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Old Corps and New Corps - 1967 ITR San Onofire, Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Submitted by Sgt Grit staff
Photos (click on a photo to enlarge)
2nd Lt and 1st Sgt McDonald

On the right is 1st Sgt McDonald with a chest of medals nearing retirement. On the left is a very "boot" Second Lieutenant with a National Defense Medal. We all thought the boot 2nd Lt was very cool because he drove a new Porshe sports car. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name. This would have been around 06/67 to 01/68. If anyone recognizes him please contact me using my name @Gmail. Thanks.

I was assigned as a Troop Leader and these two men were Company Commander and First Sargent of our ITR unit. I had just returned from Viet Nam (H 2/7) and expected to be in this great duty station until my discharge. Unfortunately the Corps had other plans. I was sent to Amphibious Recon School in Coronado Ca. for four weeks of training and given a quick Recon MOS. Within days of graduation I found myself in the First Recon Battalion leading recon teams out of Da Nang. With only six months left in my enlistment I was not a happy Marine. Needless to say I took no chances and made it back safely.

Jim Herren 2142536
USMC 1965-1968
H Co 2/7
1st Recon Btn

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