American By Birth, Marine By Choice and Saved By Grace

Submitting a tat I waited more than long enough to get for myself. My own design. Was in from ’74 to ’96. One of the youngest in ‘Nam (as a comm/intel/crypto Marine). 2542/Comm Center Man. Wasn’t really ‘there’ (covert stuff). Anyway, had the pleasure of serving as General Al Gray’s Comm Chief during Gulf War I at HQMC under President Bush in ’90 (that doesn’t mean much except to another Marine). Closed the oldest Marine post (Marine Barracks Philadelphia) at the Navy Ship Yard in ’94 then moved the MWSS to the Joint Reserve Base (JRB) Willow Grove to finally retire as a MSgt (made MSgt in 20 years) in ’96. Finally got the tat last August with the design help of my family (upper left shoulder). American by birth, Marine by choice and Saved by Grace. MSgt Montney, USMC, ’74 – ’96

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