8 thoughts on “Beirut Bob”

  1. Outstanding truck Marine ever get to Pa will look forward to see you and your Marine truck. Semper Fi. Oorah

  2. In every place is a good marine present, available and ready to fight and defend the good people and this beautiful country. I do see them every were Including driving this awesome trailer like this picture, Honoring to all my brothers USA marines. Semper Fidelis, Oorah!

  3. Skip Harrison. ( USMC 1969 – 1972 ) It seem seem at least once a day somewhere I see some type of showing of a marine . It could be a sticker on a car or truck window . A USMC flag in a yard , on a house or even on a truck , car or even a motor cycle. It’s amazing. Now I’m not saying anything negative about the other branches of our great armed services . I’m proud that they are our brother and sisters . But MARINE pride shows all over. Keep it loud and proud MARINES ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I do not see the Esprit de Corp in the other branches as I do for the Marines (except Special Ops). I carry mine with me everywhere. Tatooed on my arm. Nice rig.

  5. out standing Marine great looking truck i was in motor transport it is always great when you are a good Marine and show Marine pride may God bless you and keep you safe on your travels Semper Fi

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