A Tattoo For My Love

My name is Amie Holloway, widow of Matthew Holloway, KIA Jan 13 of 05. I started this tattoo on his birthday the year I lost him. We were married only 9 months, I was 20 years old. He was a Marine through and through. The middle flower started it all, it is a Orchid with a Gold Star in the center. The Star Gazer Lilly’s were added on our 1 year Anniversary, they are the flowers Matt always gave me..The Hibiscus is from a plant I got that I call my “Matt Plant”. The Plumeria flowers are for when I went to Hawaii to stay with a good friend in 2005, who I also just lost Aug. 2007 in Iraq. The playing card is when I went to Vegas with my family for my 21st birthday, 10 moths after I lost Matt.. All together it has been 14 hours for this tattoo. I will slowly add more to it as the years go by and as I do more things without him. I am so proud of my marine. Amie Holloway

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