50th Anniversary Of Arriving In DaNang

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Sgt. Grit, I arrived in DaNang on Aug 26, 1966, 3 months shy of my 20th birthday. I still remember the flight from Okinawa and looking at my fellow Marines and wondering which one of us was coming home. Fortunately, most of us made it. I found this travel voucher from October 1966. I was originally scheduled to go to Viet Nam from Camp Pendleton to the Third Marine Division on June 1, 1966 but 63 of us were diverted to 12 weeks of Vietnamese Language School at the Presidio of Monterey. Upon completion of language school my new orders were to the First Marine Division. I ended up as an Intelligence scout/assistant with the S-2 Section, Hq Company, 1st Marine Regiment south of DaNang along the Song Tu Bon river. The only major operation was Union 1 and 2 from April to September 1967. I know of two of my classmates who were killed in action during that operation, Bruce Parmalee and Glen E. Sanders. John Wayne Jarrell died earlier. In all, five of the 63 language school graduates were killed.

Semper Fi,
J Kanavy
0311 Cpl USMC

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  1. I came a few years later in 1969/ 29 / May, I know what you mean about classmates, I was sent into 1st marine 3btn ground Recon and was sent up in north Viet nam in the DMV. man what a hell hole that was. but by the end of 1971 i was in a battle that I wish could never had happen. I end up losing my memory and to this day I can’t say who was in my unite or what it was. but thanks to a 1st LT in a pub I ended up have my rank and all my time over there taken away from me and busted back to private in boot camp, the grate Parris Island SC, so if any one reads this and remembers me please get in touch with me. 1St LT Steven Lantrip write to my name steven lantrip @ yahoo.com in hopes of finding some one

  2. Went to Vietnam in 1966. We went from Long Beach CA to Okinawa via: the Naval Ship the Teledaga, it took 30 days to cross the Pacific, ended up in Camp Hansen with my unit the 1st Antitank Bn. Spent a few weeks at Hansen training and got aboard the LSD Wetstone for the trip to Chu Lai. Spent a few weeks in the sand of the beach area near the Airstrip, then moved to our new location on Hill 245 (I think) We spent some time their and then moved again to the DaNang Area to Happy Valley where Tanks, Amtrack, were located (don’t know the number of that hill). Was sent to a place called OP FALCON on top of Hill 327 overlooking Happy Valley (excuse me if I mis-named the Valley where we were located) , Faclon was a trip, Their were only 4 Marine on Falcon with a 360 area we had to protect at night. We would go to the ARVN Training Camp to pick-up our Guard squad every night. Some of them were RAW-Recruits, boy were tthey Scarry. We would find them asleep on guard duty sometimes. Our job was to watch for any gun fire down in the Valley below. We could see all the way to the river and beyond. It was scarry because I was not artilery trained!!!!!! Thank God nothing happen during my time there. Was sent on many operations during my time in country usually in the REAR with the gear. Someone had to do it. Hope someone from my old unit will read this a write back. Semper Fi.

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