50th Birthday Gift

When I received my discharge from the Corps (worst mistake I ever made) in '73 I moved in with my best friend from my unit (Drum & Bugle Corps). He got a Marine tattoo in '75 & tried to convince me to do the same. Well, as things go, I got married and my wife told me that if I got a tattoo, I could move back in with my friend. Years went by. By this time I had two great sons that wanted to fulfill my wish. For my 50th birthday they surprised me by throwing me in the car and stopping at a great tattoo parlor. To make a long story short, I borrowed one of your logos and now I have a great symbol of the Corps on my right shoulder. My wife knew what our sons were going to do and actually APPROVED! She likes it and I love it. I hope that you don't mind if I used your design, but what the hell, it's too late now. Semper Fi!

Jack Walls '71-'73

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