USMC 65/68 SEMPER FI.


  1. David Martinez February 20 2013, 5:15 pm

    Just finished reading “Last Men Out”.  Top Valdez was indeed the last man out of’ ‘Nam.  The nine enlisted ahead of him were led into the CH-46 by Major James Kean.  They were: Sgt. Michael Sullivan, Sgt. Phillip Babel, Sgt. Terry Bennington, Sgt. Robert Frain, Sgt. Duane Gevers,Sgt. Steve Schuller, Sgt. Robert Schlager, Cpl. Steve Bauer and Cpl. David Norman.  The CH-46 from HMM-164 call sign Swift 22 was piloted by Capt. Tom Holben.  The bird took three hops trying to take off from the embassy roof, Top Valdez rolled out the open ramp on the third hop but clambered back on without any help!

    This is by far the best Viet Nam war account I have read to date. Kudos to the authors: Bob Drury and Tom Clavin.

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