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Moto Tattoos… Not Just for Marines?

Submitted by Sgt Grit Staff

Moto Tattoos… Not Just for Marines?

I was reading about all the different things that were said about people who aren’t Marines getting “moto” tattoos. I love them. For a Marine wife it’s just as hard. Marine wife’s stands there by their Marines side the whole way and it’s not easy. Since I’m not a wife yet I can’t say “I” but I have there with my Marine before he was a Marine. I’m as “Moto” as anyone out there. My car says it all. I would love to have some simple EGA tattooed on my body with the phrase “standing by his side forever and always” somewhere on my body but for now Fidelis graces my side and on my marine’s side graces Semper. When we stand together it explains what we are and what the Marine Corp is to us…Always Faithful. Right now my always is miss from my side because he is on deployment in Iraq with 3/7 Lima Company but well be returning home to me again, so we can finally get married.

So I might not be a wife yet but anyway you look at it, the Marines is as much a part of me and as in any Marine that earns his EGA, only I didn’t spend 13 weeks in He*l, I’ve spend 2 years of on again off again that will keep going for the rest of my life.

I also wanted to say that I love and support any Marine helping to fight this war we are in. I’m from a marine family and I really do understand the whole circle. My great grandfather who served in WW II is the oldest Marine Vet. in Vancouver, Washington and we watch him ever year walk in the many parades we have. I lost two brothers in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2002, both where Marines. I love my family and not a single person within it has a negative thing to say about our boys (and girls) out there. We are always here supporting them.

Jaimie Loy
A Marine Wife in Training.
Loving and Supporting my Marine PFC Franklin Hawes- 0311
3/7 Lima Company 2nd Platoon
Twentynine Palms

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