A Great OOPS!

I thoroughly enjoyed your new Tattoo page in the summer '03 catalog. I thought your readers might get a kick out of my newly recolored Bull Dog tattoo. While down in Melbourne, Fla. recently for their annual Veterans Reunion I stopped by this tattoo parlor to have my 37 year old Marine Corps tattoo recolored. I was pretty "gaga" after a day of partying with my Vietnam Veteran Brothers and gave the young female tattooist no mind while she did the deed. It wasn't until later when I was back at the motel, sobering up from a cold shower, did I notice her [illiterate] handy work! Even though I took a LOT of ribbing the next day I've decided to leave it as is because it has "character". Besides, when ever I show it to someone all they see is USMC.

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