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Firefighter Tattoo

Submitted by Sgt Grit Staff

Firefighter Tattoo

I had this tattoo done right before my son, a Lance Corporal in the USMC, was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq as a TOW gunner with the 1st Tank Battalion. The axe represents my job as a professional firefighter, the M16 represents his job as a U.S. Marine and the eagle and flag represent the patriotism of our entire family which includes service in the Marine Corp, Air Force, Army and Navy. This tattoo was designed by myself and is dedicated to my son, LCP Aaron Baker now serving in Fallujah. The tattoo was done by Dan McClure at Bullwinkles in Wichita, Kansas.

Captain Mark D. Baker
Wichita Fire Department
Technical Rescue Team
Wichita, Kansas


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