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The Sgt Grit Newsletter is HARD CORPS Marine! If you are interested in topics that delve into Marine Corps history, Corps Stories, Boot Camp and other things that "only a Marine might understand" - then be sure to read the Sgt Grit Newsletter. 

The AmericanCourage Newsletter has MORE family member stories, "support the Corps" stories from Marines, and patriotic quotes. It started after the events of Sept. 11, 2001 to give Supporters of the Marine Corps and American Patriots a voice.  The AmericanCourage Newsletter has been discontinued, but can still be viewed in the newsletter archives. Read our AmericanCourage newsletters

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Latest Sgt Grit Newsletter

February 03, 2016

The greatest honor of my life! Marines, I would like to share something very private, very personal, and very sentimental.

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