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Leon N. Utter

Submitted by Joseph Panzarino

A word ot thanks to Scott McClellan for his tribute to the late Col. Utter. Sorry I missed it when Scott first sent it in. I, too, was a member of 2/7 when we landed in Vietnam. I remember Lt.Col. Utter and I also remember you, Scott McClellan. As I recall, you were in battalion communications, I think message center. I was in the H&S company office. The 'mad house' office. With 'whispering John' Semensow, the First Sargeant. My name is Joe Panzarino. was a PFC when we got there. Left there a corporal. Left the Corps a Sergeant. Didn't stay in, as you did. Anyway, thanks for the memoral to Col. Utter. He was a fine Officer. Would be great to hear from you josephpanzarino44[at] Take care.

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